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Being an EU VTuber Fan Freaking Sucks And Here’s Why

Hey, fellow EU VTuber fans! I’m certain many of you share my frustration regarding the lack of EU-friendly streams and talents in the VTuber world. Living in Europe and being a fervent VTuber enthusiast for years, it’s disheartening that the EU market often receives the short end of the stick, overshadowed by the attention given to regions like North America by agencies like Hololive.

I mean, staying up until 3 am just to catch some of my oshi’s streams live is no joke, while those fortunate NA fans get to enjoy most of them during their prime hours. It’s just not fair! And even though the JP talents try their best to consider overseas fans, the time difference poses a considerable challenge for us Europeans in keeping up with their live streams.

Moreover, I can’t help but be envious of how Cover Corporation seems to prioritize catering to the NA audience. Multiple EN VTubers are based in NA, and they’ve got groups that predominantly stream during peak NA hours. Even the JP girls go the extra mile for NA fans compared to EU folks.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the EU-friendly VTubers we do have, like Kiara, who put in the effort to include us. However, there are times when it feels like Cover doesn’t place as much emphasis on the EU market or fanbase.

In this post, I’m eager to discuss why I believe Cover tends to neglect EU fans, how it personally affects me, the positives we can glean, and what changes I’d love to witness. Brace yourselves for some passionate venting from a dedicated superfan in Europe!

Being an EU VTuber Fan Freaking Sucks And Here's Why

The EU Market Gets Ignored

Let’s be real, it’s glaringly apparent that Cover doesn’t prioritize Europe when it comes to talent recruitment or debuts. I’m not asking for an overwhelming number of EU-based VTubers to flood the scene, but a little love for the EU fanbase wouldn’t hurt, right? How about considering at least a couple of EU-based talents in the next wave, Cover?

Moreover, most of the existing NA and JP talents rarely bother streaming during EU primetime hours. I get it, they primarily cater to their home regions, but as an EU viewer, it’s disappointing. The Japanese talents especially seem to focus overwhelmingly on JP and NA audiences.

Beyond our beloved oshi Kiara, the only streams I can usually catch live from JP talents are the occasional late-night ones, like when Subaru or Pekora go wild and stream until like 5 a.m. their time. Those are a blast, but I wish more JP talents would opt for morning or daytime streams that align better with Europe’s schedule.

In contrast, the NA talents stream right in the heart of NA primetime, which translates to a regrettable 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. timeframe for us EU fans. Sure, I catch the VODs, but it stings that NA viewers get to be a part of the live-action.

Even during major special events like concerts, the timing almost always leans towards North America-friendly hours. It’s almost as if they don’t even consider how inconvenient this timing is for European fans. FeelsEUMan.

Why I Think Cover Neglects the EU

I get it, Cover must have its reasons, whether it’s profit-driven decisions or considerations about cultural differences. But from where I stand, it seems like they’re overlooking a substantial potential market right here in Europe.

Sure, places like America and Japan currently hold more prominence in the VTuber sphere. But that’s precisely why they should put in more effort to tap into the EU market and cultivate it further! There’s a vast audience in Europe waiting to embrace and support VTubers if given the opportunity.

Instead, Cover seems fixated on the same oversaturated markets. I understand it takes time and resources to expand into new regions. However, can’t they start somewhere? EU fans are clamoring for more attention and content directed our way.

Honestly, the NA talents could easily accommodate us EU folks with minimal effort. I’m not suggesting a complete overhaul of their schedules, but even occasional morning or afternoon streams would provide us with some excellent options.

Additionally, this could likely attract numerous new EU fans who rarely get the chance to catch them live. It’s a win-win situation. However, for reasons unknown, this scarcely happens despite EU viewers expressing their desire for it.

It just feels like we’re pushed aside and overlooked, all in favor of catering to the NA and JP fanbases. As a European fan, it’s incredibly frustrating to be an afterthought. I hope that someday Cover will make a genuine effort and throw us a bone.

How This Makes Me Feel as a Fan

I want to preface this by saying that I genuinely appreciate the incredible VTubers we do have and the immense effort they put into entertaining us. But as an EU fan, this persistent neglect of our region can feel quite disheartening at times.

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve let out a sigh and thought, “Being an EU VTuber fan sucks,” upon realizing I’ll miss another amazing stream simply because it’s scheduled at 3 a.m. my time.

The frustration amplifies when big events and concerts I’m eagerly looking forward to are planned during North American primetime hours, seemingly without regard for other time zones. 

Feeling left out and perceiving that your region isn’t a priority for VTubing agencies is profoundly disheartening. I try my best to support the VTubers I adore by watching VODs and buying merchandise. However, the excitement of watching a live stream in real-time is unmatched.

I understand it’s not the talents’ fault; they’re doing their best. Yet, there’s a twinge of envy towards NA fans who have abundant opportunities to interact and enjoy their oshis live.

