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Top 10 PGDX Games Perfect For VTuber Streaming

Well, folks, the Philippine GameDev Expo (PGDX) just wrapped up its inaugural edition, and I’ve got to tell you, it was quite the scene. Game developers from all over the country gathered under one roof, showcasing over 50 locally-made games, a mix of PC, mobile and yes, even some console games.

Now, you might be wondering, “But what does this have to do with VTubers?” Well, we’ve compiled a list of 10 games from the festival that we believe would be perfect for VTubers to play on stream. These are the kind of games that provide an engaging backdrop while you’re bantering with your chat. Just a heads up, you might want to ask permission first — some of these games aren’t out yet, others have demos, or they may have already made their grand release.

PGDX Games for VTubers
  1. First up, we have a game that is sure to get your heart racing, aptly named ‘Good Knight.’ I mean, who wouldn’t love a game where the entire gameplay is controlled by a single button? For VTubers who love speed runs like ‘Only Up’ and ‘Jump King,’ ‘Good Knight’ offers a leveled-up gaming experience.
  1. Next, we have ‘Haphazard Angel,’ a co-op multiplayer game that may just become your next favorite if you’re into games like PHOGS or Super Bunny Man. The controls are as simple as flapping your one wing with the spacebar or left mouse button. Sounds easier than trying to explain what a VTuber is to your grandma.
  1. Meet Me on the Mountain is an interactive fiction game that could potentially bring you to tears while you’re live on stream. Yeah, because that’s exactly what your viewers want to see, right? You, bawling your eyes out over fictional characters. But hey, it won Best Game in Asia, Best Sound Design, and Game of the Year at Game Jam Plus ’21/’22. And who doesn’t like award-winning games?
  1. Stepping into the more relaxing category, we have ‘Window Garden,’ an indoor garden sim game. Gardening without the dirt under your nails, how much better can it get? Perfect for a chill stream where you can engage your viewers in decorating your virtual indoor garden.
  1. For fans of narrative games, ‘San Fernando‘ lets you play the role of an anthropologist studying the culture of a remote island town. The game is rich in Philippine art and cultural references, making it a terrific choice for a more laid-back and educational stream.
  1. There’s also ‘OMG!CAT‘ (yes, the exclamation marks are necessary), a visual novel/puzzle game where you befriend stray cats and uncover their stories. Who knew becoming a virtual cat whisperer could be this fun?
  1. For the rogue-lite fans, there’s ‘Bloodbreaker: Labyrinth of the Witch.’ A unique ‘blood hunger’ system adds an exciting layer of challenge to this adventure. Just make sure to warn your viewers before they faint at the sight of pixelated blood.
  1. Looking for a bit of a guilt trip? ‘High Times – Donuts, Drugs, Exes‘ may be just your cup of tea. Manage a café, serve special donuts, and get closure with your exes. And no, you can’t actually get high from playing this game. I checked.
  1. If you’re craving an anime-like visual novel with a touch of meta, ‘Talents‘ has got you covered. Play as Alice, a young office worker by day and a renowned web novelist by night, as you navigate the complexities of the game dev scene.
  1. Lastly, we’ve got ‘Craggenrock,’ where you can live out your blacksmithing fantasies as you improve your skills and haggle your way to profit. Think Minecraft, but you’ve got an actual business to run.

During PGDX, the gaming collective Rumble Royale also launched their VTuber mascot, Ran-kun. It was quite the sight, and if you want some more VTuber tea, you might want to check out our Twitter account. Trust me, it’s worth a look.

So, there you have it, folks. This list may not be a one-size-fits-all prescription for every VTuber out there, but it’s a pretty decent starting point. Whether you’re a pro gamer or simply looking to spruce up your stream, these games offer a range of exciting possibilities for your next virtual adventure. Happy gaming, VTubers!

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