[Weekly 4koma] And you think you’re shy? – The quiet Dandere

Out of the 4 most common types of dere – tsundere, kuudere, yandere, dandere – the last one, Dandere, is the one most commonly seen in the real world. Everyone has insecurities, and we have all gone through quite a bit during our lives. Sometimes the way we grew up affected us so early on and so deeply that we had no choice other than to become the people that we are today. Are you shy, quiet, and reserved? Then compare yourself to our original dandere character, Yukie, to see where you stand.



At its core, the dandere personality is that of an inward person. Danmari, the word from which dandere is derived, is used to describe taciturnity – it is most commonly attributed to shy individuals, but can also contain other elements such as in Yukie’s case. Yukie is definitely a shy and inward girl, but she also decides to keep her distance because of her disdain for others. She believes that helping out one’s family is important and when she sees others not being sincere about it, that feeling of contempt arises. On the other hand, Yukie is interested in the lives of others and is caring to a fault. Although all of the Dere★Project girls have quite a bit of inner monologue, she is much more an observer than anything else. Always judging, never voicing, and often thinking about others.



4koma by Harutaka


She works as a bartender? I’m sure that she would be immediately fired if anybody found out about her age, but she has her own reasons for keeping that a secret. Helping out the family is her first priority, and that means financially as well. Unlike most of the other girls at her school, her family can’t afford to live in luxury – this means no shopping at the mall or spending money going out with friends. Going so far as to give up friendships for her family, it’s easy to see why her dislike of others can be read as jealousy.


I hope you enjoyed the 4koma, because there will be another one next week! Reply back with your comments on what you would like to see in these 4komas, and check out our project at www.dereproject.com!



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