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What Happened Between Riifu Evergreen and EIEN Project

It was an ordinary Friday night. I was just settling in to watch one of my favorite VTubers, Riifu, as she live-streamed, ready to spam the chat with cute emojis and cheers. However, my excitement was suddenly met with an unexpected twist – her Twitter account was locked. Initially, I thought it was a minor glitch, but as I frantically refreshed the page, the grim reality became apparent — Riifu’s account had been deleted!


On June 5, 2023, Moeri, the founder of EIEN, revealed additional details surrounding Riifu’s termination, laying many rumors to rest. Here’s the complete statement:

I hurriedly navigated to various forums where chaos reigned. Riifu had vanished without warning, and both her YouTube channel and Twitter account were wiped clean. The online world was ablaze with wild speculations — had she graduated? Been subjected to cancel culture? Was this a publicity stunt to generate drama? However, within hours, an official statement from her agency, EIEN, brought the somber news — Riifu had been terminated.

For those not in the know, Riifu was a forest spirit under the EIEN umbrella, renowned for her sarcastic banter and a touch of edgy humor that often landed her in hot water. Nevertheless, her endearing clumsiness had endeared her to legions of fans, making her one of EIEN’s most cherished talents.

This unprecedented termination provides us with a rare peek behind the curtains of the VTuber agency, shedding light on the inner workings and dramas of this virtual world. It serves as a stark reminder that, despite our perception of these virtual talents as a source of comfort and joy, they are integral cogs in complex corporate machinery. Speculations are rife, but as an ardent Riifu fan, I’m here to attempt to piece together the intriguing puzzle.

What Happened Between Riifu Evergreen and EIEN Project

The Rumors

As news of Riifu’s dismissal spread like wildfire, rumors proliferated faster than gossip in a small town. On various forums and Discord servers, every minutia was scrutinized and debated. I endeavored to collate the most credible timelines and theories that emerged from the aftermath.

The key events appear to revolve around Riifu abruptly canceling two streams, going silent on social media, and subsequently having her online presence obliterated overnight. The official statement from EIEN cited “contract violations,” but remained vague about the specifics of her transgressions.

This information void unleashed Fandom Armageddon. Some speculated she might have breached non-disclosure agreements concerning company secrets. Others were convinced that a major scandal, such as drug use or allegations of abuse, was being concealed. A few optimists held onto the notion of an amicable graduation, but this seemed increasingly improbable.

Perhaps the most outlandish theory circulating was that the management had unearthed that Riifu was, in fact, a male all along. Among the multitude of wild conjectures, this one certainly ranks at the bottom in terms of plausibility.

Life of a VTuber

To gain a better understanding of why events unfolded as they did, it’s essential to delve into the daily life and pressures faced by agency VTubers like Riifu.

A typical day consists of endless hours of streaming, engaging with fans on social media, lessons, and meetings. The grind never ceases, with a constant demand for posts and weekly performance metrics. Riifu was also known for pushing boundaries with her risqué humor and often clashed with the management over her brand image. One can only imagine the toll it took to manage her.

While Riifu delighted in teasing and trolling her fans, she also lamented the need to cater to their baser instincts. As much as we liked to believe she was “our” VTuber, the reality was that Riifu had to strike a delicate balance between appeasing ardent fans and adhering to the sanitized idol image envisioned by corporate higher-ups. The tension behind the scenes must have been extraordinary.

Combine Riifu’s sassy demeanor, resistance to conformity, and history of minor scandals, and you have a recipe for catastrophe. She never quite fit the mold of the timid, perfect anime girl that EIEN sought to create. The wild speculations may be dramatic, but the underlying truth might be as simple as a clash of personalities between a fiery talent and a rigid management.

Having observed Riifu’s chaotic streams and online presence, it’s evident that she may not have fully comprehended the image-conscious nature of VTuber agencies. She regarded it more as a fun hobby rather than a high-stakes career. Nevertheless, when contracts and significant financial interests are at play, corporations have little patience for those who disrupt the status quo. For all her faults, in a different time or place, Riifu could have been a shining star.

The Aftermath

In the weeks following Riifu’s departure, EIEN attempted to restore normalcy and pacify the fan base. However, her absence was profoundly felt.

On her part, Riifu did some independent streams on new accounts but has yet to return fully to her regular content creation. It’s possible that she is still recovering and charting her next steps. I hope she realizes that her true fans will support her no matter where her journey takes her.

This entire saga has highlighted the frequent conflicts between talent and management within VTuber agencies. Seeing how little power and security individual creatives have compared to corporate overlords is disconcerting. In the aftermath, I hope there’s a push for reforms and updates to contracts to prevent similar acrimonious situations.

More than anything, I wish both sides could have communicated better to avoid such a dramatic falling out. Riifu clearly had a more irreverent style than EIEN preferred, but through open dialogue, perhaps a mutually agreeable compromise could have been reached. Unfortunately, the confluence of business and emotions created a volatile mix.

For now, let’s cherish the fond memories Riifu provided us while remaining cautiously optimistic about the future of EIEN. It’s a reminder that nothing lasts forever, so we should cherish every moment.


Riifu’s abrupt termination sent shockwaves through the VTuber community, leaving a trail of confusion, gossip, and raw emotions. The full story of what transpired behind closed doors may never come to light. However, I hope that both VTubers and fans can draw valuable lessons from this unfortunate episode, leading the way to a more transparent and equitable industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Riifu fired from EIEN?

The official statement cites “contract violations.” However, no specifics were given about what rules she broke. The leading fan theories include financial fraud, conflicts with management, or violation of behavior standards.

How did fans find out?

Riifu suddenly canceled two streams without explanation. The next day her accounts were deleted and EIEN posted a statement that she had been terminated. This took fans completely by surprise. 

How has EIEN handled the situation?

Many feel EIEN tried to smooth over the firing without giving real transparency. They focused on reassuring fans that things were fine rather than acknowledging the loss of Riifu.

What does this mean for EIEN’s future?

There are concerns about EIEN’s talent relations and image. But they will likely try to move on quickly. As long as the remaining talents stay, they can bounce back. But it may take time to heal rifts.

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