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Shylily | Lily VTuber Face Reveal, Interesting Facts, & More

Want to see your favorite VTuber, Lily’s face revealed? Discover all the instances where she has done a full or partial face reveal.

VTubing as an industry is booming. And one of the VTubers that has benefited most from this opportunity is our favorite Orca VTuber, Shylily!

In a matter of months, she crossed 500K YouTube subscribers and currently stands at a staggering 700K! With her popularity and quirkiness, many fans want to see how she looks in real life (IRL)!

And that’s where we come in. In this article, you’ll be able to see what Lily looks like IRL and some known facts and secrets about her!

We are going to deliver on that promise, unlike other websites you might’ve found while searching on the internet. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it!!

shylily face

Who Is Shylily?

Shylily, also known as Lily, is an independent VTuber from the Netherlands. She has been active on Twitch since August 29th, 2015.

Prior to her recent 2D re-debut on January 10th, 2022, she had created her own model.

Shylily’s Lore

An innocent child was playing atop a freshly frozen river in the winter forest. Suddenly, the still-thin ice gave way, plunging the little one into the dark, freezing waters of the abyss below.

As she sank into the bottomless depths, slowly losing herself, she caught a vague glimpse of a faint glow in the distance. Drifting in and out of consciousness, she watched as the light drew nearer and grew brighter with each passing moment.

Shyliliy’s lore

The strange glow appeared to be emanating from… her? And as she looked around, the once-deep and dark abyss didn’t seem so foreboding after all.

In fact, she felt strangely at ease just floating there, bathed in the otherworldly light. Now, she was one with the icy waters, destined to become a beacon of hope for those who found themselves lost in the darkness.

Shylily’s Personality

Lily the Orca is a cheerful soul who radiates wholesomeness, but don’t be fooled; she’s not afraid to get a little naughty.

In fact, Lily has gained quite the reputation for responding to lewd sentences in the most adorable way imaginable.

Surprisingly, despite her mischievous side, Lily can also be unexpectedly wholesome at times. Perhaps this is because her feline personality shines through.

Her Appearance

Meet Lily, a hybrid Orca who emerges from the depths of the sea to guide lost souls on their journey.

With long navy blue hair that reaches down to her thighs, featuring two white strands reminiscent of an Orca’s distinctive coloring, and sapphire blue eyes that match the markings on her skin, Lily is a vision to behold.

Her most striking feature is her long Orca tail, which moves gracefully in response to her every movement.

Throughout her journey, Lily has sported various outfits. In one of her earlier looks, when she still used her self-made 3D model, she donned a long maid dress reminiscent of Azuki’s from the Nekopara game.

However, “Lily” was written on a small yellow button instead of Azuki’s name. She paired the outfit with brown cat ears while keeping her signature Orca tail intact.

In Lily’s most recent 2D model, created by 2wintails, her signature outfit takes on a new twist. She now sports a blue sailor uniform with a swimsuit-style top, reflecting her affinity for spending time in the water.

Lily's VTuber model
Lily’s VTuber model

The wet fabric of her top appears transparent, adding to the playful and alluring look. Completing the ensemble is a thigh-length blue skirt adorned with a matching ribbon on her right thigh.

A blue choker with an orca-shaped decoration is attached to her swimsuit/bra using straps, adding an extra touch of elegance. And when she feels like it, Lily can also wear a large orca hat to complete the look.

Lily VTuber Face Reveal

Update with a Twist: Lily has kindly asked us to put her face behind the virtual curtain, and we’ve obliged. Normally, we’re sticklers for the internet’s unwritten rule that says history should be preserved, not erased. But hey, when it comes to Lily’s fresh start as a VTuber, we’re all ears and helping hands. 🌟

Lily, before she even started VTubing, was a streamer. And that’s not a known fact! Here are some of Lily’s face reveal photos from back then:

shylily face 1
Lily VTuber Face Reveal

Damnnnn!!! What a cutie!

shylily face 2
Shylily face reveal

That look she’s giving with her eyes pierces my heart! And I’m sure you’re feeling the same way! No? What’s wrong with you?

shylily face 3
Lily face reveal

Her smile is as bright as the sun! I can watch her all day just smiling! Wait! I’m not a simp! You’re the simp! KEKW! I’m not lying, though! You are the one who searched for the “Lily VTuber face reveal.”

