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Akuma Nihmune: Get To Know The Demon VTuber

Imagine for a moment that you are a half-demon who used to live in Hell, but were kicked out because you were considered ‘too nice.’ Suddenly, you find yourself in this world, unsure of what to do with your new life.

This might describe someone like Akuma Nihmune. But don’t worry about her! She has made the most of her situation and has become a popular VTuber with around 210,000 followers on Twitch and a similar number of YouTube subscribers. She continues to be successful, and now it’s time for us to learn more about who she really is, what drives her, and all the other interesting things about her.

akuma nihmune

Akuma Who-mune?

Akuma Nihmune introduces herself

Akuma Nihmune, also known by affectionate names such as “Numi,” “Plum Kisser,” and “Nihmussy,” is an independent, English-speaking VTuber who made her debut on November 19, 2021. She is based in the United States, and her official height is 7’13” (248 cm). If you’re wondering why it’s not 8’1″, we don’t know.

When seated, she measures 5’3″ (161 cm). It seems that demons are just that tall. Nihmune is 103 years old and celebrates her birthday on December 11. It is said that she is of Filipino descent, although this has only been confirmed in a single tweet reply and some clips.

Numi confirms that she’s Filipino

Nihmune’s streams on Twitch are primarily in the “Just Chatting” category, although she plays a few games occasionally. Her fans are known as “Noomies.”

She has also ventured into the world of music, with streams featuring karaoke and original songs she has written and recorded herself. Her inspirations for VTubing include Hololive’s Mori Calliope and Amelia Watson, among others.

She’s Only Half-Demonic

While Numi presents herself as intimidating but seiso, her chat doesn’t necessarily agree. They all say she’s short, cute, and a bit of a degenerate. It seems that Hell was completely justified in kicking her out, as the Noomies think she’s really nice and sweet. Her streams have a great atmosphere, and she’s a natural at storytelling.

She’s down bad

She’s also someone who can go from 0 to 100 and vice versa. One minute, she might be the most downbeat VTuber on this side of the internet, and then the next minute, she reacts to a clip of anime girls kissing like it’s the first time she’s ever seen it, her innocence completely robbed. The speed at which she transitions from being completely wholesome to something else entirely is amazing to watch.

Flustered Numi

Numi’s VTuber Models

Since her debut, Numi has featured three VTuber models. Numi 1.0 was designed by Xiaojing1 and comes in three forms: the first form appears to be a schoolgirl outfit with what appears to be a hoodie and small demonic motifs.

Schoolgirl Numi
Schoolgirl Numi

The second is a bunny girl outfit, and the third is a buff Numi. It can be difficult to find images of her old model, but some clips featuring it still remain.

Bunny VTuber model of Akuma Nihmune
Bunny VTuber model of Akuma Nihmune
Buff Numi
Buff Numi

Numi 2.0 is the most commonly known model, made by RyonAlce. It is the same model she used for her VTuber debut and has used for most of her streaming career. It has a similar style to the schoolgirl outfit but with upgraded facial expressions and face tracking. Her model also shows her lower body with a short skirt, long stockings, and white heels. Even her buff Numi model was updated to use her new face.

On December 12, Numi received another upgrade called Numi 3.0, which Ryon once again created. This model abandons the schoolgirl aesthetic for something cooler and more adult-like, resembling Tifa Lockhart’s outfit from Final Fantasy 7.

Plus, her face became even more expressive. Numi’s 3.0 debut was so popular that, to this date, it still holds the record for the highest number of concurrent viewers at 9,722. She almost matched Kai Cenat’s record for the biggest hype train on Twitch, reaching level 45 compared to Kai’s level 47. This is impressive, considering Kai has 3.5 million followers compared to Numi’s 210,000. That demonstrates that the Noomies are quite a dedicated group of fans.

Numi's VTuber model
Numi’s VTuber model

The Power Bottom Content

Have you heard of the trend where people classify certain VTubers as top or bottom (i.e., dominant or submissive)? This is a common topic when it comes to Numi. She likes to claim that she can switch, which was true for a short time. Numi 1.0 was actually thought of as quite dominant.

