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Spoonkid Face Reveal | Age, Real Name, Interesting Facts & More

If you’re a fellow Rust enthusiast or just someone like me who’s totally addicted to Rust content, you’ve probably binged a bunch of Spoonkid’s streams.

This dude’s been grinding hard, making it big thanks to his insane charisma and those chill vibes he’s got going on. He’s pulled in millions of fans over the years, rocking multiple YouTube and Twitch channels.

And let’s not forget about his OG fans, the ones who’ve been there since he was running around Rust servers armed with nothing but a rock. They’ve been craving that epic face reveal for ages.

That’s exactly what this article’s all about! Get ready to feast your eyes on those long-awaited face-revealing pics, discover his real name, and dive into some juicy facts about the man himself. So, stick around and read on!

Spoonkid Face Reveal Age, Real Name, Interesting Facts & More

Who Is Spoonkid?

Spoonkid is a total Rust content boss, famous for his epic YouTube video thumbnails and being the absolute legend of the Twitch game. Oh, and guess what? Spoonkid is the proud owner of the raddest Rust player model out there—it’s none other than the iconic Brinda!

His content on YouTube

His Personality

Spoonkid’s Rust experience for the viewers is all about that chill vibe. He’s a solo player extraordinaire, and he’s got this uncanny knack for conjuring up content like magic!

He’s got us all in stitches with his hilarious antics and the occasional Rust fiasco that just tugs at our gaming hearts. Spoonkid can go on Rust marathons for hours, but you know he’ll take those bathroom breaks to clean the old water pipes.

Spoonkid’s Age, Height, & More

Spoon’s real name is Kevin—yup, that’s right, you heard that here first! He’s a 20-year-old, 6-footer kicking it in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. And in the ethnicity department, he’s got a cool mix going on, half white and half Middle Eastern European.

Before going full-time into streaming, Spoonkid hit up one year of college, but now he’s all about that gaming life.

You might catch him rolling in his Toyota 4-Runner when he’s not rocking the stream. He loves taking that bad boy on hiking adventures with his buddies, but hey, before any road trip, he knows it’s time for a deep clean.

Spoon has also got some piano skills up his sleeve. And he’s chosen to keep most of his personal life under wraps, and his fans totally respect that decision. But you’ll see his face-revealing photos later in this article (which, by the way, he revealed himself during an IRL vlog).

His Career

Spoonkid is one of the streamers who totally earned their fame through countless hours of hard work and their charismatic personality. Here’s how his career went throughout the past few years:

From YouTube To Twitch

Spoon’s Rust adventure all began on YouTube, where he dished out these quick wipe-day videos. But the real thing that got him where he is today? His transition to the world of Twitch.

It all kicked off on March 5, 2020, when he dropped his first-ever stream, going by the handle “spoonkid1.” And let’s not forget those early days of streaming when he’d tag his streams as “Spoonkid Power Hour”—those were some golden times!

Most of his streams back then were one-man shows, going solo on wipe days like a boss. And here’s the sweet part: no stream snipers were messing with his vibe, making it a chill and relaxing experience for all his viewers.

The Explosive Rise Of Spoonkid

Early 2020 was the time when Spoonkid’s YouTube channel started to seriously blow up. He dropped videos with titles like “I Played Rust Without Crafting And This Is What Happened” and “How I Used a Rock To Dominate a Rust Server.” Let me tell you, these videos were like firecrackers, racking up hundreds of thousands of views!

Spoonkid slaying it in a Rust server with just a rock

Their focus on a specific storyline and top-notch production made these videos stand out. They had these slick, short-clip cinematics that really added some pizzazz to the content.

Spoonkid playing Rust with no crafting.

The Breakout Success Of Spoonkid’s Second Channel

Around mid-to-late 2020, Spoonkid’s second channel, spoonkid2, started gaining serious traction. This channel was all about raw and unedited content pulled straight from his Twitch streams. What’s super cool is that these videos were often pulling in just as many, if not more, views than his main channel.

Revolutionizing Rust Content

In no time, Spoonkid’s YouTube content took on a whole new vibe. It became this beautifully chaotic simplification of the Rust adventure. Over on the spoonkid6 channel, you’d find these short, snappy clips, while on spoonkid3, it was like stepping into a multimedia art gallery.

This switch-up wasn’t just a shift for Spoonkid but a game-changer for the Rust creator community. A bunch of creators started following the same path, with Welyn’s highlight channel being a standout example.

What made this new style of content so wild and successful was its unpredictability and almost anarchistic flair. It nailed the rollercoaster of emotions in the Rust experience, capturing those highs and lows with laser precision.

Spoonkid’s Face Revealed

Spoonkid accidentally revealed his face in one of his IRL streams a year ago. And about two months ago, he finally decided to do a face-revealing video. Here’s how he looks like in real life:

Spoonkid face reveal
Spoonkid face reveal
Spoonkid's face revealed
Spoonkid’s face revealed
Spoonkid’s IRL stream where he revealed his face

His Catchphrases

The Spoonkid universe is full of its own unique phrases and expressions that spice up the gameplay:

  • Funny Business (FB): It’s a unit of measurement that tells you just how much trolling, role-playing, or general shenanigans are going down. If the stream’s all about serious gameplay, you’d call it NFB (No Funny Business). Spoon would often kick things off by letting you know if there’s going to be some FB action.
  • “Hi mister”: This one’s for when Spoon’s either poking fun at someone who fell for his pranks or trying to make friends in the harsh world of Rust.
  • “Pathetic”: When Spoon meets his doom at the hands of a big, well-geared group, this word comes out.
  • “Yeah whatever…/C’mon man…”: A go-to phrase for Spoon, expressing his frustration with a situation, often aimed at himself. It’s like a facepalm moment when he thinks he could’ve come out on top but didn’t.
  • “You’re not gonna wanna miss this”: This is Spoon’s way of saying, “Get ready, something exciting’s about to go down.” He might be starting some funny business or going for a big play, and he’s hoping for some epic loot. But hey, sometimes you actually do miss it!
  • “Goober/Goomba”: These terms are for players who are either completely clueless or just being rude and mean for no reason.
  • “We do a lil (trolling)”: Spoon uses this phrase to announce that it’s trolling time. The subject of the trolling can change, but the fun remains.
  • “Any (smilers) in the chat?”: This is Spoon’s way of brightening the mood and getting the chat buzzing during quieter moments. “Smilers” can be swapped out for other words to mix it up.

Wrapping Up: Spoonkid Face Reveal

Here it is: the scoop on all the times Spoonkid finally showed us his face. This dude’s journey of hustle and grind has taken him straight to the pinnacle, setting the bar high for other creators.

Along the way, he’s amassed an army of fans who can’t get enough of watching him tear it up on those Rust servers.

Hope you dug this article, and if you did and are a fan of VTubers, make sure to check out this one: “VTuber Face Reveals.” It’s about 13 VTubers who’ve revealed their faces—guaranteed to blow your mind!

That’s a wrap, folks!


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