Dere+Shop grand opening (and promotion!)

Today is the OFFICIAL LAUNCH of Dere+Shop!!! For those of you who don’t know, Dere+Shop is a clothing brand with the goal of furthering Akiba-kei culture in fashion.
dere - Copy
As we’ve been hinting to, with the grand opening of Dere+Shop comes free clothing and discounted stuff!! Here is how it works:


Prize::: We will be giving away 1 free shirt on each of these accounts- Dere+Shop facebook, DereProject facebook, @DereShops twitter, and @DereProject twitter! Each one you comment on increases your chances of winning ^_^ We will also be giving away many 10% off coupons depending on how many people comment!
How to enter::: If you’re reading this, you’re almost officially part of the contest! Just make sure to comment on any of the aforementioned social accounts so that we know you’re interested and can contact you if you win. If you’re more into twitter, comment there as well or retweet!
When::: The contest will run from Today (1/21) for 5 days until (1/26)
Spread the word! This is not required, but make sure to tell your friends if you love the shop and the designs! If you follow the Dere+Shop page or twitter, you’ll also be able to catch updates on new designs or special promotions <3
We hope you’ll go check it out!



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