[Weekly 4koma] Can you see the crazy? Original character, Yuukin Aikyou!

It may not be February, but love is still in the air. Any girl would be excited for Christmas because that’s when boyfriends prove their worth! But there are always worries that go along with a season that makes you think of love – does he like me, is he being faithful, do we spend enough time together? Honestly, the only solution to all of these problems is to lock him up and tie him to a chair to make sure you two will be together… FOREVER!


Art by Harutaka!

Moving on from all of the tsundere, we are happy to introduce another original character, Yuukin Aikyou. She is just like any other girl – caring, loving, sweet and will make sure that she does whatever is necessary to keep you two together. Hear that? Whatever is necessary. Yanderes are most commonly characterized by their crazy side, be it in love or otherwise. Check out this 4koma for a first hand example.



4koma illustrated by Harutaka

Watch out, because Yuu is possessive of everything. But our yandere, Yuukin, did not gain this personality by chance. Her father was often away on business trips which left her mother always alone. To make matters worse, her mother did not understand Japanese and ended up ostracized from her community due to her foreign appearance. Over the years she developed a tendency to go into hysterical fits of depression and anxiety because of her isolation. All the meanwhile, their daughter grew up with misaligned values and a warped idea of what love is. It seems like Yuu gained these “yanderu” tendencies by absorbing the negative emotions of her household, which eventually fell apart right before she got into middle school. It’s certainly ironic that their family name is Aikyou (愛嬌), which means attractive and pleasant.


I hope you enjoyed the 4koma, because there will be another one next week! Reply back with your comments on what you would like to see in these 4komas, and check out our project at www.dereproject.com! Also head over to Harutaka’s DeviantArt page~



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