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Bunny Vtubers: Not Just A Carrot On A Stick

So we’ve been covering a lot of animal themed Vtubers lately.

It’s pretty nice to have a sense of how imaginative Vtubers can get when they are committed to a certain persona, or even how they would best view themselves if they were to choose what animal would represent them best.

Some Vtubers decided to go through other routes, like being Vampires, Necromancers, a simple delinquent like person. I believe that for most of them, it can be a matter of just picking something and sticking with it. But with other people…

I have the belief that, to some extent, it seems like it’s a deep reflection over how much they envision themselves, quality wise towards that animal. And it’s really interesting to have that in mind.

This was somewhat of a deeper introduction, but I thought it would be fun to bring it up! But anyways, for this post, we will be checking Vtubers that personify bunnies.

bunny vtubers

Usada Pekora

usada pekora
Usada Pekora

Youtube Channel: Pekora Ch. 兎田ぺこら

Subscribers: 2.05M

Affiliation: Hololive

First up we have the Queen of the bunnies, Usada Pekora.

Pekora is a chaotic bunny, in the best sense of the word, when used alongside Vtuber names.

She debuted on the third generation of Hololive, and ever since then, she’s taken the Vtuber world by storm, and with good reason.

She almost never breaks her character on stream, just adding “peko” at the end of her sentences (a bunny onomatopoeia in Japanese), and ever since I’ve known her, which was basically since she debuted, she seems to have endless energy to give out on her streams.

A variety streamer, a singer as well, and one of the “leaders” when collabing. From what I can tell, everyone on Hololive seems to love her presence, as well as the high energy she brings out when streaming.

She’s a pretty nice gamer as well and seems to always try new games, whether on PC, Playstation, mobile, or any other consoles. Somewhat recently she has been playing Fate Grand Order, a mobile game, where I believe she whaled a whole bunch for a maxed out Gilgamesh.

Either way, she plays a ton of different games and doesn’t really limit herself to playing a certain type or specific kind of genre. She plays everything under the bunny sun and also plays whatever is on her mind at the time.

Unfortunately, since she is a Japanese VTuber, It’s somewhat hard to fully enjoy her content if you do not know Japanese. However, there’s always a cape-less hero/heroine who gives their all into translating some of the highlights of her streams.

They’re really worth a watch.



Youtube Channel: Punkalopi

Subscribers: 356k

Affiliation: None

I’m gonna be honest here. I didn’t know much about her before writing this article. I spent about two days just browsing around her content and getting to know her, and what she does.

That being said…

She’s an adorable dorky bunny. And I say that in the best way possible.

She does have a twitch channel as well, that she uses to stream, but I believe that she is most active on Youtube.

Her content is all over the place, as a variety streamer. She is either taking Innocence tests (apparently this kind of test exists), speedrunning Cuphead, or talking to the chat about anything really. 

Her laugh is contagious, just as much as her energy is as well. And watching her youtube content, I could tell that she’s kind of a recent streamer as well, with her oldest stream being just 3 months ago, at least what is considered her archive on Youtube on this particular channel.

Being active for only 3 months and having almost 400k subscribers is a massive feat. And honestly, I’m not really surprised. Her chaotic and upbeat energy, her Youtube titles, which made me chuckle slightly…

Her chat is also pretty crazy, in a good sense as well, matching her craziness.

It’s honestly a good watch. There’s no one I could really compare her to. At least at the time I’m writing this, there’s really no name, no VTuber that I could compare her to.

If I ignited your curiosity, please act on it. You won’t regret it. She’s really fun to watch!



Twitch Channel: NulllBunny

Followers: 1.1k

Affiliation: None

Next up, we have NulllBunny. I have to say it right off the bat. I love her Vtuber model.

VTuber models/rigs are pretty expensive nowadays. And for an unaffiliated VTuber to have this kind of rig… it probably cost her a pretty penny.

She is a pretty nice Vtuber all things considered. Slightly leaning towards playing minecraft on her streams recently, but always up to play whatever. High on life, Mario Kart, Valorant… anything that catches her eye and knows that it would be fun to play, she normally tends to play.

I don’t think she is a singer, or at least, while researching her, I couldn’t find any albums, singles or any of the sort, but she has a voice on her. Just humming, or singing a few notes of a song that she’s listening to on stream, is really enough to know that she has a pretty great voice for singing.

All things considered, she is a pretty chill streamer, with some bursts of energy whenever either a new sub on twitch, or a donation, but all around, a somewhat quiet, but very interesting streamer to watch.

The best analogy would be hanging out with a friend who’s playing a game, and just having small talk, but the kind of small talk that makes sense to have with a friend.

My analogies are not the best, but it’s the feeling that I came across when seeing her streams!

Wrapping up

Each of these VTubers are very unique in their own way, and honestly, you could watch all three of them.

Everyone has different tastes, and they bring their own uniqueness to the table. Pekora is a war criminal sometimes, Punkapoli is absolutely chaotic, and NulllBunny is the chill gamer girl that I’d believe that I’d just tune in because she feels more personal and brings the friend vibe.

I’d recommend watching all three of them. 


They all have their own way of streaming, and honestly, I loved discovering their way of making content, engaging an audience, and ways of talking to their community.

Maybe you’ll vibe way more with Pekora than you would with Bunny. Or maybe you’re just like me and like the chaotic craziness that Punk brings in. 

Either way, give them a try!

If you’re not into these precious bunnies, take a look at what we covered. We promise there’s someone that you’re sure to like!

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