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VTuber Eyes Examples For Character Reference Sheet

If you are an individual VTuber or an artist looking to create a VTuber model, you need some reference images. These reference images should include hair, facial expressions, VTuber eyes examples, etc. Otherwise, you won’t be able to maximize your creative potential.

Well, you are in luck today! We have compiled a collection of some of the most stunning VTuber eyes examples that will make anyone that looks into them get lost in their beauty.

VTuber Eyes Examples For Reference

You need a character reference sheet if you want your VTuber model to come out right the first time. The reference sheet should also include a section for VTuber hair and especially eyes, as they are one of the most critical elements of your VTuber model. If the eyes are not done right, your whole VTuber model loses its appeal.

Well, enough chit-chat. Let’s get to some VTuber eyes examples so you can share them with your artists for the perfect VTuber model!

Meanwhile, here is a bonus video of an eye-tracking marvel. Show this to your artist so they can hate us.

Lewd VTuber Eyes

No question that lewd eye expressions are the essence of every lewd VTuber. You can say a lot with the expressions in your VTuber model’s eyes without speaking a single word. The following VTuber eyes examples will help you achieve that goal.

Almond Shaped VTuber Eyes

If you want your VTuber model to have almond-shaped eyes, we have a collection of these eyes that you can show your artist. With almond-shaped eyes, the outer part of your VTuber model’s iris is hidden under the top and bottom eyelids, which you can see below:

Round Shaped VTuber Eyes

Uhm, round VTuber eyes are the cutest of all eye shapes. If you go for round eyes in your VTuber model, you’ll be able to pull off those puppy-eyed expressions during your streams!

Teary VTuber Eyes

Nothing gets to your feelings more than watching a VTuber with teary eyes. And if they are well detailed, that’s icing on the cake! You can find some excellently detailed teary VTuber eyes examples below:

Cat VTuber Eyes

If you are going for an animal-themed VTuber model, specifically a cat-themed one, you can find some examples below. Typically you have some extra details on the upper and bottom eyelids to complete that look:

Note, these beautiful eyes belong to a VTuber named Klau. Check them out to get more inspiration from their VTuber model!

Fox VTuber Eyes

For a fox-themed VTuber model, you need foxy eyes. These eyes are slightly slanted from the sides, with some additional detail on the eyelashes. You can see some examples below:

Dog VTuber Eyes

Dog-themed VTuber models tend to have more round-shaped eyes. These round VTuber eyes make the puppy-eyed expression a lot cuter!

Dragon VTuber Eyes

Next, if you are going for a dragon-themed VTuber model, you should go with almond-shaped, detailed, sharp textured eyes, as seen in the examples below:

Demon VTuber Eyes

Planning to be a demon VTuber, huh? Well, your eyes should look scary, then. Show these eyes that will make the soul shiver with fear to your artist for the best results.

Red Colored VTuber Eyes Examples

Red eyes are often considered a sign of evil. If you are going for that look, we have a collection of red VTuber eyes for you that you can check out below:

Hazel Colored Eyes

You can’t argue that hazel/golden eyes look soul-capturing in a VTuber model. You can have those eyes in your model by showing the following examples to your artist:

Purple Colored VTuber Eyes

Who else thinks that purple-colored eyes VTubers look the coolest. Don’t believe me? Just check out the examples below:

Blue Colored Eyes

Piercing blue-colored eyed VTubers are some of the most innocent ones. If you are going for that innocent yet captivating look, show these eyes to your VTuber artist:

Multi Colored VTuber Eyes

Actually, I just changed my opinion. Multi-colored eyes are the coolest from now on. Why settle for one color when you can have many of them in your eyes? Check out the collection below for multi/different colored eyes:

Wrapping It Up

Show some excellent VTuber eyes examples to your commissioned artist, or use them if you are an artist yourself to create a dank-looking VTuber model that captivates the audience just by their eyes.

We will keep adding more categories and images to our collection, so keep visiting for inspiration. Good luck with your careers!


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