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Veibae Shocks Fans With A Jaw-dropping Face Reveal!

People are always curious about things that are mainly kept secret. For instance, fans of VTubers are looking for clues to find the person behind their favorite VTuber avatar. One such mystery that the audience is keenly waiting to be revealed is the identity of VTuber Veibae.

VTubers keep their real lives a secret and share only a limited amount of information about themselves, which keeps their fans hooked and intrigued. Veibae has also taken a similar route and has kept her audience wondering about her genuine personality and looks. But we’ve got the inside scoop.

In this article, we will discuss everything about Veibae, the beautiful yet suspicious VTuber. You’ll finally get to see Veibae’s face-revealing photos, her career highlights and net worth, and much more. So, read on!

Veibae VTuber Face Reveal

Who Is Veibae?

Veibae, the independent queen of English VTubing from the UK, held it down solo in the streaming scene. She linked up with VShojo on April 9, 2021, but her journey with them wrapped up on April 25, 2023.

Veibae’s Debut Stream

She’s a heavyweight in the Japanese VTuber community, with clips of her content racking up an insane 1.5 million views. Her Twitch streams are strictly for the grown-ups, tagged as 18+ for those looking for some mature content.

Her Personality

Veibae’s got a wild and unfiltered vibe! She describes herself as a mix of a champion, magician, and total chad, embracing her “degenerate” side with a touch of humor.

Her streams might not be everyone’s cup of tea—she gets into inappropriate and lewd topics, sometimes throwing shade at her chat.

She’s all about those memes and doesn’t shy away from indulging in food and drinks on stream, often drooling over food videos. Plus, her 2D model even rocks a beer now and then when she’s in the zone.

Veibae’s VTuber Model

Veibae started as this eye-catching succubus, rocking blue peepers, long white locks, pointed ears, and a sleek, black tail with horns and eyes that change hues between her 2D and 3D models. Epic, right?

Fast forward to her reign as the Empress of the Sky, and she’s undergone a legendary glow-up! Her locks remain pristine white, but now she’s got this enigmatic vibe with hidden ears and a mesmerizing blue-and-white serpent tail. Plus, her crown of horns is next level—multiple, varying sizes, and those captivating light brownish-gold eyes seal the deal.

Veibae's VTuber Model
Veibae’s VTuber Model

But let’s talk style! She has rocked various outfits on her journey—from the OG pink jumpsuit to a switch into the Japanese schoolgirl vibe and a chic maid ensemble.

However, her 2D debut? She revealed a jaw-dropping custom black-and-white corset maid costume that set the streaming world on fire!

Her Personal Relationships

Vei’s likes to chill at home with her family. Sometimes she’s like, “Yo, fam, where’s my brewski at?” That’s because her family drinks all her beer, and she likes to complain about it. Her brother swoops in during a stream, all, “Sup, weebs?” with a cold one.

She tied the knot with Silvervale in a Final Fantasy XIV event led by Nyanners. Low-key crushing on Nyanners, even thinking about popping the question to Snuffy or whoever grabs her merch.
Vei’s tight with a bunch of other VTubers, and right now, she’s roomies with Sodapoppin, the streamer extraordinaire.

Some Interesting Facts About Veibae

Veibae’s Twitch streams come with an 18+ label, setting the tone for her aggressive sass that’s her trademark. Takanashi Kiara from Hololive is a big fan of hers, and they share a rigging connection through Keffiy, who also worked on other Hololive talents like Kiryu Coco and Tsunomaki Watame. It’s a quirky coincidence that adds to the VTuber lore.

Veibae’s scene art is crafted by the talented DyaRikku, and while she’s big on memes and has this wild drunk persona, she’s not into scat at all. Instead, she rocks an outrageous accent, a blend of her British and Polish heritage, which she flaunts fluently in Polish.

Apart from her epic card tricks, she’s a Genshin Impact spender and a food video fanatic, often caught drooling over those mouthwatering visuals during her streams. She’s even made appearances on podcasts and has a huge Japanese fanbase, regularly tweeting in Japanese to connect with them.

Personal stuff? She’s got pets—two cats and a dog named PMC—and her style has evolved from a pink jumpsuit to something else entirely. Her emojis and quirks, like claiming to have “sad nipple syndrome,” keep things interesting. Plus, she’s got a history with VShojo, being their inaugural member after the crew was formed.

However, there’s some drama in the mix, too. She wasn’t thrilled about another VTuber with a similar accent, feeling it was a clout move, and threw accusations their way. That’s part of her journey, too—a mix of highs, lows, and a ton of eccentricities that make her who she is.

Veibae Reveals Her Face

VTubers usually don’t like to show their face (that’s the whole point of VTubing, I guess—keeping your identity hidden while pursuing your streaming dream).

Veibae, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to feel that way (not that anything is wrong with that approach). In fact, most of her fans really want to see what Veibae looks like in real life. And if you are one of them, here’s a gift for you:

Veibae’s IRL Face

Dang…! She’s super hot!