As much as I enjoy chatting with the handful of fellow EU fans during streams, it would be incredibly comforting to not constantly feel outnumbered and excluded as a European fan. Having more EU-based or EU-friendly VTubers could truly alleviate this.

Despite these grievances, at the end of the day, I’m just an avid superfan grateful to enjoy VTubers in any way possible. The joy these incredible talents bring me makes dealing with timezone inconveniences worthwhile. Nonetheless, I hold onto the hope for a day when EU fans receive more acknowledgment and content tailored to our timezone.

The Positives For EU Fans

Alright, let’s shift gears and embrace the positive side of being an EU VTuber fan! While there’s room for improvement, there are some notable positives:

1. Kiara, Our EU Angel: Kiara has been an absolute blessing, consistently streaming during EU-friendly hours and giving plenty of love to us EU fans. Ich liebe dich, Tenchou!

2. Unexpected Late-Night Streams from JP Talents: Many JP girls, like Pekora, Marine, or Rushia, surprise us with late-night streams that align perfectly with European hours. It’s always a delight to catch them live.

3. Indie VTubers Bridging the Gap: Indie VTubers are stepping up to fill the void, providing us with more local representation and content.

4. HoloEN Building a Diverse Community: HoloEN, in particular, fosters a lovely mix of NA and EU fans actively engaging in chat and on Twitter. It’s a community where the dominance isn’t solely tilted towards NA, making us EU fans feel more included.

5. VODs and Clippers to the Rescue: Even if catching live streams can be a bit challenging due to time zones, we have the comfort of VODs and clippers, ensuring we don’t miss out on content.

6. Inclusive Approach by VTubers: Despite the timezone challenges, the VTuber talents genuinely strive to be inclusive and appreciate all overseas fans, including us EU viewers.

So, while it’s not the perfect scenario, we European fans adapt and make the most of what we have. The incredible VTuber content emerging from both NA and JP is amazing, regardless of when it airs live. I’m simply grateful to enjoy it in whichever way I can.

What I’d Like To See Change

To sum it up, here are some changes that could make a significant difference in how EU fans engage with and feel about the growing VTuber scene:

  • Recruit EU-based talents! There’s so much untapped potential here.
  • Have NA girls do the occasional EU-friendly morning stream. It means a lot!
  • For special events, try to schedule at least some time zones besides just JP/NA primetime. 
  • Even just acknowledging EU fans more often would help us feel noticed and not forgotten.
  • Work with more EU brands/companies for sponsorships and collaborations.
  • Don’t write off Europe as just a small niche market. Give us a chance to prove our love for VTubers!

Implementing these changes would undoubtedly bridge the existing gaps and elevate the VTuber experience for European fans, fostering a stronger sense of belonging and excitement within the community.

Wrapping Up

Phew, thank you for accompanying me on this entire rant about being an EU fan of VTubers! I admit I might have sounded a bit critical at times, but at the core, I’m just a VTuber enthusiast eager to see the scene flourish.

Despite the ongoing frustration stemming from the lack of EU focus, the positive aspects far outweigh the negatives. These incredible VTubers tirelessly put in the effort to create content that we all enjoy, transcending borders and time zones. Plus, the fan community is largely fantastic, no matter where you’re located.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that one day, EU fans like me will feel more appreciated and included, with VTubers and tailored content heading our way. Even if progress seems slow, we’ll persist in supporting our oshis in any way we can.

To any Cover or agency executives who might stumble upon this, please don’t let the EU fade into the background! We have a multitude of loyal VTuber fans here eagerly awaiting opportunities to support the scene further. With a bit more focus and effort directed our way, you could witness tremendous growth in your fanbase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t more EU fans just watch VTubers on YouTube instead of worrying about live streams?

There’s something special about getting to join in live and interact with the streamer and community. VODs are great, but they don’t capture the same energy. We EU fans want the full experience!

Isn’t the EU VTuber market just too small for agencies to really focus on?

It may seem small now since it’s untapped, but there’s huge potential! EU has 450+ million people. If agencies like Cover invested in EU VTubers and content, the fanbase would undoubtedly grow.

Don’t Translation channels help EU fans keep up without needing EU-friendly streams?

Translation channels do assist, but having local EU VTubers and streams would enable more real-time interaction and foster a sense of community. Relying solely on translations doesn’t offer the same experience.

Why should JP/NA companies like Cover cater to EU fans? Shouldn’t EU fans just support EU VTubers instead?

We EU fans love JP and NA VTubers too! We want to support them but also feel included. More EU focus would let agencies expand their audience.

Isn’t it unreasonable to expect JP/NA VTubers to flip their schedules for EU fans?

Totally, we don’t expect or want that! Even the occasional early stream would mean a lot though, and help EU fans feel noticed. 

Realistically, wouldn’t Ping/latency issues make EU VTubers less enjoyable to watch?

Good point, it can be a hurdle. But with the right equipment and setups, EU VTubers could have great quality too. The demand is there if agencies help support them.

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