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How Much Do VTubers Make? Agencies Tell All

how much do agencies make

Hey, hey, hey, internet fam! Grab your digital popcorn because the VTuber world just got a splash of reality.

Curiosity about the financial secrets of these digital personalities is universal. After all, who hasn’t pondered how much of those superchat donations actually make it into Kizuna AI’s purse or how Hololive’s virtual talents can afford their impressive outfits? Well, hold onto your virtual seats because the veil of secrecy has been lifted, and it’s time for some revelations!

The pioneer in this newfound transparency is none other than Idol Virtual Talents. They’ve boldly announced that their talents receive a generous 60% of their earnings, with an additional 15% covering various expenses. These expenses include everything from video editing and music production to video games and equipment. In total, a whopping 75% of the revenue goes directly or indirectly to the talent. Idol Virtual Talents retains a modest 25%, which essentially serves as their investment in nurturing more VTubers.

But just when you thought the story was over, enter Kawa Entertainment with a twist! Instead of taking a percentage cut, they opt for a flat monthly fee, which hovers around $183. So if you’re an up-and-coming VTuber like Pastaroni Ravioli, this is the mac to your cheese.

UK-based Infinite Live also revealed how they split their virtual pie. Their tweet was more of a “coming soon” trailer, but hey, at least they’re jumping on the transparency train.

Yume+, the new kid on the VTuber block, also revealed their revenue split arrangements right before they closed auditions for their first-gen talents. They’ve got different plans for ad revenue, voice packs, and sponsorships, but at least they’re setting the precedent for being open about it.

This sudden gust of financial transparency is pretty groundbreaking if you ask me. It not only helps aspiring VTubers make informed choices but also opens up a dialogue in the industry.

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