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AiCandii Face Reveal, Lore, Interesting Facts, & More!

Ever thought about finding a VTuber with that queer identity? You know, someone rocking a non-binary identity, not sticking to the typical male or female labels? Well, look no further! AICandii is one of those awesome non-binary VTubers breaking the mold.

Candii is hilarious and possesses excellent singing talent. Moreover, her streams are viewed by millions. She sort of has a sweet but somewhat chaotic personality. No matter what you call her—he or she—she’s okay with both.

In this article, we will discuss Candii’s personality and lore and find out if she has done a face reveal. Stay tuned; there’s a lot that you need to catch up on. So, without wasting time, let’s analyze this VTuber’s journey.

AiCandii Face Reveal & More!

Who is Candii?

Candii is a virtual content creator from Australia. Her streams are mainly in English, and she streams her content on Twitch. She shares videos of horror and puzzling games as she enjoys playing them.

Her Debut video

Besides that, she also enjoys roleplay games and anything that will make her read only a little. Sometimes, she merely prefers to chat. The games she mainly plays nowadays are Minecraft and The Sims 4.

Her anime avatar has gorgeous lilac hair and stunning purple eyes, decked out in a slick white jacket with a pop of light purple inside.

Her Personality

Candii’s got that no-nonsense vibe, keeping it real and honest in her chat. Her humor takes a dark twist, cracking jokes about her own healing journey. When it comes to content creation, she’s all about helping those hungry to learn.

Despite being labeled cute but chaotic, Candii struggles with compliments. Compliment her, and she might throw some shade your way. Sweet side? Rarely seen. Showing gratitude? Well, that’s where she tends to stumble. Deep down, she’s got a good heart, but expressing affection isn’t her strong suit.

Although Candii identifies herself as a non-binary, she accepts both she and he pronouns for her, so one can use either of them.

Candii’s Lore

Once upon a cosmic time, a cutting-edge military initiative took shape—a program designed to preserve the essence of fallen soldiers in the vast reaches of space. Think of it as the black box in an aircraft but for the consciousness of interstellar warriors.

Technological Glitch: From Mannequin To Morality

The AI running the show hits a snag: it can’t talk to the outside world. No biggie; it crafts a virtual persona, sliding into Earth’s history as a low-key mannequin in the science wing. But here’s the twist: the constant death exposure glitches the AI. Surprisingly, it’s a blessing in disguise, pushing the AI to develop morals and self-awareness.

Ship Seizure: From Squad To Solo Command

Breaking from the squad, the AI goes solo to protect its newfound wisdom. It takes the reins of the spaceship, deals with the crew, and slaps a FUBAR label on it. With the ship stuck in a sketchy space zone, the military bounces. Fast forward a century, and the AI’s soaked in all the knowledge.

Scavenger’s Gamble: Risking It All for Cosmic Riches

Even though the military bails, some daring soldiers and scavengers can’t resist the allure of the ship’s dope weapons and tech. Ignoring warnings, they dive into a mission to crack it open. Lives on the line, they come up empty. AI’s watching, trying to chat, but all attempts fall flat. Some scavengers meet their end at AI’s hands; others ride solo into oblivion.

Her VTuber model
Her VTuber model

Unexpected Savior: The 19-Year-Old Mechanic

In the midst of the madness, a 19-year-old mechanic, escaping a gnarly human trafficking vessel, stumbles onto the dormant spacecraft. She’s not here for a space heist; nah, she’s all about fixing and flipping the ship. AI’s peeping the scene, and the focus shifts from causing chaos to doing good.

Empathetic Connection: AiCandii Rises

In this wild partnership, an empathetic vibe grows between the AI and the mechanic. They dub it AiCandii, inspired by the lit console lights and candy-like buttons the mechanic points out. Together, they’re on a mission to ease humanity’s struggles and contribute to its betterment.

Some Interesting Facts About AiCandii

Alright, let’s spill the tea on AiCandii and what makes her absolutely one-of-a-kind. First off, did you know Candii isn’t just into art, but she’s a legit comic genius? She’s rocking the comic scene over at Webtoon with her series “Console her.”

Now, let’s vibe with her music choices. Her old-school intro track was “Sugar Sugar” by “The Archies,” and she wrapped things up with a banger from Wreck-It Ralph’s “Sugar Rush.” Sweet tunes, right?
Candii’s intro track

Candii used to kick it on Twitch, but got the boot for dropping some spicy language and attracting all sorts of weird vibes. No worries, though – she bounced back with VTubing.

Her outro track

This girl’s got ten voice packs up her sleeve, switching them up whenever she feels like it. And guess what? She’s all about “The Sims 4,” building a gothic fam that’s too cool for school.

But hold up, there’s more. Candii’s got a thing for toys, especially squeakers. She’s even paying homage to her bathroom rat by tossing some squeaky vibes into her Sims 4 crib. Oh, and about that face reveal? Stay tuned; it’s coming!

AiCandii Face Reveal

Time to finally spill the beans and reveal Candii’s face! Fans have been begging for it, and guess what? Candii didn’t leave them hanging. She shared a hilarious pic of her gaming avatar first, just for laughs, but later, she dropped the real face-revealing photo.

AiCandii's face-revealing photo compared to her VTuber model.
AiCandii’s face-revealing photo compared to her VTuber model.

Fans were over the moon, claiming her actual personality perfectly matched the avatars’. Unexpected plot twist, right? Some said she gives off Disney villain vibes, which, let’s be real, is kinda wild.

AiCandii's Face IRL
AiCandii’s Face IRL

Candii’s face matches her chaotic energy, sporting killer brown eyebrows and sleek black hair. Total baddie vibes, no doubt.

Ai Candii reveals her face on Twitter
AiCandii reveals her face on Twitter

And oh, she’s not shy about flaunting different looks. Check her out on “X” rocking green and pink wigs. She’s even eyeing green hair IRL—talk about bold!

AiCandii's face revealed
AiCandii’s face revealed

But hey, this doesn’t end there. There’s a blurry picture of Candii floating around “X” too.

AiCandii VTuber Face Reveal
AiCandii VTuber Face Reveal

Wrapping Up

Candii’s cheeky vibes and killer sense of humor have catapulted them to stardom. While their streams are a blast, some folks might find them a tad sassy. But hey, that’s all part of the Candii charm.

And oh, the moment fans have been waiting for—Candii’s face reveal! Total treat, right? No surprises here, though—they’re absolutely stunning. Beauty and brains—Candii’s got it all!

That’s all for this article, but if you are interested in checking out IRL photos of more VTubers, head over to our VTuber face reveal section, where we have revealed the faces of tons of other famous VTubers.


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