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VTuber Face Reveal | 13 Famous VTubers’ Faces Revealed

One of the main reasons that the VTubers start their career in VTubing is because they do not want to reveal their faces. However, some do not have any problem showing their real faces. While some accidentally expose them.

Most of the VTubers who dare to show their real faces are either Indies or belong to VShojo.

This behavior is understandable as most VTuber agencies do not allow their VTubers creative freedom except for the VShojo. 

VTuber face revealed

In any case, we are here for the VTubers who revealed their faces. While we are at it, let’s compare how they look in real life to their VTuber Avatars.

VTubers That Revealed Their Faces And Their VTuber Avatars

We have found 12 famous VTubers who have either shown their full faces or partially revealed them. Though some of them have left the VTubing or got canceled, they are still worth mentioning due to the sheer size of their fan base.

I know that comparing their real faces with their VTuber avatar is entirely subjective, and you might disagree with us. However, this doesn’t stop us from judging.

Now let’s find out if VTuber face reveals look like their VTuber models or not.

Bao The Whale

Bao did a partial face reveal on her Twitter account. We did a little digging and discovered that she used to be a singer before her debut as a VTuber. She used to make her music with Hikaru Station as her name.

Bao The Whale face reveal
Bao The Whale face reveal

We investigated the internet further and found some of her pictures with her whole face. You can see the images below:

Bao the Whale's Face Reveal
Bao the Whale’s Face Reveal
Bao the Whale's Face Reveal
Bao the Whale’s Face Reveal

Here is Bao doing her VTuber avatar cosplay:

VTuber Face Reveal
Bao the Whale doing cosplay of her VTuber Avatar

Now let’s see Bao the Whale’s VTuber avatar:

Our Verdict On Bao The Whale’s Face Reveal

I think Bao’s looks match her VTuber avatar, especially her face structure and hairstyle.


Lumituber is a Finnish VTuber who speaks English in her streams. “Awoo” being her catchphrase, she is the cutest VTuber on our list.

Following is her introductory video that she made back in November 2020:

Cute right? She revealed her face herself in one of her videos on her YouTube channel. You can watch that video below:

Our Verdict On Lumituber’s Face Reveal

Well, this isn’t even subjective. Most of you will agree that Lumi looks precisely like her VTuber model, especially in her fox cosplay. Just like her avatar, she is adorable, and I think I might have a crush on her.


Nyanners, full name Nyatasha Nyanners, is one of the founding members of the VShojo VTuber agency. As discussed earlier, VShojo VTubers behave like indies and have complete creative freedom.

Nyanners face reveal
Nyanners face reveal

And with that, it isn’t a surprise that Nyanners reveals her face regularly on her stream. In fact, a fan made a compilation video of her face shows which you can see below: 


Now let’s see her VTuber avatar:

Our Verdict On Nyanners’ Face Reveal

Nyanners does look similar to her VTuber avatar, if not the same. Especially with her colored hair that matches her VTuber model and her face structure.

Raina Illune

Raina Illune is an Indie VTuber who usually does music streams on her YouTube channel. She does some perfect song covers and has a decent fanbase.

She recently did a partial face reveal on her Twitter account, which you can see below:

Raina Illune face reveal
Raina Illune face reveal

Now let’s see her VTuber stream:

I must say, she does make some incredible music. She also has a beautiful avatar and some fantastic artwork in her videos.

Our Verdict On Raina Illune’s Face Reveal

Raina Illune looks precisely like her VTuber avatar. Also, she’s hot. I mean, look at her thick body.


Veibae is another VShojo female VTuber who has revealed her face several times. She is famous and has built a considerable fan base throughout her VTubing career.

Her streams are considered 18+. So only adults can watch her streams on Twitch and YouTube.

Now let’s see Veibae’s face reveal:

Veibae face reveal
Veibae face reveal

We know she is hot but does she look like her VTuber avatar? We have to watch her stream to decide.

She does have a pretty sick VTuber model.

Our Verdict On Veibae’s Face Reveal

We don’t think that she looks anything like her VTuber avatar. However, she does look fabulous both in real life and as a VTuber character.


