Monthly Archive: February 2016


The 3 Most Common Shounen Archetypes in Anime

“It isn’t victory that you want, it’s peace. Even though there isn’t any such thing in this world. ”   Archer, Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Bladeworks If there’s something that shounen anime is known for, it’s...


[Weekly 4koma] I’m Not Chuunibyou!!

      If she has chuunibyou then maybe we can… – Yukie Uchiya   Kiho a chuunibyou? No way! Sorry Yukie, but Kiho just had a series of unfortunate accidents. If you didn’t...


The 3 Most Popular Anime Hairstyles

There’s no doubt in anime that one of the first things you’ll notice are the hairstyles. Anime hairstyles stick out in all directions, overall just defying the laws of physics, and come in every...