[Weekly 4koma] The slapdash samurai


Yukie and Kiho acting in a school play and messing up

Story by Carrie, Illustration by RavenharT


Why blame me!? Y-y-yukie was the one who messed up too! – Kiho Hiryuu

Yukie: *sneaks away*


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Kiho isn’t anything like a real samurai, Rurouni Kenshion, but she still has courage! Too bad you also need to be a bit competent as well, else nobody will trust you with a sword… It’s ok though, don’t worry. The best anime series are always made up of people who are either really good or really bad at what they’re doing. Mediocrity in any anime series is a sign of sure death, so good thing we have lots of failure here! Thanks Kiho!! :’D

Also somewhat unrelated, but I found another cool anime blog! The design is really nice~

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