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The Weird Disappearance Of Vesper And Magni

Cover Corp’s got some explaining to do! The sudden and unexplained hiatus of Holostar’s English members Noir Vesper and Magni Dezmond has left fans hella confused. One day the virtual boys are streaming regularly, joking around with fans and collaborating. The next – *poof!* They vanish into thin air. 

It has been over a month, and there’s been no updates from Cover Corp on why two of their idols have gone MIA. As you can imagine, this radio silence has spawned some wild theories from fans trying to unravel the mystery. Grab your tinfoil hats, because we’re diving down the rabbit hole of speculation and rumors swirling around the Holostars EN disappearance saga. Welcome to your front-row seat for some Grade A virtual drama!

Introducing the Characters in Our Drama

Before we get into the juicy theories, let’s familiarize ourselves with the key players:

Noir Vesper: One of the original four members of the HOLOSTARS English -TEMPUS- generation that debuted in July 2022. He’s known for having a deep, soothing voice and being obsessed with spears, wilderness survival, and other odd hobbies. Your classic gentle giant weirdo.  

Magni Dezmond: Another OG Tempus member. The most down-to-earth dudebro of the bunch. Very chill, very handsome virtual blondie. Close buds (and possible secret lovers?) with Vesper.

Cover Corp: The notorious agency managing Holostars and Hololive. Think detached Japanese management not understanding wacky foreign talents under their control. Their PR team probably hates their lives right now.

Us: The fans! Vesties and Magmites! Adoring and (slightly unhinged) followers who just want more content from our fave boys. Currently suffering from intense confusion and withdrawal. We crave answers!

The Abrupt Vanishing Act

Noir Vesper’s last stream:

Magni Dezmond’s last stream:

Our tale takes a plunge into the abyss on July 6, when Vesper’s last stream graced our screens, followed by Magni’s own stream on July 7. Eagerly anticipated streams for the next day were on the horizon, but fate had other plans. A shroud of silence descended — both talents went inexplicably dark on all channels.

A few days pass without a peep. Fans start worrying, asking reasonable questions about where the boys have gone. Finally, on July 10, hololive English’s Twitter account announced that the streaming activities of Noir Vesper and Magni Dezmond would be stopped for a while. Care to elaborate, Cover?

Apparently not, because over a month later, that’s still all the info we’ve got. After a quick statement, Cover clammed up again, leaving the fandom frenzied and firing up their theory machines about what the heck is going on.

I’m Sure There’s a Perfectly Logical Explanation, Right?

With radio silence from the official source, fans started guessing at more mundane reasons Vesper and Magni could be suddenly missing. Hardware issues? Family problems? Health concerns? Contract disputes? Maybe the reasonably boring answer would emerge soon!

…Except it’s been weeks, and the lads remain shrouded in mystery. The straightforward explanations stopped cutting it. As nobody had any solid leads, things escalated into tinfoil hat territory.


Noir Vesper and Magni Dezmond

In the vacuum of facts, the human imagination weaves intricate narratives, and this tale is no exception. What started as plausible guesses at minor scandals quickly snowballed into elaborate r/conspiracy caliber discussions. We’re talking secret international missions, criminal investigations, contractual betrayals, and even forbidden romances! Here are just a few of my favorite crack theories cooked up to explain Vesper and Magni’s vanishing act: 

  • They eloped together or are embroiled in a messy gay love triangle between other Holostars members.
  • There’s a serious illness/injury/family emergency that Cover is keeping hush to respect their privacy. (Kinda boring, but respectable).
  • Axel Syriosu (Tempus chief of HR) is embroiled in a contract dispute with Cover and convinced Vesper and Magni to strike in solidarity.
  • They were helping test HoloEN Gen 3 models and got wrapped up in corporate espionage trying to steal the technology.  
  • Magni is leading a class-action lawsuit against Cover for talent mistreatment. Vesper’s serving as star witness with receipts.
  • Yakuza debt collectors came after Magni for unpaid gambling debts and Vesper’s hiding him in a secret underground bunker.
  • Vesper became a rogue agent and secretly started his own indie VTuber group under Cover’s nose. Magni’s helping him with the tech.
  • The boys landed roles in a Hollywood movie and had to disappear for filming. It’s all an elaborate promo for the movie!

As you can see, imagination ran wild in the absence of real intel! Fans concocted ever more elaborate schemes to justify the extended disappearance. Personally, I’m leaning towards a dramatic pregnancy scandal! But who knows?

Waiting, Waiting, and More Waiting

While theories run rampant, Cover Corp stays stubbornly silent. With each passing day, the fandom’s impatience gains momentum, mirroring the anticipation that comes with waiting for the unknown fate of Vesper and Magni to unravel.

Usually, talent disciplinary actions or contract issues are sorted within days or weeks. But over a month without updates has fans rightfully suspicious. The radio silence implies something serious enough that Cover Corp either can’t or won’t comment on it publicly. But leaving everyone in the dark just worsens the rumor mill. It’s a PR nightmare!

Legal issues or family matters might justify staying mum temporarily. But the complete lack of updates for *weeks* points to either a colossal mess-up by management or something shady from the talents’ side. I’m on the edge of my seat, waiting to see if a thrilling scandal or a massive blunder is unveiled!

In the meantime, even the remaining Tempus boys seem reluctant to discuss their absent teammates. They’re treading very carefully around the Vesper/Magni-sized elephant in the room. It’s giving “don’t speak ill of the dead” vibes…


Vesper and Magni Graduation

The long-awaited moment finally arrived on August 24, as hololive English’s Twitter account broke its silence to share a pivotal announcement. The virtual world prepared to bid adieu to Magni Dezmond and Noir Vesper, both scheduled to graduate on August 31. According to the statement, this is in accordance with their wishes. 

Yet, in a twist that left fans puzzled, there were no grandiose final acts — no graduation streams or ceremonious farewells. Dezmond and Vesper will be the first members of Hololive English’s HOLOSTARS English unit to graduate.

The Verdict

While we may never know the true tea, this saga proves that even virtual entities made for entertainment can vanish unpredictably when real life interferes. It’s disappointing for fans seeking escapism to be left grasping for gossip, but it’s an inevitable side effect of parasocial relationships with personas crafted by real people.

The lack of transparency does raise concerning questions about Cover Corp’s handling of internal issues. But there’s likely a legitimate reason for staying silent. I just hope the lads are okay and that we eventually get some closure (and memes) out of this wild ride!

For now, the theories will continue churning. All we can do is wait out the silence and hope some crumb of explanation eventually emerges! This has been one crazy rollercoaster, but that’s entertainment, baby!

Theories? Opinions? Join the discussion below! What REALLY happened to our dear Vesper and Magni? Sound off with your own Holostars disappearance speculations!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Cover silent?

Good question! NDAs, confidentiality, and legal issues could be preventing official statements. Or they’re just scrambling trying to figure it out too.

Should fans move on?  

The decision rests with you, the devoted fans. No need to wait indefinitely if you’re seeking closure. But don’t totally forget them either.

Will there be more updates?

Hopefully eventually! But Cover is infamously opaque, so they may never explain what exactly happened. Manage your expectations!

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