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How To Celebrate A Very Anime Christmas!

It’s that time of year again where the stockings are hung, lights strung around the house, and visits to the emergency room seem to skyrocket along with that electricity bill. While many of us...


What Light Novels Are Best? 2 Must Read Choices

What are the best light novels to read and what is the difference between light novels and normal written literature? Well to answer the first question, we’ll go into depth with the light novels...


Gender Roles and Sexism in Modern Shoujo Manga

Unfortunately, our society is built over a misogynistic anti-feminist structure that is based on a binary perspective of genders and their roles. Imposing different social places and behaviors for each gender and oppressing what...


The 4 Male Anime Character Types

When it comes to dere types, most people usually associate it with female anime characters. With the amount of harem anime on the market in comparison to bishounen anime or reverse harem, it is...


Ateji – The Hidden Art Of Wordplay In Japanese Kanji

Ateji is a technique unique to Japanese – combining centuries of history between southeastern Asian countries and their writing systems. Kanji, hiragana, and furigana are combined in ways that provide subtext beyond subtext within...


What Are Visual, Light, Web Novels And Eroge?

Anime really stands out. But because anime is so easy to watch and get access to, it overshadows some other forms of creative media which, in my opinion, can be much more interesting than animated...