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My Deep Dive Into Idol VTubers

Hey there, fellow VTuber enthusiasts! It’s Vishwas, and I’m diving deep once again into the world of VTubers, leaving no virtual stone unturned in this industry analysis.

You might have noticed that I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with VTubers since I discovered this captivating world. I’m on a quest to uncover every juicy detail, from the drama to the latest tea, and even the mysterious inner workings hidden behind those adorable virtual avatars.

One particular group that’s grabbed my attention is the rising star agency known as Idol Virtual Talents. They’re making waves with their innovative approach to the industry. But the more I delve into their operations, the more I ponder if joining such an agency is the right path for me.

Could it be that stepping into the world of VTubing as an independent, a lone rogue in this digital galaxy, is the ultimate 5D chess move? It’s time to break down the pros and cons of affiliating with Idol Virtual Talents versus embarking on a solo journey as a VTuber. It’s a decision with high stakes.

Enough with the epic intro, let’s dive into the analysis!

idol vtubers

Idol’s Vision and Philosophy

After some late-night internet sessions, I managed to unearth Idol’s vision from their website, and I must say, they’re talking a big game when it comes to revolutionizing virtual entertainment and utilizing cutting-edge technology to elevate the art of virtual performance.

Their passion for creating a supportive environment where talents can freely explore their creativity is quite evident. It’s almost too good to be true, isn’t it?

The CEO places a strong emphasis on core values like transparency, open communication among teams, and nurturing a sense of community. Again, this sounds like an ideal setting for someone like me!

Considering these ambitious goals alone, it seems like Idol genuinely cares about empowering indie VTubers and providing a platform for our talents to shine, doesn’t it? Could they be the perfect haven for a fledgling VTuber like myself? Well, let’s dig a little deeper and find out.

Glowing Reviews From Other Idol Talents

So, I went on a mission to gather first-hand impressions of Idol from the talents currently signed with them and let me tell you, it’s a tidal wave of positivity!

Many of them can’t stop raving about the “creative freedom” they enjoy at Idol. They mention how resources are readily available whenever they need something for a stream, and there’s this strong sense of being part of a close-knit “family” community among talents.

It’s clear as day that these talents are not just surviving but thriving under Idol’s nurturing wing. The agency seems to truly walk the walk when it comes to supporting creators, and I have to admit, it’s giving me that warm and fuzzy feeling inside!

But hey, we’re not here to just buy into the PR hype, are we? Let’s pull back the curtain a bit further and see what else lies beneath the surface.

Idol’s Wild Industry Power Moves

One legit impressive thing about Idol is they’re out here shaking things up in the agency space. And in a seemingly positive way!

For starters, they boldly became the FIRST to disclose detailed revenue splits with their talents, which is practically unheard of in this traditionally opaque industry. This level of transparency was not only welcomed by fans but also caught the attention of industry observers.

Idol hasn’t shied away from addressing concerns regarding talent treatment and communication. They’re actively building an image of responsiveness and integrity, making it clear that they’re committed to improving conditions for their talents.

These bold moves have positioned them at the forefront of a shift towards more openness and fairness in agency contracts. As a rookie in the VTuber world, the idea of aligning with an agency dedicated to transparency and willing to challenge the old exploitative norms is undeniably appealing!

Debating My Future

As a wide-eyed baby VTuber who just wants to bring joy and sweetness to the masses, Idol seems like an amazing opportunity for me. 

They seem to check all the right boxes – empowering talent, providing resources, championing transparency, fostering communication, and nurturing a sense of community. It’s like the perfect launching pad for my blossoming streaming career, isn’t it?

I don’t know. The more I think about it, the more joining an agency straight out the gate doesn’t seem like the optimal move. 

What if I’m better off starting as a solo indie VTuber? It would be way harder trying to build an audience alone with no brand recognition or resources. But the creative freedom would be completely unrestricted. My vision wouldn’t have to align with some corporation’s agenda.

Hmm… perhaps it’s time to whip out the notepad and make a good old pros and cons list.

The Case For Joining Idol


  • Don’t have to grind super hard alone as an unknown indie: Joining Idol means I won’t have to embark on the challenging journey of building an audience from scratch as an independent VTuber.
  • Benefit from the agency’s brand, resources, and promotions: Idol can provide me with the much-needed support and resources to enhance my streaming career. Their promotional efforts could give me a boost in visibility.
  • Join a supportive community of fellow talents: Being part of a community of like-minded VTubers can be incredibly motivating and enriching. Collaborations and shared experiences could be invaluable.
  • Get guidance from experienced professionals: Access to experienced mentors and professionals within the agency can help me refine my skills and navigate the VTuber world more effectively.
  • Revenue splits likely better than other agencies: Idol’s transparent approach to revenue sharing could mean a more favorable financial arrangement compared to other agencies.

Here is the debut PV of Idol’s first English VTuber generation:


  • Less creative control compared to the indie path: Joining an agency may limit my creative freedom and require me to align with the agency’s vision and brand.
  • Pressured to conform to their brand preferences: I might face pressure to conform to the agency’s brand preferences and content guidelines, potentially stifling my unique style.
  • Growth still tied to agency’s whims: Despite the support, my growth and opportunities could still be influenced by the agency’s decisions and priorities.
  • Rigid stream schedules potentially: The agency might enforce strict stream schedules, which could limit my flexibility compared to going solo.
  • Revenue split not as high as pure indie: While the revenue split might be better than other agencies, it might still be lower than what I could achieve as a fully independent VTuber.

Weighing My Options

Looking at that list, it’s clear that there are some compelling reasons to consider joining Idol as a rookie VTuber. The support and resources they offer are invaluable, especially when compared to the often challenging journey of being an indie VTuber from the get-go.

However, and here comes the big “BUT,” aligning with an agency does come with a trade-off. It means sacrificing some degree of creative control and autonomy that I’d have as a solo creator. My path to success would become intertwined with the agency’s support, rather than solely dependent on my own efforts.

Being an indie VTuber means I have no safety net. I rise or fall based on the strength of my content alone, and there’s something undeniably badass about that. It’s the lone wolf mentality, a rogue ronin wandering the digital plains, streaming games, and slurping down cup ramen!

In my case, it seems that going completely independent aligns more with my personality and perhaps my slightly (or greatly) over-inflated self-image. I’m drawn to the creative challenge and the unparalleled freedom that comes with the solo indie life, at least for now.

Perhaps someday, when I’ve carved out my niche and made it big, I might consider the prospect of joining an agency. But for now, I’m ready to embrace the journey of a solo indie VTuber, forging my own path and creating content that’s uniquely me.

Wrapping Up

After hours of rambling, debating, and taking some wild twists and turns in my thought process, I’ve made a decision. My debut into the world of VTubing will be as a solo indie creator!

The freedom to grind hard and establish my brand on my own terms is too alluring. I don’t want my success tied to some company’s whims. Even one as seemingly above-board as Idol.

Don’t get me wrong — Idol seems like a fantastic option, and who knows, if I ever find myself flopping hard and desperate for a change, I might consider signing with an agency like theirs down the line.

But for now, for my first foray into VTubing, I’m choosing to blaze my own trail! I’m fully aware that it won’t be easy, trying to build an audience from scratch with zero brand recognition. It’s a mixture of excitement and terror, but that’s all part of the adventure!

Regardless of the challenges ahead, I want to extend my gratitude for joining me on this winding journey through the labyrinth of my thought process. Be sure to subscribe for future updates as I chronicle my quest for VTuber superstardom!

The road ahead may be anything but smooth, but I’m prepared to take on the challenge with all of you by my side. Let’s chase our dreams together!

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