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Our Top 10 White/Silver-Haired VTubers To Watch

White-haired anime characters are among the most remarkable, with the most exciting attitudes. No wonder many of us are curious to find VTubers with white hair from whom we could get our daily dose of entertainment.

In this article, we’ll mention the ten most fun white/silver-haired Vtubers you need to check out. 

This list caters to all VTuber fans, no matter what gender you are, what kind of personalities you dig (shark, demon, … both), or what type of streams you like to watch; we’ve got you covered! So stick around and make sure you read the article till the end to find out who our top pick is. Let’s get started!

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Lumi, the white-haired wolf VTuber
Lumi, the white-haired wolf VTuber
  • Current YouTube Subscribers: 106K
  • YouTube Channel: Lumituber   
  • Affiliation: Merryweather Media

This white-haired Finnish VTuber is a furry. Despite this, the blue-eyed wolf girl with ears and a fluffy tail is seldom heard speaking her native language. Only her debut video featured her speaking and singing in Finnish. Her name, “Lumi,” is a Finnish word for “snow.”

Lumi’s introduction

Interestingly enough, she’s one of the few girls out there who hate bears! What melts her heart into submission are steak, Pepsi Max, and steak. And World of Warcraft, of course.

She is known for ending most of her sentences in a live stream with “Awoo” like a wolf. Mostly found lingering around her cousin and also a VTuber, Merryweather. They have a lot of collaborations with each other. Lumi also has a lot of partnerships with other VTubers, likely Haruka Karibu, Takahata, and BungoTaiga.


Kuzuha the silver-haired vampire VTuber
Kuzuha the silver-haired vampire VTuber
  • Current YouTube Subscribers: 1.43M
  • YouTube Channel: Kuzuha Channel
  • Affiliation: NIJISANJIVirgin Music (Universal Music Japan), Independent (formerly)

Apparently, the vampire gamer/VTuber is now one of the most subscribed male VTubers. He’s the only vampire you could find afraid to play horror games, like transforming into a scaredy cat instead of a vampire bat.

He is one proud guy to admit he is a NEET that only lives alone with his pet pig to guard his belongings. It makes you wonder if that is a pig or a wild war boar.

Kuzuha is strongly driven by his love of money. He’s a big loudmouth, but he’s entertaining. He is very proud and expressively proud when he comes to the point of playing games and doing something witty kind of outplays.

In terms of collaborating with another VTuber, especially a girl VTuber, he gets shy and awkward. Starting a conversation by asking about the weather became a meme called “Weather Deck.” But once he got comfortable, he returned to his usual vampire persona and was relatively modest, if you ask me.

Kamiko Kana

Kamiko Kanam, the silver-haired fox
Kamiko Kanam, the silver-haired fox
  • Current YouTube Subscribers: 141K 
  • YouTube Channel: Kana
  • Affiliation: Tsunderia (formerly), currently Indie

The next white-haired VTuber we are going to meet is Kamiko Kana. An arctic fox shrine goddess who loves cotton candy-flavored ice cream and only eats pizza that has pineapple on it.

Undoubtedly, this childish fox goddess loves sweets. She has a sweet tooth and hates anything that tastes bitter. She even prefers Pepsi over Coca-Cola because of its higher sugar content, which satisfies her sweet cravings.

Kamiko Kana also has a weird way of calling her fans “her fleas,” which I don’t get why most people love being called that; it must be her quirky personality that helps her pull that off.

Zen Gunawan

Zen Gunawan

This VTuber has a 2D model that I thought was for a mobile gacha game! His 2D model is quite unique due to its muscular and strong appeal, which is not commonly seen in the VTuber industry.

I’m already sold on getting my daily entertainment dose from him just based on his Giga Chad-like VTuber model.

Zen is an Indonesian and humorous VTuber. Although he sometimes tends to fail with his jokes, he still manages to entertain audiences with his hobbies and cheerfulness in his streams and videos.

He’s got one of the loveliest voices for a male VTuber, though! Zen Gunawan’s Japanese vocabulary may be limited, but he spoke it like someone dubbing a scene for an anime episode. One exciting fellow to watch!

Shirakami Fubuki, The Silver-haired Fox VTuber

Shirakami Fubuki, the white/silver-haired fox VTuber

This VTuber is one of the most subscribed VTuber overall and, to no surprise, the most subscribed silver-haired VTuber. Shirakami s a very passionate aspirant about becoming a top otaku idol in the future.

