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Kiara VTuber Face Reveal, Her Real Name, & More!

In recent years, the use of VTuber models for entertainment purposes has become increasingly popular. One of the most popular VTubers is Takanashi Kiara, who debuted in 2020 as part of the first generation of hololive English. She is famous for her energetic personality, infectious laughter, and unique singing voice.

Kiara’s persona is that of a mythical firebird, the Phoenix, with the ability to be reborn in different dimensions. With that kind of personality and interesting lore, how can we not discuss her in more detail?

And by the way, we’ll also share Kiara’s face-revealing photos! So let’s dive in!

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Who Is Takanashi Kiara?

Takanashi Kiara, aka 小鳥遊キアラ, is a female Virtual YouTuber. She primarily speaks English and is a part of hololive. She made her debut in 2020 as a member of the first generation of hololive English, “-Myth-.” She did that along with Ninomae Ina’nis, Watson Amelia, Mori Calliope, and Gawr Gura.

Meanwhile, enjoy this song by her!

Her Lore

Kiara is a mythical firebird, aka the Phoenix. Whenever someone kills Kiara, she is repeatedly reborn into different dimensions with each new life.

However, Kiara has recently learned to master her revival technique, allowing her to stay in the same dimension. She learned this power to stay close to her good friend and Shinigami, Kali.

Kiara is potentially the oldest member of Hololive, having existed long before humans were on Earth. She wears a special belt that allows her to turn back into a Phoenix and also helps keep her hair from igniting whenever she gets angry.

Despite her powers and legendary status, Kiara has a debt of 500,000 euros in unpaid fines for accidentally setting off fire alarms. However, she managed to secure funding for her fast-food chain, Kiara Fried Phoenix, by not telling anyone about her debt.

Interestingly, all her employees are chickens of varying sizes, the largest being 69 meters tall. Kiara uses them to stomp competing restaurants into the ground. Her employees even get to choose their salary, which they pay Kiara, although it’s not a cult.

Kiara VTuber Face Reveal

According to our research, Takanashi Kiara’s real name is Kiki Hima. She is a cosplayer and an artist who used to be a dancer and singer. Here are Kiara’s face-revealing photos:

Kiara's face revealed
Kiara’s face revealed

Kiara looks pretty cute in these photos! Doesn’t she?

Kiara face reveal
Kiara’s face reveal

Here’s Kiara dancing onstage in a live event:

kiara real face
Kiara’s real face
Kiara in real life
Kiara in real life
Kiara irl
Kiara irl

Someone tell this guy not to be so close to a freakin Pheonix! Does he want to end up in “the usual room,” or what!?

Her Personality

Kiara is famous for her enthusiastic and friendly nature, always open with her feelings. Also, she shows deep care for her friends and family. However, Kiara sometimes finds herself feeling lonely when she’s abroad, missing those she loves dearly.

While Kiara’s energetic and sometimes chaotic personality might suggest otherwise, she is actually quite shy. She loves to collaborate with other members but can be forgetful or easily distracted due to her short attention span. Kiara enjoys video games with fixed goals, such as RPGs, more than open-world games like Minecraft. Interestingly, on a graph ranking members in purity and intelligence, she was rated “bottom left.”

Why everybody loves Kiara?

That means she is the maximum lewd and foolish. However, Kiara often surprises viewers with her moments of gentleness, compassion, and insightful wisdom. In her debut stream, Watson Amelia described her as having a “positive attitude and lovely voice.”

Mori Calliope also praised her as a hard worker and an incredible singer with a great personality. Kiara’s fluency in Japanese impressed Mori.

Despite her mythical status and incredible powers, Kiara remains a down-to-earth and relatable VTuber who brings joy to her fans every day.

Kiara’s Likes & Dislikes

Takanashi Kiara is a VTuber who enjoys fast food, adventures, and hats. Despite what others may say, she insists that fast food is healthy, with chicken being particularly good for you.

In fact, she claims to eat 53 pieces of chicken per day! Kiara’s hobbies include singing, drawing, eating, and fighting. She loves games from the Tales of series, Atelier series, Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Arknights.

When it comes to anime, Kiara’s favorite is Bakemonogatari, followed by A Certain Scientific Railgun. Her other favorites include Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, A Certain Magical Index, Nichijou, Working!!, Minami-ke, Steins; Gate, Kannagi, and Re: Zero.

Kiara’s goals include:

  • Opening a fast-food restaurant.
  • Releasing original music.
  • Collaborating with games, anime, or conventions.
  • Having fans create fan art or cosplay of her.

She doesn’t drink, as referenced in her song “Fever Night,” where she sings, “I don’t need no drinks tonight / Gimme that beat, get me dancing.”

Fever Night by Kiara

Despite her fearsome powers, Kiara dislikes scary stuff and one-sided feelings.

She looks up to senior member Usada Pekora, who was speechless after seeing Kiara’s introduction stream. Kiara has watched every one of Pekora’s archived streams and finally got the chance to collab with her on the Japanese branch Minecraft server.

