[Weekly 4koma] Yuukin’s relentless attitude


Yuukin tries to win over senpai, but hates him when he rejects her

Illustration by RavenharT


Next time you’ll think twice before saying that to me!! – Yuukin Aikyou


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You’ve seriously gotta admire her tenacity! Makes me want to get ready for an anime workout! (Yes, that’s my normal morning fitness routine- watching some anime to warm up, watch a few more anime series to get into the meat of things, and then finally I’m able to come up with more 4koma stories! But don’t steal my anime workout ideas~) Well, Yuukin definitely has her plan down – get super good at sports so she can smack that girl with a ball and turn her into a zombie girlfriend! Manga is so beautiful, it makes me shed a single tear :’D

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