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VShojo Zentreya: Super Dope New 3D Model

VShojo’s Zentreya broke the internet (or at least cracked a trendy topic in the vtuber community) when the Red Devil shared a sneak peak of her new (mighty, mightyyy cute) 3d model with a bomb dance video.

Here’s the tweet of her new obsessive model dance:

Aren’t you in laaaveee with the jiggle physics, well I very much am!


Don’t Dismiss Vtuber Models

It goes without saying that in Virtual Tubing, your model/avatar is one of the major factors that can really make it or break it for you (like duhh!)


That’s why Vtubers spend months to design new models, sometimes spending days deciding about most minute features because they know that for Vtubers, models are something as essential as butts on Kardashians.

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Youtuber Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is the the sweetheart of millions of her fans, but her sad entry (and exit) into the vtubing world is a testament of what I just said.

After a severe online backlash and trolling of her poorly designed model by terupancake, the youtuber quickly noped out of the Vtubing industry.


Vtuber Zentreya’s History

Seasoned Vtubers like our Red Devil Zentreya know this, after all she has been in the vtubing game for years now, having undergone multiple model transformations.

In her early days, known as the founding member of VRchat group called Anti-Lewd Army. Dedicated to the ‘nobel’ cause as under:

“The A.L.A was an organization that was founded by Zentreya to eradicate all things lewd in the Metaverse. It was mainly a roleplaying and hangout group consisting of Zen and her friends.”

The Vtuber remained an indie for years until she joined, Vshojo – a talent-first USA based vtuber group, as founding member back in November, 2020 and is currently their one of the premier talent, along with 9 other members including the Demon Queen, Ironmouse.

Zentreya, currently is followed by about 335K Twitch followers and her youtube channel has over 270K subs. Her loyal fans, aka The Red Knights, are a crazy lot who often call their queen ‘Gecko’, one of Zentreya’s earlier avatar.

These are absolutely incredible stats for a Vtuber who uses Text-to-Speech (TTS ) voice software, considered a major drag in vtuber community.

Here’s a really cute and wholesome oopsie when she said ‘Head Pat’ and with TTS it came out ‘Head Fat’.

Zentreya’s New 3D Model

VShojo Zentreye O_O
VShojo Zentreye O_O

Before I get into any kind of nitty-gritties, MANN I just want to scream on top of my lungs like a fangirl.


You have no control over your own impulses
You have no control over your own impulses

I know I know, but MAN-O-MAN look at that thing!!

I mean, if cyborgs were never your thing, this god-tier cyberpunk-themed model must surely raise questions about your choices in life.

But really, you have to give it to Zen – for most Vtubers a single model transformation in their entire career is quite a big deal.

But Zen being Zen, evolving faster than Logan Paul changing careers, from  Commander zen to first a Gecko, then a Dragon, now a Robot, Zen has totally peaked her evolution game.

Hands down! This one being the sickest of them all, so far….

Here are couple of artists who deserve a bonus and more work too:

  • Echanis Enicha the designer who conceived the model design
  • Freelance artist Yuniiho, who did the honors of drawing the model

You can see how these artists really put their heart and soul into this. The 3D model isn’t just an eye candy, but actually resonates with Zentreya official Vshojo lore.

Following Zen’s lore, the designers portrayed a beautiful link of her artificial robotic origins to her innate nexus with humanity in such an incredibly insane and cutely sick way.

The shiny contrast of her mechanical endoskeleton with bright crimson colored body, together with kindest face having angelic eyes is thing of dreams.

Also, for Zentreya there was always this issue of fans complaining about her TTS being a bit distracting.

One guy even had a complete video with “proofs” on why zentreya is a guy (basically a rant how using Text to Speech software makes her a dude).

Zentreya has always defended the use of TTS for obvious reasons:

But now, you see the text to speech really works well with the model too… the robotic TTS makes sense with her model- its part of her character now.. VOILA Checkmate Doxxers!

Plus, Yunihoo did a superb job with drawing a perfectly proportionate thicc body, nothing seems off or too much.

Everything’s just yummm, goshh look at those cyborg dragony thighs…..


Most Futuristic Vtuber Model

The 3D model is also probably the most advanced and futuristic ones we have seen so far, but the best part is Zentreya confirmed that all the previous models aren’t going anywhere. She’s going to use them every now and then for special occasions (shit!)

Some do say this new model gives Jehuty from PS2 game ‘Zone of the Enders vibes’, and I must say the resemblance is uncanny (minus the thicc tho).

Jehuty from PS2 game Zone of the Enders
Jehuty from PS2 game Zone of the Enders

So as good things come to only those who wait, until then let’s binge watch Zentreya streams over twitch and youtube!


Some Final Thoughts

Since I keep hearing these questions, I wanted to directly answer them for you all:

  1. Is Zentreya A Guy?
    • No… haha
  2. Why does Zentreya Use Text To Speech? (TTS)
    • It makes her more desirable… duh!
  3. Is This Zentreya’s New Model?
    • Yes, read the article dummy.


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