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Nijisanji Project

Nijisanji Project: Welcome to the World of 2D!

Nijisanji Project is a VTuber agency that was established in February 2018 under the management of AnyColor Inc. (formerly known as Ichikara Inc.), and whose headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan. Nijisanji’s main focus was to hire virtual idols to provide entertaining content on YouTube using Live2D streaming that was based on iPhoneX facial motion capture technology.


[Weekly 4koma] Kiho’s Longest Race

    Whyyyyyy T_T – Kiho   Aww, poor Kiho. But that’s what happens when you let your pride get in the way of things! Stay tuned till next time~ I hope you enjoyed the 4koma,...


[Weekly 4koma] Too Similar

    I think she misquoted that… – Yuukin   Wow Yukie, way to shout out a random quote! Your name isn’t even ‘Deku’!! Well, as you can see we are on a Boku no Hero Academia...


[Weekly 4koma] Close Friends

    *blush* – everyone   This is so cute!! Sometimes you just catch yourself in a new friendship without even knowing it. I hope you enjoyed the 4koma, because there will be another...


[Weekly 4koma] Sweet Dreams

    Why do dreams work like this?! – Yuukin Aikyou   This happens to me all the time!! What kind of dreams do YOU try to get back into? I hope you enjoyed the...


[Weekly 4koma] Artistic Talent

    The greatness of this work brings tears to my eyes 😉 – Kiho Hiryuu   Not sure if you noticed, but this was definitely inspired from Chinatsu of YuruYuri 😉 I hope you...


[Weekly 4koma] Not Interested

    This guy wants to go to all these useless places… -Reishi Miwa   Yup, it’s definitely just him~ … or is it? Who knows when it comes to Reishi! I hope you...


[Weekly 4koma] My Food Secret

    This is my cheat day, I can’t let it pass!! – Yuukin Aikyou   Hey, you said cheat day not cheese day! I never really understood the concept of cheating for once day, reversing...


[Weekly 4koma] The Secret To Buying BL

    I’ll accept any form of moral embarrassment for my BL!! – Yukie Uchiya   I know you’ve thought of this as well!! But I’m sure that unlike Yukie, you came up with a much...