However, after her debut, this changed. Her chat has exposed her countless times as being a power bottom. If you Google Image Search “power bottom VTuber,” Numi is the first result (and to this day, it’s still true!). She has accepted this and even made a song about it. There are not one, not two, not three, but four clip compilations of her being the number one power bottom. She has watched and reacted to all of them!

Akuma Nihmune reacts to her being called bottom

Numi Loves Her Stories

As mentioned earlier, Numi loves to stream in the “Just Chatting” category. One thing about her is that she has ADD (attention deficit disorder), which makes it difficult for her to stick to one topic or activity during a stream. This is confirmed in her Twitch profile’s “About Me” section:

“I have ADD so I tend to get distracted very easily, which means it’s difficult for me to stick to one consistent thing for a whole stream. If that annoys you, I may not be the channel for you xD”

This means that she always has new and interesting stories to tell. Noomies love listening to her many tales, and she appreciates all her interactions with them. Do you want to hear when Numi’s mom walked into her room with no pants on, and Mama Numi just gave her the most disappointed look? Watch it here: 

The disappointed look story

Or how about the time Papa Numi couldn’t believe how his daughter constantly had humiliating celebrations every time she hit a certain follower/sub count? We have that too here: 

The Papa Numi story

There’s also the sock story that starts off bad and gets even worse the more you listen to it.

Numi’s sock story

Oh, and let’s not forget the time she “brushed her teeth” with an electric toothbrush that her mother’s friend left behind in their house. She cleaned it, at least. She’s so good at talking and keeping her audience entertained. It’s no wonder people stay tuned and listen to her.

Numi’s electronic toothbrush story

Numi Also Loves Singing

Besides chatting, another thing Numi is passionate about is singing. When she’s not telling amazing stories about her life or playing video games, she’s doing karaoke for her Noomies. It’s not just her doing song covers, either – she’s released a lot of original work already. She released her first single called “Super Swag but Super Sad” in 2021, which contained three songs (“It’s Hell, Baby,” “Pizza in the Cosmos,” and “Frolicking with a Friendly Giant”). She would continue to release two more singles called “Bite” and “Edgy Toxic,” respectively, as well as two EPs (“Slightly More Depressing” and “Perceive Me”).

It’s Hell Baby by Akuma Nihmune

In 2022, Numi would have a breakout year of sorts. Her singing became a lot more confident and powerful. Besides releasing three albums (“Carry Me Home,” “Hate it Here,” and “Winter Blooms”), she also released a song cover of “CPR.” It’s her most popular track on both YouTube, with 1.1 million views, and Spotify, with 1.5 million plays.

CPR by Akuma Nihmune

Note: it’s highly recommended that you listen to this song by yourself or with earphones. The lyrics aren’t exactly safe for the public.

If you need something more wholesome that you can play on your loudspeakers without issue, “Plants” may be the song for you. The release is a culmination of hard work, and in a way, it’s a celebration of her reaching 100,000 followers on both Twitch and YouTube.

Plants by Akuma Nihmune 

Akuma Nihmune’s Face Revealed

Akuma Nihmune body revealed
Akuma Nihmune abs revealed

Numi has shown her real-life self on several occasions. Her buff model was inspired by the fact that she works out and has revealed her abs multiple times on stream. If you’re asking whether she’s shown her face, the answer is yes. She did it on stream and did it more than once. Her first face reveal had a mask on, but we can already tell she looks amazing.

Numi face reveal
Numi face reveal

Her most recent face reveal happened during her subathon, which also celebrated the Numi 3.0 model. She wore cat paw gloves and a cat-themed hoodie. She even did a little dance taken from a K-Pop song. You could tell she was shy, but it was an adorable sight to see.

Numi’s face revealed

There was also the time she went to TwitchCon with her fellow VTuber and streamer friends, spending most of her time with Yuzu, rpr, and Bao, among other people. She seemed to enjoy herself a lot during this, and it’s always great to know.

Numi IRL

Wrapping Up

It’s always great to see VTubers turn their passion into a successful career. With how 2022 has gone for Numi, she’s pretty much set herself up for an amazing 2023. I have no doubt that she will continue to grow even more.

Who knows, maybe we’ll get to hear more great songs and lovely albums in the future. She may never be able to shake off her “power bottom” title, but our lovely half-demon is definitely making her way to the top. Let’s hope she gets there!


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