[Weekly 4koma] Kiho’s twintail dilemma

Kiho trying to change her hairstyle to twintails and deciding against it

Illustration by RavenharT

I kinda look like that tsundere from that one anime… – Kiho Hiryuu

The world of manga hair styles is very broad and wide, with so many various hair styles and changes in hair styles ever– ok, I’ll stop bullshitting you. The manga world of hairstyles is limited to only a few different types, one of which is so aptly named the “twintail” (yes, you guessed correctly, it’s a 2x of a ponytail). And most of the time, this anime hairstyle is associated with tsundere for some reason. Why you ask? I’m sure I could go into a really lengthy blog post about that, although I won’t unless you actually ask me to (harhar, in the comments), but in short it’s because it’s really feaking simple to draw. If you ask anybody who draws anime/manga, they’ll say “oh yea, it’s just a circle for the head and then too things that just kinda.. stick out of it!”. Yea. Simple. But if you ask me what my favorite hairstyle is, it won’t be twintail – it’ll be side-tail! Yet another great creation from the Japanese anime universe, the twin-tail is the embodiment of a young girl trying to break her way into a high-school debut. The embodiment of a girl who wants to be popular, and doesn’t really know what else to do besides style her anime hair into something sort of messed up. Ah, yes, the beautiful twintail… I dare you to disagree (you guessed it! In the comments below vvvvv)

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