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The Periodic Table of Anime

Hey all, it’s Koma here!

There has been a lot of planning going on behind the scenes and some amazing stuff about to be launched for you all (so sign up to the mailing list), but today I want to mention a great achievement of science – the discovery of 4 new elements! And the coolest part is that these elements have filled up the last row of the periodic table, causing it to become just a little bit more square.

What Do The Elements Have To Do With Anime?

I bet you’re wondering, Hey Koma, what does this have to do with anime?! Well, throughout the ages there have been many genres of anime that people have enjoyed like mecha and shounen (and it seems like over the past 10 years, production studios have ‘discovered’ the genre “slice of life”, for better or for worse…). We thought it would be fun to categorize the main ones and present some good suggestions to you for each.

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Periodic Table of Anime

Periodic Table of Anime!

Ketsugou Danshi: Elements with Emotions

And I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the new trailer that Nintendo Direct broadcasted about a game featuring boys based on elements of the period table!

Ketsugou Danshi is a battle turn-based game, like most things Square Enix releases. I wonder if these boys have different dere types… I won’t say too much more about it here, but give it a look!

So Now What?

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