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Where to Get Your VTuber Character Sheet Commissioned

Hey there, fellow virtual stars! Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a marathon typing session, desperately attempting to convey your ideal VTuber persona to an artist through a never-ending stream of DMs?

“Ok so imagine she has like, super sparkly pink hair in pigtails. But also part of it covers one eye like in a mysterious anime way. And she wears a cropped hoodie with cat ears and glittery holographic boots…” 

Cue the artist understandably responding with “Uh, could you maybe send some character reference photos my way?”

If this all-too-familiar scenario rings a bell, then it’s high time to elevate your VTuber character sheet game! A detailed visual reference sheet is vital for smooth VTuber commissions. And today I’ll be sharing where to get yours designed!

Where to Get Your VTuber Character Sheet Commissioned

The Agony of Explaining Your Dream VTuber

When I first started seeking VTuber commissions, I naively thought I could simply spew a word soup description to the artist and they’d magically bring it to life perfectly. Oh, how reality shattered that illusion!

My poor DM history is littered with cringe like: 

“For the hair can you do like twin tails but with the ends dyed turquoise kinda fading into pink? With some loose strands framing the face gently. Oh and can you add cyberpunk neon stripes on the sleeves? Something gives off futuristic vibes you know?”

Followed shortly after by the artist saying: “I’m sorry, I’m having trouble visualizing this. Do you have any character reference images you can send?”

Cue my scrambling to find photos that vaguely matched the jumbled descriptions floating around my head. After several rounds of awkward back-and-forth, culminating in a sense of disappointment upon receiving a final product that just didn’t quite hit the mark, I realized there had to be a superior approach.

And lo and behold, that’s when I stumbled upon the gateway to crystal-clear communication – the wondrous realm of reference sheets! These detailed visual blueprints provide a direct conduit for sharing your creative vision. So, if you’re eager to uncover the secret to smooth-sailing commissions, keep reading to discover the art of crafting VTuber character sheets that bring your dreams to life!

What Should Your VTuber Character Sheet Include?

When it comes to VTuber character sheets, the goal is to provide a comprehensive visual roadmap for the artist, ensuring they have all the essential details at their fingertips. Let’s delve into the key components that should grace your character sheet:

Full Body & Close-Up Images:

These serve as the foundation, offering clear depictions of proportions, poses, and angles. A detailed look at the entire character, along with close-ups, aids the artist in capturing your vision precisely.

Varied Facial Expressions:

Emotions are the heart of any character. Including a range of expressions – from joy and sadness to anger and playfulness – paints a vivid picture of your VTuber’s personality and potential reactions.

Color Palette:

Don’t leave hues to chance! Clearly indicate the colors for elements like hair, eyes, and outfit. A well-defined color palette ensures your character maintains consistency across different artworks and animations.

Backstory & Personality Details:

Breathe life into your VTuber by sharing their backstory and personality traits. This helps the artist capture not only the physical appearance but also the essence of your character’s being.

And here’s a little nugget of wisdom: incorporating real human reference images can prove incredibly beneficial for nailing those realistic anatomical nuances and perspectives. There’s no need for extravagant cosplay shots – a collection of clear, casual photographs will suffice.

Here’s an example VTuber character sheet so you can see how all these elements come together:

VTuber Character Reference Sheet Sample
VTuber Character Reference Sheet Sample

As you can see, thorough sheets leave little room for doubt about what the finished VTuber design should be. Our artist friends rejoice!

Where to Get Your VTuber Character Sheet Designed

Now that you know what makes an effective VTuber character sheet, where do you go to get yours designed? Here are some options:


If you’re seeking an economical route, Fiverr stands tall. This platform hosts a multitude of artists who offer custom character sheet services. Expect costs to range from $30 to $100, with turnaround times hovering around a week.


Over on Etsy, you’ll uncover a treasure trove of pre-made VTuber character sheet templates thoughtfully crafted by skilled artists. These templates provide a structured foundation that you can then fill in to align with your vision. A cost-effective DIY solution that lets your creativity shine without breaking the bank!

