[Weekly 4koma] Cosplay problems


Yukie cosplaying as Sinon from SAO, but gets scared when people want to take her picture.

Illustration by RavenharT


I can’t do this after all!! *runs away* – Yukie Uchiya


I don’t know about you, but I think we’re ready to get on a roll with this whole “anime spoof 4koma” thing. Up this week? – Sword Art Online (2)! Now, I’d usually tell you something smart like go watch Sword Art Online or watch the latest SAO episode, but I’m 100% you’ve seen it already so let’s just skip over that and get straight to the Sinon <3 Yea, that’s right, I just insinuated that Sinon is the best. I dare you to comment-fight-o me >:D But speaking of Sinon, I wonder what kind of gap moe she has? If I were to pull something random out of my ass, I would say she’s probably Dandere in real life and… no idea what she is on Gun Gale Online. Please comment and tell me!


I hope you enjoyed the 4koma, because there will be another one next week! Reply back with your comments on what you would like to see in these 4komas, and check out our project at www.dereproject.com!



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