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Voice changers for VTubers

Do VTubers Use a Voice Changer

When you are watching your favorite VTuber stream, you might get confused sometimes by the unnatural-sounding voice of the VTuber, and you might wonder, “Do VTubers use a voice changer?”. You might be wrong,...

VTuber Rankings

VTuber Rankings: Your Favorite VTubers Ranked

The VTuber world is one of the most fascinating, dynamic, and rapidly growing entertainment areas today, additionally it’s also a new phenomenon, with over half of the top 10 VTubers having been active for less than...

VShojo Zentreya: Super Dope New 3D Model

VShojo’s Zentreya broke the internet (or at least cracked a trendy topic in the vtuber community) when the Red Devil shared a sneak peak of her new (mighty, mightyyy cute) 3d model with a...

Kizuna Ai

What’s A Vtuber?

You’ve probably heard of vloggers, or video bloggers. These are people who create videos out of their everyday life, and upload it to YouTube. They share things like their daily life, makeup routines, travels,...

Nijisanji Project

Nijisanji Project: Welcome to the World of 2D!

Nijisanji Project is a VTuber agency that was established in February 2018 under the management of AnyColor Inc. (formerly known as Ichikara Inc.), and whose headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan. Nijisanji’s main focus was to hire virtual idols to provide entertaining content on YouTube using Live2D streaming that was based on iPhoneX facial motion capture technology.

Photopea - 2ndEdit (Hololive Productions)

Hololive Productions: The Rise of the VTuber

In June 2016 Motoaki Tanigo, a Keio University graduate from the Faculty of Science and Technology, founded the Japanese tech entertainment company Cover Corporation, which focused on the development and management of augmented reality and virtual reality software. Hololive was then officially launched in December of 2017.