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[Weekly 4koma] Too Similar

    I think she misquoted that… – Yuukin   Wow Yukie, way to shout out a random quote! Your name isn’t even ‘Deku’!! Well, as you can see we are on a Boku no Hero Academia...

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[Weekly 4koma] My Food Secret

    This is my cheat day, I can’t let it pass!! – Yuukin Aikyou   Hey, you said cheat day not cheese day! I never really understood the concept of cheating for once day, reversing...

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[Weekly 4koma] One Punch Yuu

    I will make senpai notice me with ONE PUNCH! – Yuukin Aikyou   Hello again everyone! Now, I’m sure that I don’t have to tell any of you guys to watch one punch man...