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Cat / Neko Vtubers that you should definitely watch!

This time around, we’ll be tackling a specific kind of VTuber – Cat/Neko VTubers!

I’m sure that as some of you are somewhat of veterans in the VTubing industry you may heard some of these wonderful streamers. But I’ll make sure to dig in a little bit deeper and find a diamond in the rough that needs to be brought out into the spotlight.

Anyway, let’s introduce these wonderful cat VTubers that purr on our screen for our entertainment!


okayu vtuber

First up on our cat VTuber list, we have possibly the most famous one of this family, Nekomata Okayu.

She debuted in 2019, along with Korone Inugami and Shirakami Fubuki. A dog, and a wolf respectively.

It’s a kind of an animal themed debut here from Hololive Gamers.

Who is she?

Okayu is a very relaxed, free-spirited, and also somewhat of a playboy or trolling personality. She openly flirts with other Hololive members just to see their reactions and is also known for impulsively swiping food. 

Furthermore, Okayu doesn’t deny her wrongdoings and was handed a guilty verdict in several “Okayu Court” cases (a court-like show that she used to do with fellow Hololive members). 

Okayu does an outstanding job chatting a lot and through many streams. Additionally, she likes to talk about daily activities and old stories about herself and, despite her laid-back personality, she can get very emotional when playing games to the point that she breaks down into tears during high emotional moments. 

She greets her viewers with “Mogu! Mogu!”, being the onomatopoeia for chewing in Japanese

What does she stream?

She can make some very interesting and unique streams and can be very entertaining on collabs as well. Some examples are her flirting, which brings up many fun reactions from the other members, and her court-like show, which exposes Holo members for their “wrong doings”..

Even with her focus on her singing career, she’s absolutely a force to be reckoned with. She puts in an average of 3 hours per stream, and she’s very consistent with streaming every single day. In addition to that, she’s working on her singing, collabing opportunities, and takes advantage of what I believe is a unique mind to work on interesting things. She’s able to set projects in motion, whether solo, or with the help of her Hololive peers.

I usually don’t praise a VTuber this much, but she, alongside her debut partner Korone, are prime examples of hard-work that pays off.

If you know Japanese, give her a look! ASMR streams, Gaming streams, wonderful collab projects make up for some unique and funny moments you’ll want to be there for.

Fumino Tamaki

fumino tamaki vtuber
Fumino Tamaki

Up next we have Noraneko Tamaki, who began her streaming journey in 2021.

Who is Tamaki?

She speaks in a soft and pleasant voice that adheres to her strange sense of humor and funny nature. She’s very strange (for a lack of a better suited word), in the sense that sometimes her titles do not accurately explain the type of streaming that she will do on a given day.

While it doesn’t happen very often, a prime example of this was the stream titled “2D announcement”, that just ended up being a karaoke stream, and then suddenly turned into collabing with other Nijisanji members on a charade game.

Very “It’s 3 AM and the cat is destroying my house for no reason” type of vibes here. I honestly enjoy the random, or maybe improvised, chaotic sessions of hers.

What does she stream?

From what I could gather while viewing her streams, and channel overall, is that you can count her to be… a weird friend. And I say that in the nicest way possible.

In my opinion, she likes to play a lot with memes, meme’ing herself, play around with sketches, “just chatting” streams which I just don’t know what am I looking at, but I think she’s just testing burgers by the looks of it.

If I knew fluent Japanese, I’d tell you honestly. I feel she would probably be one of my most viewed VTubers, just for the sheer “wtf” vibes she gives out.

After going off on a little bit of a tangent, I can tell you that she plays games as well, and she collabs with other members of Nijisanji as well.

I feel like she’s more of the “let’s just talk about random stuff with chat” focused, and in terms of gaming, at least lately, she seems more into mobile gacha gaming.


nyanners vtuber

  • Youtube channel: Nyanners
  • Subscribers: 1.44M
  • Affiliation: Vshojo

Nyanners, the pink Eldritch cat Vtuber.

Who is Nyanners?

We’ve talked a little bit about her on another occasion, but since she’s one of the more famous (eldritch) cats, I couldn’t pass by without mentioning her.

Nyanners is really… one of a kind. An english Vtuber, who once was known for the absolute memeposting girl and remixing rap songs into lewd meme songs, is now a Vtuber, who carries the same exact energy to an extent.

What does Nyanners stream?

She’s now focused on having gaming streams, some collabs mainly with Kson, Projekt Melody, Numi( Akuma Nihmune) and other Vtubers that have the same energy as her (read : somewhat lewd and carefree energy) 

She’s honestly a nice Vtuber to watch. Clumsy vibes, comments that fly by her only to notice 1 second after that it should’ve been filtered just a little bit, getting trolled by chat sometimes, trolled by her friends…

It’s actually fun to be around her. She does her best to always bring her maximum energy as often as she can when she hits the “Live” button.

Nowadays she started doing some IRL apparitions alongside what I believe is her boyfriend, Aethelstan.

If they are indeed a pair, they make a good one. Aethel is also a goofball that matches her energy, and it’s pretty nice to see them together.

Atom and Evelyn

atom and evelyn vtuber
Atom and Evelyn

  • Youtube channel: AtomAndEvelyn
  • Subscribers: 3.6k
  • Affiliation: None

Atom and Evelyn is a cat VTuber with a very creative VTuber model.

Who are they?

For those of you who don’t know him, the actual model doing the talking is Atom, the cat. According to his backstory, the girl is a mute scientist.

That’s such a nice and creative way to create a model. So far, I’ve never seen any similar take of the like.

They have been streaming since early 2022 I believe, and have been somewhat consistent at it. Most of their streams are gaming-focused, with some chat streams sprinkled along the way, and other streams like reading their own fanfiction.

In my opinion, the Vtuber model is just creative as hell and it feels like something that, given that most Vtubers are mostly anime watchers, we would be having this “trope” happen a little bit more often. Atom and Evelyn are actually, at least from my current knowledge, the first and only ones that are doing this kind of thing.

And it’s a pretty nice idea.

What do they stream?

They feel like a variety of gaming streams for the most part. Jumping from game to game, but making sure that they come back to the previous so that they can clear it.

Slay the Spire, Neon white, Nier Replicant and Omori are just some of the games that were the focus of their streams as of recently. 

I’d recommend his / their streams. It’s really worth a watch. He’s a pretty chill streamer, and his chat seems to be also a reflection of him as they are mostly communicative, supportive, and all around a family. Honestly, it’s like the entire chat is actually a family being built around him.

It’s always pretty nice to have a stream and chat that kind of feels like home and an escape from what life likes to throw at you on a daily basis.

Didn’t mean it to be a little bit deep, but I’m aiming for honesty here. Not many streamers gave me that sense of true belonging as this streamer gave me, along with his community. So that’s a kudos to him, and the wonderful people that back him.

Wrapping Up

I hope you liked this quick intro into Cat/Neko Vtubers!

If you’re into this sort of thing, make sure to take a look at some of our other VTuber category posts. Till next time!

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