In addition to her love of fast food and gaming, Kiara enjoys ice skating, swimming, and skiing. Her favorite chocolate brands include Ritter Sport, Milka, Mikado, and Kinder, and her favorite German word is “oida,” an Austrian slang term meaning “dude” or “hey.”

Interesting Facts About Her

Kiara is a multilingual VTuber from Austria, a small German-speaking country in Europe. She is fluent in English, Japanese, and German (her native language). She also speaks a “Bird” language, which is actually a pun in Japanese. The Japanese word for “trilingual,” 「トリリンガル」, begins with “tori,” meaning “bird.”

Kiara & Gura sing a German song.

As of early 2022, she is also learning Korean. She has stated that her English is not perfect and has corrected Mori Calliope’s Japanese. She has also promised to do some Japanese-only streams.

Kiara shares languages with the Evangelion character Asuka Langley Soryu, a Japanese-American who also speaks English, Japanese, and German.

Her birthday is on the 6th of July, National Fried Chicken Day in the United States. Her catchphrase is 「キッケリキー!!」 (kikkerikii!), which is the German onomatopoeia for the cry of a rooster. According to Kiara, it is also the sound a phoenix makes.

Her ending catchphrase is “Auf wiedersehen,” a German farewell phrase. She suffers from asthma and is left-handed, but she wields her sword with her right hand.

She loves rickrolling and has tricked Gura into singing the song in Japanese and German during her language-learning streams.

Kiara is the third member of Hololive EN and the ninth member of Hololive overall. She is also the first Hololive member ever to have her channel terminated and then restored.

She has two cats named Chonkers and Smoothie, and in April 2022, she adopted a grey pet raccoon (tanuki) named Bonkers.

Kiara frequently goes off on tangents during her super chat reading streams, effectively turning them into “zatsudan” or “Just Chatting” streams.

Her Friendship With Mori

During Mori Calliope’s second live stream, Kiara confessed to having a crush on Calli, which initially shocked Calli. The reason behind Kiara’s feelings was that she was immortal and would always revive no matter how many times Calli killed her. This led to the creation of the “TakaMori” ship by Kiara, which gained popularity among fans.

They both touch hands live on stream!

Kiara frequently referred to Calli as her wife and displayed a keen interest in her. She even wrote a song called “I Love Girls” on her ukulele, expressing her desire to marry Calli. On the other hand, Calli often rebuffed Kiara and called her “kusotori” or “shitbird.” Some interpreted this as a tsundere act, earning Calli the nickname “tsundereaper.” However, Calli was supportive of the #takamori hashtag.

Fans of the pair gave Kiara and Calli’s hypothetical child the name “Clara Takamori,” who later appeared in Kiara’s Sims playthrough. However, during Kiara’s re-debut stream, where she lost her memory temporarily, she appeared to have forgotten Calli, asking, “Who’s Calli?” This happened again during her subsequent German re-debut, where she asked, “Calli? Wer ist Calli?”

In September 2021, after the debut of the hololive Council, Kiara and Calli announced that they would tone down the “Takamori” ship. Despite this, they remain close friends and are considered the “dad” and “mom” of Kobo Kanaeru.

Her Mascot & Fanbase

Kiara’s mascot is a little bird named Kotori, which received its name during a Don’t Starve collab stream when the upcoming holoMyth mascot plushies were announced. The name is based on the kanji in Takanashi, the first two of which are normally read as “kotori,” meaning “little bird.” Kotori, like the other holoMyth mascots, was designed by Ninomae Ina’nis.

Kiara’s fanbase is known as KFP, which stands for Kiara Fried Phoenix, the fast-food franchise for which she is the CEO. Originally, her fanbase was called the “Kiara Fan Club,” but Kiara requested to write the name without abbreviation so she could actually find things related to her.

A wholesome moment with her fan.

At her debut, other fan group names suggested were “chickens,” “fushitomo” (meaning “eternal friends,” as in “phoenix”), and “fannix” (a portmanteau of “fan” and “phoenix”).

Members of KFP are referred to as “employees,” and their promotion is represented by stages of a farm chicken’s life. They refer to Kiara as “Tenchou” (manager), and many assign themselves positions within the company that appear at the end of their usernames, such as KFP Janitor, KFP Delivery Driver, KFP Ceiling Fan, and KFP Workers’ Comp Parasite.

However, when angry at her employees, Kiara is famous to threaten to fire them. In December 2020, she threatened to send misbehaving employees to the usual room. This room contains a literal chopping block for those who never leave and she turns them into food. I’d stay away from this room if I were you! As a result, an employee changed their name to KFP Usual Room Guard.

The usual room

Wrapping Up

Takanashi Kiara is a unique and entertaining VTuber. With her mythical status as a Phoenix, Kiara has an interesting backstory and personality that makes her stand out. And let’s not forget how cute she looks IRL in those face-revealing photos.

Despite her fearsome powers, she is down-to-earth and relatable, and her fans adore her for that. And that’s a wrap, folks! I hope you found this article informative. Here’s another great article for you to check out: Shylily Real Face.


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