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VTuber Spotlight Ecotone

VTuber Spotlight: Ecotone

With VTubing’s recent popularity, new VTubers are sprouting up on every streaming platform. But most don’t have what it takes to be a top VTuber; the sheer commitment, consistency, and talent. That’s why most...

Kizuna Ai

What’s A Vtuber?

You’ve probably heard of vloggers, or video bloggers. These are people who create videos out of their everyday life, and upload it to YouTube. They share things like their daily life, makeup routines, travels,...

Photopea - 2ndEdit (Hololive Productions)

Hololive Productions: The Rise of the VTuber

In June 2016 Motoaki Tanigo, a Keio University graduate from the Faculty of Science and Technology, founded the Japanese tech entertainment company Cover Corporation, which focused on the development and management of augmented reality and virtual reality software. Hololive was then officially launched in December of 2017.

mha cosplay tiktok

5 MHA Cosplay Tiktoks That Will Save The World

It’s no wonder My Hero Academia (MHA), a smashing shounen series, has become the top choice for cosplay Tiktok videos around the world. The variety of unique hero costumes and the diverse yet creative...