Veibae VTuber Face Reveal

If someone is that hot, they really shouldn’t hide their face and flaunt their looks like Veibae’s doing in these photos! I mean, I totally would! Don’t you agree with me? Just look at her beauty!

Veibae’s Face Revealed

Veibae’s Lore

Her lore set thousands of years ago when this mysterious visitor showed up and wreaked havoc on the realm. It was like a raid boss causing chaos, and everyone—from the celestial beings to the underworld demons—was just chilling and watching. Then Veibae, the main character, gets hit with this crazy rain that won’t stop, triggering a major character transformation.

There’s this intense encounter with a “violent butterfly” and a showdown with a serpent, and Veibae’s physical appearance starts changing big time. Throughout the story, there’s confusion galore, an identity crisis, and a whole lot of drama. Veibae’s on a mission to figure out who they really are, facing off against enemies and reclaiming lost memories.

Veibae’s Lore

Eventually, after a serious quest, Veibae embraces their true power as the Empress of the Skies and brings balance back to their world. But hey, there’s also some side drama with other characters like Silver and this broody serpent, all trying to mess things up. Yet, Veibae ain’t having any of it. They go through this incredible transformation, finding strength and restoring the beauty of their realm.

It’s like one of those epic live-streamed games with plot twists, emotional roller coasters, and a triumphant ending where Veibae becomes this total boss, owning their domain!

Her Career Highlights

Back in July 2015, Vei hit the start button on Twitch, launching her wild online adventure. Fast forward to September 2016, and her Twitter feed lit up, marking her early steps into the social media scene. Here’s how her VTubing career went beyond that point:

2020: The Big Debut

April 2020 witnessed a sneak peek of Vei’s OG 3D model, courtesy of creator jjinomu, hinting at her imminent VTuber arrival. Come April 12, 2020, Vei made her VTuber debut, although the archives sadly lack footage of this inaugural 3D spectacle.

May 3, 2020, was a turning point as Japanese YouTuber Shinji catapulted Vei into the limelight, magnetizing a surge of Japanese fans. That wasn’t all—the VeiVerse expanded to YouTube on May 4, 2020, showcasing her stream highlights.

September 2020 teased tantalizing prospects, with Vei teasing an upcoming Live2D model bedecked in a succubus ensemble.

Delays pushed its grand reveal to the following year, unveiling a different final outfit. Peek-a-boo! Vei also teased her fanbase with glimpses of planned alternate Live2D outfits, stirring up a frenzy among her loyal followers.

2021: The Epic Collabs

April 9, 2021, marked another important moment for her as Vei rebooted with a fresh 2D model, simultaneously announcing her affiliation with VShojo.

Despite battling her illness during her debut stream, she clocked in at 100,000 Twitch followers. And wait for it—plans were afoot for another reveal: an upcoming 3D model extravaganza on April 11, showing Vei’s commitment to diverse representations.

2022: Revealing Another VTuber Model

April 10, 2022, was the day of reckoning as over 33,000 die-hard fans witnessed the grand premiere of Vei’s long-awaited new Live2D model. Cue the applause!

Recognition also came knocking in October, with a Streamy Awards nomination in the VTuber category, rubbing shoulders with the elite in the streaming scene.

2023: More Milestones Achieved

By March 2023, Vei’s VTubing prowess had earned recognition from the Streamer Awards, snagging a nomination alongside Ironmouse.

Oh, but the milestones didn’t stop there! March 13, 2023, was a monumental day as Vei hit the 1 million Twitch follower milestone while also unveiling her collaboration with talent management powerhouse Mythic Talent. To top it off, she rebranded her Twitch identity from Veibae to the succinct “Vei.”

The Crab Rave (Her most popular video on YouTube)

April 25, 2023, delivered seismic news: Vei and Silvervale bid adieu to VShojo, officially confirmed via the company’s Twitterverse.

The very next day, Vei cleared the air, setting the record straight on her departure, citing financial reasons, and maintaining transparency with her loyal legion of fans.

Her Net Worth

Veibae’s net worth is estimated to be $400,000. According to Socialblade, she can make roughly $2600 to $160,000 solely from YouTube. Her YouTube account has a total of 600,000 subscribers.

Wrapping It Up

VTubers are all about keeping the real-life deets on the down-low for various reasons. They keep their fans on the edge, always wanting to know more.

Most VTubers play it mysterious, hiding their true selves and faces from the world. But there are a few rebels in the VTubing community who’ve unmasked themselves, and it’s sending fans into a frenzy.

Take Veibae, for example; she dropped her face-revealing bomb, leaving her followers ecstatic. However, she’s keeping the rest of the info under wraps.

Millions of fans like you are vibing with this VTuber, and we’ve spilled the tea on everything from her personality to her faves, relationships, and more.

So we hope that all of you enjoyed it. That’s all, folks!


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