Monthly Archive: February 2015


[Weekly 4koma] I don’t have chuunibyou!

    Who is that girl bouncing around the hallway? And why is she sticking her hands out behind her while she runs… – A-ko and B-ko   I hope you enjoyed the 4koma, because there...


[Weekly 4koma] The alluring Miwa-senpai

    Oh, those freshmen guys are checking me out? Well this should be easy… – Reishi Miwa   I hope you enjoyed the 4koma, because there will be another one next week! Reply back with your...


[Weekly 4koma] Getting hit on in class – How Yukie deals

    A guy hitting on me? I’ll just tell him off. Let’s see… “Hi… m-m-my name is Uchiya Yukie. Um, n-nice to meet you…” Noo! Why did I stutter and what was with that half hearted response?! It wasn’t even close...