Direct Commissions

The direct approach is always an option. Reach out to artists directly via social media or dedicated art platforms to propose custom character sheet commissions. This approach establishes a direct connection between you and creators who resonate with your artistic aspirations.

DIY with Canva

If you’re ultra-strapped for cash, you can DIY a character sheet using free design tools like Canva. Just add your own reference photos and details.

The key is conveying all the vital visual information through photos, color palettes, text or whatever mediums make sense. Now let’s look at artists who can bring your sheet to life!

Bring Your Sheet to Life with These Artists

Once your stellar character sheet is ready to go, it’s time to find the perfect artist to transform it into your ideal VTuber model! 

Fiverr is a great place to hire affordable and fast VTuber commissions. Here are three talented artists worth considering, each aligned with your meticulously crafted character sheet:

  1. Finn Firrior: With a team of seasoned professionals boasting twelve years of creative expertise, Finn Firrior has a solid track record of over 1500 projects and 1000 satisfied clients! For just $125, you can score yourself a full-body character complete with a Ready to RIG FILE. Now, that’s some virtual magic right there.
Finn Firrior Fiverr profile
Finn Firrior does Male VTuber Model Commission
  1. Akeno Arata: Say hello to Akeno, an illustrious illustrator artist with a whopping eight years of experience in the enchanting realm of Anime VTuber style. Always staying up-to-date with the latest anime art styles, Akeno’s talents shine through in anime illustrations, book covers, fan art, t-shirt designs, and even VTuber design + rigging! For $200, you can get your hands on a full-body PSD, ready to rig, with neat and separated layers and three custom expressions. Talk about virtual versatility!
Akeno Arata Fiverr
Akeno Arata does VTuber Model Commission on Fiverr
  1. G4streamer: Meet G4streamer, a talented and experienced duo who lives and breathes design. With their artistic prowess, they can take a simple concept and transform it into thousands of extraordinary designs. For a fee of $225, you’ll get a vibrant full-body animated character that will make you stand out in the virtual galaxy.
G4streamer Fiverr
G4streamer does VTuber model commission on Fiverr.

The key is letting the artist know upfront that you have a detailed visual reference for them to work from. This makes the process smooth and prevents revisions down the road.

Wrapping Up

Thank you for joining me on this whirlwind tour of VTuber character sheet creation and commissions! Having a solid visual reference makes all the difference when hiring artists to design your ideal VTuber model.

No more endless clarification texts or disappointment in the final reveal. Just detailed sheets and delight upon getting your perfect virtual match!

Should your curious mind harbor any lingering questions about the art of crafting or commissioning VTuber character sheets, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here, ready and eager, to offer up additional tips and insights to my fellow aspiring content creators.

Now go unleash your ideal virtual persona onto the world, reference sheet weapon in tow. Your VTuber destiny awaits!

If you’re ready to elevate your VTuber experience to new heights, I invite you to check out our complete guide to VTuber model commissions.

Frequently Asked Question

Do I need multiple sheets for different outfits/expressions?

Typically, a well-detailed single sheet suffices. However, you can indicate variations like outfit changes within the text details of your sheet.

Should my sheet match the art style I want for my model? 

Not required, but it can give the artist a helpful visual style reference if your sheet matches the desired aesthetic.

Can I find pre-made character sheets to purchase?

Absolutely! Numerous artists offer customizable character sheet templates for purchase on platforms like Etsy. These templates are designed for easy customization to suit your individuality.

What’s the typical price range for custom sheets?

The cost of custom VTuber character sheets usually falls within the range of $30 to $100+, contingent on the complexity and level of customization needed. More intricate sheets might command a higher price tag.

How long does it take to get my custom sheet completed? 

On average, expect a turnaround time of around one week. However, this duration can fluctuate based on the artist’s workload and queue at the moment. When initiating a request, it’s prudent to inquire about their current timeline.

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