Anddd here we are!

shylily face 4
Shylily VTuber face reveal

There’s something special about those eyes! I just can’t explain it!

She revealed her partial face on her Instagram!
She revealed her partial face on her Instagram!

The following are some of her photos with her friends on Twitchcon:

She's having fun with her friends
She’s having fun with her friends
She's having fun with her friends
She’s having fun with her friends
Lily showing off her thic body!
Lily showing off her balance!

Read on to find out some interesting facts about her. And if you want to see more face reveals, check out this article that mentions and shows all the VTubers that have revealed their faces!

Some Facts About Her

The following are some known facts about Shylily:

  • Lily is an Orcat, a hybrid of an Orca and a cat, based on the mythical creature Akhlut from Inuit folklore.
  • She has her own unique charm and personality.
  • Lily likes lemons, shrimp, and money.
  • She dislikes socks, showers, and tail grabs.
  • She was born and raised in Germany and later moved to Denmark, where she lived and worked for a few years. She now lives in the Netherlands.
  • Lily has a cat named Mana.
  • She used to play and stream Minecraft and World of Warcraft.
  • Lily also played and streamed Phasmophobia, where she played Solo on the highest difficulty and created challenges using a Wheel of Names. For example, she would start with two handicaps, such as only being allowed to hold one item and having to crouch the entire time. If she completed the map and identified the ghost type, she would add another handicap.
  • Around March 2-16, 2021, Lily started playing and streaming Genshin Impact and gradually stopped playing and streaming Minecraft and WoW.
  • Lily has mentioned that she is a straight woman.

Her Age

Some sources mention her age as 27. But looking at her picture, she doesn’t look a day over 25! According to her lore, though, she is 5001 years old!

Lily mentions her age!

Shylily’s Height

Shylily is 4’10” or 149 cm. We found that out when she compared her height to that of a little person in one of her streams. She was really surprised to discover that she was shorter than a dwarf!

Here’s that video for those of you who want to watch it for yourselves:

Lily finds out that she’s shorter than a dwarf

More Interesting Facts About Her

Here are some of the lesser-known facts about Lily that you need to know:

She Won’t Date This Type Of A Guy

Lily can’t tolerate people who just exist to breathe. Imagine being in a relationship with such a person who is no different than a twig.

Say you asked them, “Do you wanna watch TV?” And they are like, “Ummm… I don’t know! Whatever!” And you asked them again, “Do you wanna watch TV or maybe do something else!?” And they’ll be like, “I don’t really care! Let’s watch TV if you want to watch TV.”

And you question them again, “Let’s watch Netflix. Do you wanna watch a show or a movie?” And they’re like, “I don’t really know.”

God forbid! You have an opinion! Go ahead, have an opinion, please! You are giving them options; all they have to do is pick A, B, or C. Just say something!

Lily finds out that she’s shorter than a dwarf

Lily really can’t stand people like that. She feels like they are NPCs. She thinks, “I don’t care. Pick anything you want” is a fine response, but not if that’s your entire personality.

So if you dream of dating this Orca and struggle to have an opinion, then you’ll have to change your personality, my friend!

What Does Lily’s Family Think Of Her Online Success?

Shylily’s dad passed away, so she feels she can’t ask for his approval. Her mother supports her decision to be an online celebrity but doesn’t see her as successful.

Lily believes her mother might consider her successful once she has earned a million dollars.

Also, her sister is really happy about it.

But her grandmother is a whole other story. She feels like her grandmother is super toxic and doesn’t support her decision to be a celebrity. It went to the point that she almost had to break off any contact with her grandma.

That’s a shame, as she feels like her grandma has done a lot for her throughout her life. She helped her at every point of her growing up. Seeing her behave like that and make everything about herself is really painful for Shylily!

Don’t worry, Lily; we support you and are proud of your growth!

Wrapping Up: Lily VTuber Face Reveal

There you have it, my friends, all the instances where Lily revealed her face! We also shared some known and some secret facts about her, which you can’t find anywhere on the internet!

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That’s all, folks!


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