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3 Types of Otaku: What Does Otaku Even Mean?

What does otaku even mean? If there’s a term in the anime world that has tons of controversy in begin defined, it’s the term “otaku”. Perhaps you have heard of the term here and there,...


The Periodic Table of Anime

Hey all, it’s Koma here! There has been a lot of planning going on behind the scenes and some amazing stuff about to be launched for you all (so sign up to the mailing list),...


Gender Roles and Sexism in Modern Shoujo Manga

Unfortunately, our society is built over a misogynistic anti-feminist structure that is based on a binary perspective of genders and their roles. Imposing different social places and behaviors for each gender and oppressing what...


Ateji – The Hidden Art Of Wordplay In Japanese Kanji

Ateji is a technique unique to Japanese – combining centuries of history between southeastern Asian countries and their writing systems. Kanji, hiragana, and furigana are combined in ways that provide subtext beyond subtext within...


What Are Visual, Light, Web Novels And Eroge?

Anime really stands out. But because anime is so easy to watch and get access to, it overshadows some other forms of creative media which, in my opinion, can be much more interesting than animated...