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5 MHA Cosplay Tiktoks That Will Save The World

mha cosplay tiktok
MHA cosplay tiktok

It’s no wonder My Hero Academia (MHA), a smashing shounen series, has become the top choice for cosplay Tiktok videos around the world. The variety of unique hero costumes and the diverse yet creative personalities of every character allows Tiktokers to show off their talent with different looks, features, and performances, each showing a completely different side of the character. The fact that so many people in the Tiktok community have started dressing as the cast of My Hero Academia only speaks to the popularity and influence of the series.

As a cosplayer, you have to choose your character carefully. There are plenty of amazing characters to dress up as, but the main trio is easily the top pick for many Tiktokers consisting of the protagonist Izuku Midoriya, the hot-headed loudmouth Katsuki Bakugou and the cool-headed quiet guy Shoto Todoroki.

I’ve put together a list of some of the best MHA cosplay Tiktoks out there right now. These are cosplayers that have spent hours on their costumes and look like they’re having so much fun doing it. A committed cosplayer will have the perfect costume, either a wig or a hair dye to match the hair, contact lenses, and any weapon props that the character might have; not to mention they have to look the part so good background and a cool pose is necessary.

While there are lots of amazing cosplayers out there, I will be picking the ones who put the most effort into their cosplay. So, here are the best MHA cosplay Tiktoks that you’ll love!

Deku Cosplay

Cosplayer: raychiie27

Villain Deku is the made-up alternative version of our beloved protagonist Izuku Modiriya which answer the question; what if Deku was taken by the darkness that is All For One instead of Tomura Shigaraki.

Ray did an amazing job bringing the evil aesthetic of the character to life, the slightly darker green hair, the overall black clothing combined with the black fingerless gloves, and the drop earrings make for an excellent villain Deku cosplay. I’d say the only thing that would’ve made the cosplay even better would be black nails.

The acting in the video is also quite impressive, the lip-syncing with the song and the facial expressions are on the spot. Ray has over 96k followers on his Tiktok and I’m sure he will continue to grow, check out his best MHA cosplay Tiktoks.

Todoroki Cosplay

Cosplayer: kleinerpixel

There was only one video from the cosplayer

I am blown away by the effort that went into this cosplay, it’s as if the character has come to life, not only is the appearance exactly on point, but the editing is also top-notch. That is the most accurate representation of Todoroki I’ve seen.

Todoroki has been a mysterious character throughout the series, his calm and reserved personality mixed with his incredible talent for using his quirk makes him an excellent choice for cosplayers who want to make amazing MHA cosplay Tiktoks.

The attention to detail is incredible in this one, I can appreciate a cosplayer who goes the extra mile to make their cosplay look close to the real thing. Aside from the costume, the hairstyle and the eyes show a physical separation which perfectly aligns with the scar on his face.

And do I even have to mention the fantastic video editing? perfectly showing his two sides is a cherry on top.

KleinerPixel is a top-tier cosplayer with over 850k followers on Tiktok and almost 2Mil subscribers on YouTube, she regularly uploads new cosplay guides on her channel.

Bakugou Cosplay

Cosplayer: yume.cos

I am wowed by the effort of this cosplayer, Yume has made the medieval Bakugou illustration come to life, the attention to detail is incredible and I don’t believe there is someone who’s done a better medieval Bakugou cosplay.

Bakugou may be an arrogant guy but he trains harder than anyone to become the best hero he can be, he’s an excellent choice for cosplayers who want to look cool.

Yume went plus ultra with this costume, I’d say his version looks almost better than the original. The gray cropped jacket does make the cosplay look a bit modern but it loses the medieval aesthetic.

Yume is a great cosplayer with over 350k followers on Tiktok, he’s known for his accurate MHA cosplay Tiktok designs from popular anime series and games like Genshin Impact. Check out his content and show him some love.

Red Riot Cosplay

@kozmic.knz Immature ship hate gets deleted cuz I dont have time to care about fictional pairings🥰 #kirishima #bnha #mha #redriot #kirishimacosplay ♬ original sound – Ariana Grande
@kozmic.knz I myself, am low quality. (Also yes I am back ya’ll wanted this and probs forgot about me but lmao)😂✋ #kirishima #bnha ♬ original sound – 𝙼𝚊𝚌𝚔 ☯︎︎

Cosplayer: kozmic.knz

I personally fell in love with this cosplay and not just with the costume, the voice lines are just so hilarious, casually playing around the bromance between Bakugou and Kirishima.

Kirishima is a solid character, his passion for becoming a strong hero comes from his desire to help people in need, and on top of that, he’s able to make friends with anyone he meets.

Kenz did an incredible job in creating the overall aesthetic of the character, the costume is without a doubt the most amazing part of it; but also, the addition of creating the perfect hair and using the right contact lenses, not to mention the scratched-off iron on his headpiece is remarkable.

Kenz is an amazing cosplayer with over 170k followers on Tiktok, his cosplays are popular within the MHA cosplay Tiktok and KnY cosplay Tiktok community. Head on over to this profile and show some appreciation.

Froppy Cosplay

Cosplayer: yasnajaeger

The accuracy of this cosplay is absolutely amazing, most Tiktokers skip over the headpiece which makes the cosplay seem a little bland but I’m glad Yasna Jaeger didn’t skip over a single detail.

Tsuyu Asui is an excellent character to cosplay, she hasn’t gotten much screen time in the earlier season; however, as the series progress, we learn more about her character and what makes her special.

Although the outfit is fairly easy, composed of just a jumpsuit and the headpiece, it’s nice to see cosplayers go the extra mile with the green-tinted lenses drawn underneath their eyes and the styling of the hair accurately.

Yasna Jaeger is an amazing cosplayer with over 150k followers on Tiktok, she partakes in a variety of cosplays from games and anime. And judging by her performance in the video, she is a master at what she does.

So Now What?

MHA fandom is considered to be a toxic community, mainly because they ship characters of the same gender, which isn’t wrong if those characters have shown some sort of romantic feelings toward each other in the show; however, most shows steer away from boys love to avoid any unnecessary hate from the people.

While there are people who absolutely hate when cosplayers do that sort of thing, cosplayers of all gender love to partake in these guy-on-guy ships and love to show their appreciation in their own MHA cosplay Tiktoks.

Tiktok has helped bring these cosplayers together where they can express their true feelings without being pressured by the community and find people who share the same interest.


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