100% tsundere, Kiho Hiryuu! And weekly 4komas!

You step outside and take a deep breath of the crisp winter air. Aahhhh, what a good day it is to be a tsundere! (It’s n-n-not like I was trying to be interesting for you! B-B-BAKA!!)

• • •

Ahen… well now that I’ve gotten that out of me, let’s move on to the good stuff. We have been pretty tsundere heavy this past week to prepare everyone for the formal intro of our first Dere|Deck girl! With red-orange hair and a fiery personality to go along with it, she is full of flaming passion. Originally a young tom-boy, she has changed her appearance since entering highschool and is quite a looker! But that tom-boy personality coupled with her tsundere nature causes regular conflict in her daily life. And just because she has only 1/2 of a twin tail doesn’t make her any less of a tsundere!


Art by one of my favorite artists working with us, Harutaka!

In our Dere|Deck project, she represents the hearts suit because of that fiery passion of hers. Her first name, Kiho (暉火), actually contains the characters for ‘shine’ and ‘fire’ which really does mirror her burning personality. Often unwilling to admit her true feelings, she turns to her brash side to cover them up when things don’t go her way resulting in this fun (and secretly caring) tsundere personality!


Now for some more fun stuff. As you might have noticed in the title (and the featured image), we are going to start releasing 4komas! For those of you who don’t know what 4komas are, it literally translates to “4 panels”. This means that every week, we will be releasing a 4 panel ‘manga’! I really hope you enjoy them as much as I do 🙂 And of course because this post is about introducing Kiho, it makes sense to start with a Kiho themed one first, right? Tell me what you think of her as a kid!


This 4koma was illustrated by our great artist, Harutaka!


Tsundere as ever now, isn’t she? This story refers back to her childhood and her tom-boyish nature. As she started to grow up, the boys she used to play with started to feel sort of awkward having a girl play with them so they began to reject her. A sad development for her, but one that was somewhat unavoidable. But of course instead of just taking it quietly like most people would, her tsundere nature caused her to lash out to ‘fix’ the problem! There is a lot more to her backstory, and this is just a snippet of the full thing, but we will save the rest for later. It’s quite a lengthy one and we will slowly release more and more about her over time, so stay tuned.


Well I hope you enjoyed our first 4koma, because there’s more coming! And not only about Kiho, but also about our 3 other Dere|Deck girls. Reply back with your comments, and check out our project at www.dereproject.com! Also head over to Harutaka’s DeviantArt page~



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