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Exoe Agency Expectations: Lowkey Not High

Hey there, fellow VTuber enthusiasts! By now, you’ve probably caught wind of the buzz around Exoe’s recent revelation of her upcoming venture into the world of VTuber agencies. As a devout follower of virtual YouTubers, I’m eager to unpack my thoughts and insights on this unexpected news.

When the announcement first hit the scene, it sent ripples of excitement throughout the VTuber community. On one hand, the prospect of a new agency emerging is undeniably thrilling — who doesn’t love more adorable anime characters to follow? However, like many fans, myself included, there was a hint of skepticism regarding whether Exoe possesses the necessary skills and expertise to navigate the complexities of running a successful VTuber business.

In this piece, we’ll delve into Exoe’s background, explore the concerns shared by fans like me, and examine the hurdles that come with operating an agency. Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on an exhilarating journey!

Exoe Agency Expectations Lowkey Not High

Exoe’s Background

To start, Exoe’s journey in the VTuber world appears to be relatively fresh, lacking an extensive history and deep-rooted knowledge of the vibrant VTuber industry and its unique culture. While she has engaged in collaborations with a few popular VTubers, she doesn’t seem to have significant affiliations with existing agencies or an insider’s grasp of the field.

Some fans have raised valid questions about Exoe’s motivations for spearheading a VTuber agency, especially considering her relatively limited involvement and seemingly tepid appreciation for VTuber culture in the past. It prompts us to wonder if she’s aiming to ride the wave of the VTuber trend without a genuine passion for the essence of what VTubers do. Establishing and managing an agency demands genuine dedication, prompting skepticism about whether Exoe is truly prepared to foster a long-term career for these entertainers.

In the grand scheme, Exoe lacks the proven track record and qualifications typical of successful agency founders. Her shortfall in experience casts doubt on her understanding of the intricate dynamics involved in managing a group of entertainers specializing in live-streamed content. Managing a business is an arduous task, even for seasoned professionals — a challenge amplified for VTuber newcomers like Exoe.

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Skepticism from Fans

Judging by the sentiments reverberating across VTuber forums and communities, my skepticism towards Exoe’s plans is certainly not a solitary stance. Fans have expressed their apprehensions regarding her limited experience, somewhat tumultuous reputation, and her ability to adeptly recruit and retain talent.

A primary concern resonating among fans is Exoe’s evident lack of experience in initiating and managing any form of business. Establishing a VTuber agency necessitates substantial financial investments in technology, production, and staffing. There’s a prevailing worry that Exoe might not fully comprehend the extensive operational costs required to sustain a cadre of VTubers.

Furthermore, many have highlighted Exoe’s volatile reputation within both the VTuber community and her own audience. Past controversies she’s been embroiled in could easily spill over and negatively impact talents under her agency. This poses a significant challenge for a fledgling business striving to construct a favorable brand image.

A formidable hurdle that Exoe is likely to confront is locating and retaining talented VTubers under her agency. Seasoned managers possess an intimate understanding of the VTuber industry and the qualities that define a successful talent. In contrast, Exoe will be navigating the realms of recruiting and contract negotiations without this crucial expertise.

Challenges of Running an Agency

Should Exoe venture forth and bring her VTuber agency to fruition, she’ll undoubtedly encounter significant hurdles. Foremost among these will be the recruitment and retention of talent, which is often a formidable obstacle for many agencies. Given her lack of experience in talent management, retaining VTubers might prove exceptionally challenging, exacerbating the already prevalent issue of high turnover rates within such agencies.

Financial considerations present another major obstacle, particularly the substantial costs associated with the technical aspects of the enterprise. Expenses such as virtual avatars, mocap rigging, top-tier streaming equipment, and professional-grade Live2D animations can quickly escalate, often surpassing the $100k mark for a multi-talent agency.

In addition to financial challenges, effective public relations and community management are crucial. VTubers tend to amass highly devoted, sometimes overly zealous fanbases. Mishandling PR or being embroiled in controversies could irreparably damage the reputation of the talent she represents. Given Exoe’s history of divisiveness, she may not possess the ideal qualities to adeptly navigate a PR crisis.

Lastly, Exoe will grapple with the overwhelming responsibility of managing all aspects of the agency largely independently. Unlike most agency founders who can delegate tasks to partners or staff, as a solo first-time founder, Exoe will shoulder the workload of multiple roles. Striking a balance without succumbing to the pitfalls of control-freak micromanagement, which often leads to rapid burnout, will be a considerable challenge.

In my estimation, Exoe is likely to encounter difficulties even in fundamental company operations like bookkeeping and scheduling. Acquiring proficient talent management skills takes time and experience, which cannot be rushed. Overall, given her evident lack of qualifications, I foresee Exoe becoming swiftly inundated by the day-to-day realities of agency management.

Wrapping Up

Whew! This turned out to be quite an extensive blog post. To sum it all up, I’ve voiced my significant concerns about Exoe’s prospects in the VTuber agency world, primarily stemming from her lack of qualifications and readiness. Despite the odds seeming stacked against her, there’s always a chance that Exoe might surprise us all and craft a thriving company. Ultimately, any growth in the agency landscape benefits fans, and I genuinely hope for that outcome.

Should Exoe surmount the considerable obstacles tied to financing, staffing, branding, and adeptly handling talent relationships, her current ambitious plans could indeed become a reality. While I’ve offered critiques of Exoe’s approach, I must acknowledge that every ambitious entrepreneur embarks on their journey from a novice standpoint.

Regardless of the eventual outcome, I extend my best wishes to Exoe and any future VTubers under her agency. More exceptional virtual entertainers crafting content is always a welcome development. Hopefully, Exoe constructs a nurturing, ethical agency culture that allows the uniqueness of her talents to thrive. Fingers crossed that this ambitious venture doesn’t meet the unfortunate fate of many predecessors and instead paves a successful path forward!

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t you think you were too harsh on Exoe in this post? Starting any new business has risks.

I fully admit some of my assessments of Exoe’s skills may have come across as overly critical. Launching an agency as a newcomer is extremely difficult, and I commend anyone willing to take the risk. However, I do think Exoe’s lack of relevant experience raises some legitimate concerns about the likelihood of success. My critiques come from a place of wanting what’s best for talents who may join the agency.

Why spend so much time analyzing something that hasn’t happened yet? 

That’s fair, I did spend 1,000+ words essentially theorizing about hypothetical scenarios! I think many VTuber fans had such strong reactions to Exoe’s announcement because we care deeply about protecting the talent and the community. Critically looking at an agency pre-launch can hopefully give talents more information to evaluate if it’s the right fit.

Do you have any suggestions for Exoe if she does go through with this?

My main advice would be to intently listen to constructive feedback from those much more experienced with VTuber agencies. Building up a qualified team and support network would also be hugely beneficial. And above all — make sure the talents’ well-being and career growth remain the number one priority, even over business motives.

Don’t you think more competition between agencies ultimately benefits the scene?

Yes, you make an excellent point! More agencies can spur further creativity and innovation for the entire community. As long as everyone adheres to ethical practices, increased competition will ultimately provide fans with more entertaining content. I’m rooting for Exoe’s talents to find success if they end up debuting.

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