[Weekly 4koma] Cool, calm, and collected – Kuudere, and with a secret

People want to be respected, loved, and seen as the most important thing in everybody else’s world. Ok, well not everybody is that extreme, but I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that there is always at least some level of yearning for acceptance. And sometimes, when that acceptance was never given during childhood, the feeling goes into overdrive later in life.



The kuudere personality is characterized by a cold exterior, similar to the tsundere, but with one big difference. While the tsundere typically switches between hot and cold to fix personal blunders and mishappenings, the kuudere will often stay calm. Whether it is faked or not, they exude a feeling of elegance and control which has been developed over the years. In anime, kuudere often take on the role of student council president or are in some sort of leadership position. But as if to betray their efforts, their dere side does exist and can occasionally come out in full force. In Reishi’s case, she closely guards the dere aspect of herself and has sealed it deep within. Compared to the other Dere★Project girls, she definitely has the hardest exterior to crack.



4Koma by Harutaka


What just happened?! Well, first we need to get to know the girl, Reishi Miwa, a bit better.


Reishi always suffered from the kind of loneliness that comes with a big house and a small family. A family so small that it was only her and her mom living in that house. To make matters worse, her mom was always busy advancing her career and never spent much time at home or even communicating by phone. All of those years without a parent figure began to make her feel insecure and believe that she’s an unwanted child. Now, let’s spend slightly more time than usual on Reishi’s backstory. I think she deserves a bit more to understand the reasons behind her actions, and the girl underneath it all.


• • •


One day when she was walking through the city on her way home from middle school, she bumped into a middle aged man on the street. The man looked somewhat depressed and asked her if she would be willing to spend some time with him at a family restaurant. Reishi was somewhat scared, but decided that at least someone wanted to spend time with her. Little did she know that the man’s idea of ‘spending time’ was quite different from hers. They sat down side by side and spent a short while at the family restaurant before things took an unexpected turn. The man started to scoot closer and closer to Reishi to the point where she felt like they were uncomfortably close. Suddenly the man put his hand on her lap which resulted in a knee jerk reaction to swipe it away, all flustered. She immediately felt bad about the dejected look on the man’s face and started to apologize, but was interrupted by him apologizing for not having asked beforehand. He mentioned that he didn’t know that she was ‘no-touch’, left some money on the table, and exited the restaurant


It was a thrilling experience. She felt more during those few hours than she had felt her entire life, and she wanted more. The next day she wandered around the city looking around for someone that would want to spend time with her just like the one from the previous night. She kept doing this day after day and eventually she made a habit out of it – all the meanwhile learning how to handle guys and string them along. She makes sure to keep her night-time activities a secret from everybody at school because of her mother’s status as a politician, but she sees nothing personally wrong with her actions. Reishi’s inferiority complex is not outwardly apparent, but it drivers her innermost feelings, insecurities, and actions. The weight that her mother unknowingly bequest onto her has changed how she has lived her life from a very early age and has shaped her persona.


• • •


There’s a lot more to know about Reishi, but I’m keeping it short for now. And I hope you enjoyed the 4koma, because there will be another one next week! Reply back with your comments on what you would like to see in these 4komas, and check out our project at www.dereproject.com! Also head over to Harutaka’s DeviantArt page~



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