Monthly Archive: January 2015

Reishi Miwa being admired by students 0

[Weekly 4koma] The dazzling school idol, Reishi Miwa

Beautiful, elegant, and sporting a great personality, Reishi Miwa is hated by none and admired by all. But even though she has it made, her attention-hungry personality drives her to seek out even more excitement.    ...


[Weekly 4koma] The rumors of Yukie’s life

Although Yukie has her own reasons for acting the way she does, rumor mongering is common in schools and what started off as a little bit of curiosity can quickly escalate into something worse. But still, I wonder...


[Weekly 4koma] Kiho at the Dojo

So we’ve come full circle and are showing off Kiho in this week’s 4koma. Get ready for some action!     I hope you enjoyed the 4koma, because there will be another one next...