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The Struggle For Blender VTuber Commissions 

Hey there, fellow VTuber enthusiasts! Have you ever found yourself scouring every corner of the internet in search of that elusive treasure — a skilled artist who can craft VTuber models using Blender? Trust me, I’ve been on that quest too. I’m Vishwas, resident VTuber expert over at I’ve dedicated countless hours to digging about Blender VTuber commissions, and let me tell you, it’s been quite the adventure.

Unlike more popular programs like Maya or 3ds Max, finding artists well-versed in Blender can feel like an endless goose chase. Where are all the Blender masters? As it turns out, expertise in this niche software isn’t exactly a dime a dozen.

But fear not! After an unyielding pursuit, I’ve struck gold and discovered an astonishingly talented Blender artist who specializes in crafting VTuber magic. Today, I’m thrilled to introduce this hidden Blender gem and share some invaluable tips for all you Blender VTuber commission seekers out there.

The Struggle For Blender VTuber Commissions 

The Struggle to Find Blender VTuber Talent

When I first started seeking Blender VTuber commissions, I naively expected finding Blender experts would be easy. How hard could it be to locate artists skilled in such a popular 3D program like Blender, right? Oh how wrong I was. 

My initial barrage of enthusiastic DMs was met with perplexed expressions and cautious skepticism. Even artists who were wizards in Maya, 3ds Max, and other modeling software seemed to draw a blank when it came to serious Blender work. I even got the classic “Why Blender specifically?” question, as if Blender were some sort of a mythical tool instead of a powerful free open-source tool!

After a series of awkward conversational gymnastics, resulting in an artist sheepishly admitting they weren’t as well-versed in Blender as I hoped, it became clear that high-quality Blender VTuber art was a rare find indeed.

Slowly but surely, it dawned on me — while Blender itself is incredibly versatile and widespread, the number of artists using it professionally for VTuber work seemed scarce. But this only strengthened my resolve to uncover those rare Blender gems!

Blender Artist – Teiozemo on Twitter

And so, dear readers, let me introduce you to the mesmerizing talent that is Teiozemo, reigning supreme on Twitter. With just a peek into their portfolio, it’s clear that Teiozemo has mastered the art of VTuber creation in Blender.

Just look at the remarkable VRChat avatar they designed named Roxanne Wolf. Teiozemo flawlessly combined Blender and ZBrush to craft stunning 3D character art optimized for virtual interaction. 

Roxxane Blender model
Roxanne Blender Model Commission by Teiozemo

The lighting, textures, and animation are breathtakingly smooth. The intricate details, like the cascade of hair and the soul-piercing eyes, are a testament to Teiozemo’s technical prowess. Roxanne Wolf isn’t just a creation; she’s a testament to the boundless potential of Blender’s toolkit when guided by an artist of Teiozemo’s caliber.

Finding this level of Blender expertise felt like stumbling upon a priceless treasure. If you’re seeking exceptional Blender-based VTuber art, look no further than Teiozemo! You can find Teiozemo on Discord at Teiozemo#9061. It’s there that you can discuss the possibility of commissioning them to craft your very own 3D VTuber model.

Commission costs are contingent upon the complexity and intricacies of the model you have in mind. On average, Teiozemo’s commission prices hover around $450.

The Struggle Explained

Now, you might be wondering, why is it that locating Blender VTuber artists is so tough compared to more widespread programs. A few key factors: Well, there are a few factors at play:

Maya’s Dominance in Professional Studios: The widespread use of tools like Maya in the professional studio arena has established it as a reigning champion. Blender faces a bit of an uphill battle to gain equal recognition in certain circles.

Blender’s Open-Source Aura: Blender’s open-source nature is a double-edged sword. While it empowers the community and fosters collaboration, it can sometimes cast a shadow on its potential for commercial-grade artistry.

Blender’s Niche in VTuber Artistry: When it comes to VTuber creations, Blender’s appeal might be considered somewhat specialized. Many artists and studios lean towards more mainstream options, which can leave Blender in the shadows.

Despite these challenges in finding Blender experts, the software itself remains incredibly powerful. In the hands of a specialist like Teiozemo, Blender allows remarkable creativity and customization!

Tips for Seeking Blender Talent 

Blender Model Commission

Now, for those of you who are determined to uncover those elusive Blender gems, here are some savvy strategies to aid you in your quest:

Tap into the Twitterverse and Art Forums: Dive headfirst into the world of social media and art-focused forums. Connect with fellow Blender enthusiasts and potential artists who might be lurking in these virtual corners.

Decode Custom VRChat Avatars: When you’re scouting for Blender virtuosos, cast your gaze upon exquisitely customized VRChat avatars. These often hold the fingerprints of Blender’s enchantment. These avatars are like hidden messages that whisper, “Blender master at work.”

Embrace the Multiverse: Be open to artists skilled in a variety of software. Sometimes, a creator well-versed in multiple programs can wield Blender’s magic just as skillfully.

Perseverance is Key: Patience and persistence are your guiding stars. Like panning for gold, the effort you invest in your search will pay dividends in the end. Keep the faith and keep digging.

Don’t give up hope, fellow Blender lovers. With the right connections and continued search efforts, the perfect Blender VTuber commission awaits. We just have to grind a bit more to uncover these diamonds in the rough!

Wrapping Up

And there you have it, the culmination of my grand adventure uncovering Blender VTuber talent! While difficult compared to more common modeling tools, artists like Teiozemo demonstrate the incredible potential of Blender in the right hands.

I hope this journey has not only provided you with practical insights but also kindled a fire of determination to complete your own Blender commission mission. After all, stumbling upon such rare expertise only amplifies the sense of achievement.

Let me know if you stumble upon any other Blender all-stars during your searches! I’m always eager to expand my list of talents. Now get out there and help bring more Blender-powered VTuber magic into the world!

If you’re ready to elevate your VTuber experience to new heights, I invite you to check out our complete guide to VTuber model commissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Blender a bad program choice for VTuber models? 

Not at all! In the hands of a specialist, Blender is incredibly powerful. It just has a smaller pool of artists familiar with it for professional use.

Do I need coding skills to request a Blender model?

Nope! You can provide visual references. The technical Blender work is handled by the artist.

Are Blender VTuber models lower quality than Maya or 3ds Max?

A skilled Blender artist can achieve just as high-quality results as other software. It depends on their mastery of the tools.

Can I find Blender VTuber presets or assets to purchase? 

Yes, some Blender artists offer VTuber starter kits and templates for sale. Though, admittedly, these are rarer than their Maya or equivalent counterparts.

Is commissioning a Blender model more expensive?

At times, yes. The niche expertise can nudge prices upward. But remember, the scope of the project dances with the cost, just like any other program.

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