Who doesn’t know this lovely foxy girl anyways? She’s one of the most popular VTubers with white hair and cute wiggly fox ears (compared to popular pink vtubers with cute wiggly bunny ears). But yeah, she’s always mistaken as a Neko-girl VTuber than a kitsune girl.

Her affiliation with hololive, with her quirky and fun streams, made her garner a lot of subscribers over time. Ain’t no stopping this gal from reaching her dreams one day, that’s for sure!

Fulgur Ovid

The most fun white/silver-haired VTuber, Fulgur Ovid

Fulgur Ovid is a male cyborg VTuber from the future with enormous strength and a weird love for sheep and sheep-related puns.

Take, for example, his two sheep mascots, Bleep Bleep the Censorsheep and Sheero the Fundansheep. Do you think it stops there? His YouTube membership for his Comfydants is called Membaaasheep. Well, no surprise there because if you derived Fulgur Ovid’s name from Latin terms, it would translate to Lightning Sheep.

He is affiliated with NIJISANJI and has an impressive number of subscribers. We highly recommend you check out his streams, as he is one of the most fun white/silver-haired VTubers out there!

Kaede Higuchi

Kaede Higuchi, the white/silver-haired high school VTuber

Who says you need to be a mythical and fantasy-looking VTuber to succeed? This VTuber is just your typical high school next-door girl. In fact, Kaede Higuchi is known being “the NIJISANJI high school girl” and has got a lot of subscribers and followers to top that.

Kaede Higuchi has a charming, sophisticated voice on her streams but a hilarious kind of laugh, her “Nah-ha-ha” laugh, and a weird habit of often saying “Naande!” a Japanese slang term for saying “why” almost hysterically.

She’s one simple VTuber who proves that success doesn’t depend on your looks; instead, it comes your way once you put in enough effort in honing your skills.


The white/silver-haired oil tycoon

Ibrahim is a male Japanese VTuber with a fascinating and appealing 2D design but a bizarre backstory.

This man claims he’s a former oil tycoon; what kind of oil are we talking about here? He was hugely impacted negatively by the decrease in the value of oil; it makes me wonder what kind of oil this is. He now makes a living from a hot spring he dug up accidentally; is he selling bottled water now?

Despite this very confusing backstory, here are facts that will leave you more amazed than confused. Ibrahim got a skill for FPS games and is really good as an FPS player. He’s also a good architect in Minecraft, which makes his fans amazed by his work.

I just want to see this man polish his backstory next.

Shishiro Botan

Shishiro Botan

First, we need to get some facts straight! Shishiro Botan is a white lioness, not a normal Neko-girl. Both felines, but you can’t take this one home as your pet. See what I did there?

Shishiro Botan is one positively matured VTuber whose company is very desirable to many. “Wealth isn’t measured with money” is her favorite phrase, which says a lot about the good vibes she has going around in her streams!

However, too much maturity or seriousness could be a vibe killer, which is why she is also very carefree and jolly in her streams. Head over to her very laid-back stream, where you’ll find her enjoying some random game she’ll probably be playing along with her fellow generation 5 hololive members and chatting with her fans.

Reynard Blanc

Reynard Blanc, the white/silver-haired VTuber

Here’s another fox VTuber but a male one this time. Reynard Blanc is an Indonesian VTuber with a 2D model of a fox demon from a mythical village in his country.

His interest in Bossanova and Jazz makes me much more interested in this VTuber. With this music taste, you can instantly tell there’s a gentleman hiding behind that VTuber model.

With his calm and cool persona, the vibes of his stream are highly positive.

He is also being commended by most of his fans for having a magnificent voice that could pass on being a radio announcer. Is it because of an excellent microphone he uses or is he just a very talented individual meant for Vtubing? Why not check him out?

Wrapping It Up

There you have it! The list of 10 White/Silver Haired VTubers for you to check out.

VTuber is a challenging role to fit in. You must be entertaining, friendly, interestingly unique, and have an excellent 2D character design. In this article, we learned that even if you’ve got a glamorous VTuber model, you need honed skills to make it as a VTuber in this industry be it an interesting personality or a unique niche (like ASMR vtubers).

Hope you enjoyed this article! Stay tuned for more!


Beyond my knack for writing great content, I'm also a massive VTuber fan! There's something about the virtual world that has me hooked—watching VTubers stream games, getting entertained by their shenanigans, and connecting with their audience is awesome. When I'm not busy spending hours going over a single paragraph to find the right sentence that just ties the whole thing together (if you are a writer, you'd know the struggle is real), you'll likely catch me chilling out, watching my favorite VTubers do their thing.

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