Post Ideas

- figurines

– history of shounen – first shounen anime – naruto shounen – how it started

– Deprivation/desperation in anime and how it is oddly attractive (madoka)

– light novel authors

– process of making an anime (shirobako)

– types of main characters and relative attractiveness of personality

– male DERE types

– lore/HP Lovecraft (saya no uta)/mythical stories

– touhou

– visual novels reccomendations, why you should read them and not be embarassed by boobs

– slut shaming in anime (kannagi)

– journey to the west/dragonball. 4 roles. war of the 3 kingdoms. / in west its about christ. resurrection altruism. / footnotes?


– Japanese language roots
– Art styles in anime throughout the ages
– Lives of voice actresses
– What people think about live-action vs anime
– Why studios switched from frame-by-frame animation to CG, and which ones didn’t
– Specific information about specific studios
– Themes and motifs, like journey to the west
– Influence of other culture, like China and Korea