Froot/Apricot, like many other VTubers on this list, also belongs to the VShojo VTuber agency. It’s not a surprise seeing that many VTubers from VShojo are revealing their faces, considering that they have a pretty relaxed work environment.

She revealed her face in an Instagram post, which you can see below:

Apricot face reveal
Apricot face reveal

Now let’s watch Froot’s stream to see her VTuber model:

Our Verdict On Froot/Apricot’s Face Reveal

Although she looks nothing like her VTuber model, her vibe and personality match her avatar. She is pretty, though.


Momo is an independent VTuber who has an upbeat and cute personality. She has a decent and loyal fanbase. Being independent, she has a lot of freedom regarding her creative decisions reflected in her stream.

This freedom is the reason Momo keeps posting pictures of her real face on Twitter, which you can see below:

Momo real face
Momo real face

Now we need to see her stream to decide if she looks anything like her VTuber model or not.

Our Verdict On Momo’s Face Reveal

She seems to be a replica of her VTuber model. The resemblance is uncanny.


Kson ONAIR recently joined VShojo. She is an English and Japanese VTuber, so she has a huge fanbase. She has 1.23 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Kson ONAIR revealed her face during her live stream several times. Following is a video of her, showing her face a year ago:

Let’s see her stream now:

Our Verdict On Kson ONAIR’s Face Reveal

Kson ONAIR has a high resemblance with her VTuber model. She has the same vibe as her character, which is playful yet authoritative.

Code Miko

Code Miko is an independent VTuber with a quirky personality. She speaks English in her streams and often collaborates with famous YouTubers in funny streams.

She frequently streams with her real face instead of her VTuber model. Following is a video where Miko officially revealed her face to her fans:

Here is her streaming with her 3d VTuber character:

Isn’t she hilarious? I think she is.

Our Verdict On Code Miko’s Face Reveal

Code Miko’s real face, personality, voice, everything matches her VTuber character. They seem like the same person. That’s how much they match.

C9 Vienna

C9 Vienna is a dragon VTuber who works for an Esports organization called cloud9. She has revealed her face several times on her stream.

Following is C9 Vienna’s picture that she shared with her fans:

C9 Vienna's face revealed
C9 Vienna’s face revealed

Now let’s watch Vienna’s YouTube video to see if she looks like her character:

Our Verdict On C9 Vienna’s Face Reveal

C9 Vienna doesn’t look anything like her VTuber model. Not even the slightest. Don’t get me wrong. She is adorable.


Annytf is a female, English-speaking VTuber. She’s been away from the VTubing scene for the last six months until recently. She posted a video explaining her absence.

Despite all that, she still got decent views on that video, proving her loyal fanbase.

She revealed her face by posting a picture on Twitter in October 2019. You can see that picture below:

Annytf face reveal
Annytf face reveal

Following is her stream mentioned above, where she explained her absence from the VTubing scene:

Our Verdict On Annytf’s Face Reveal

It’s been a while since she posted her picture. From what I see, I can tell that she heavily inspires her VTuber character. And she looks beautiful.

Kizuna AI

Kizuna AI is one of the biggest VTubers and one of the first to reach mainstream status. An actress named Nozomi Kasuga played the VTuber character, which came to public knowledge in April 2020.

Here is the photo of the actress that played Kizuna AI:

Nozomi Kasuga who played Kizuna AI
Nozomi Kasuga who played Kizuna AI Face Reveal

Following is Kizuna AI’s stream, where you can see her VTuber character:

Our Verdict On Kizuna AI’s Face Reveal

She is adorable, just like her VTuber character. She has the same hair color and looks.

Gawr Gura

Gawr Gura didn’t reveal her face officially. However, some sources say the following image is of Gawr Gura. Remember, take these speculations with a grain of salt.

Here is what her VTuber character looks like:

Our Verdict On Gawr Gura Face Reveal

If what the sources say is accurate, and this really is Gawr Gura, then I must say she is one pretty girl. But I don’t think that she looks anything like her VTuber model. She’s cuter, though!


Most VTubers look precisely like their avatar, which was entirely predictable as most of the VTuber base their VTuber model on themselves.

That said, some VTubers like the C9 Vienna are the opposite of what they look like in real life.

I hope you like our collection of VTuber face reveals. See you in our next blog.


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