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Pippa VTuber Face Reveal | The Doxing Incident & More!

Most VTubers like to keep their identities hidden. But that makes them a prime target for unwanted attention and wild speculation. And Pippa’s in the same boat, trying to keep her true identity concealed.

For Pippa and others like them, it’s not just a fun avatar—it’s a shield against the chaos. Respecting that boundary is the key to keeping the VTuber world cool and drama-free.

But she got doxed! And multiple people have tried to reveal her true identity since then.

In this article, we’ll share the incident where she was doxed and all the details related to that (including Pippa’s face-revealing photo). You’ll also learn her likes and dislikes, interesting facts about her, and much more! So, read on!

pippa vtuber

Who Is Pippa?

Pippa Pipkin, a popular English-speaking female Virtual YouTuber, is part of Phase-Connect’s OG crew, famous as the First Generation. Other original members who debuted with her were Rinkou Ashelia, Hakushika Iori, Tenma Maemi, Fujikura Uruka, Shisui Michiru, and Utatane Nasa.

Her usual streams

What Does Pippa Look Like?

Pippa has a really charming look with medium-length rosy-blonde hair adorned with braids and an ahoge. Short rabbit ears, decked out with adorable accessories, add to her style.

Sporting pink eyes, she flaunts a cute pastel jacket adorned with rabbit patterns and soft hues. The cutest light blue and pink rabbit slippers complete her costume.

The Doxing Incident & Pippa’s Face Reveal

The bizarre Pippa Pipkin incident started when someone (a famous YouTuber) claimed they had a pic of her! The catch? Pippa, like many other Vtubers, maintains anonymity, sharing only glimpses of her hands and feet. The internet detectives went on overdrive, analyzing hand comparisons and keyboard cleanliness.

Yep, that photo wasn’t Pippa at all! Lesson learned? We need to respect their privacy, especially for agency-backed VTubers like our girl Pippa.

Then, there’s this wild apology from the YouTuber who made a mess by mistakenly posting about Pippa. The dude said sorry, but wait for it—there was a secret message hidden in there!

“Phase is gay,” it spelled out. Drama alert! It seems like there might be some bad blood between the YouTuber and Phase Connect.

This totally shines a light on the crazy tightrope walk VTubers do between staying anonymous, showing their true selves, and dealing with the drama.

But wait, there’s more! Another person has claimed that they have found Pippa’s face-revealing photo from the doxing incident. According to that person, here’s what she looks like in real life:

Pippa's face revealed
Pippa’s face IRL

Now, I’m not saying that this is definitely her, but if this is Pippa’s actual photo, she does look like her VTuber model. Doesn’t she!?

For comparison, here’s what her VTuber model looks like:

Pippa's VTuber model
Pippa’s VTuber model

It’s a wild ride out there in the VTuber universe, but hey, we’re here for the excitement, right?

Pippa’s Personality

Pippa and her Capippalist crew thrive on adversity, controversy, and standing out. Their motto? “I am Cringe, but I am Free.” You’d get it if you were her OG fan. But if you don’t, here’s what this means in terms of her personality:

Pippa Is A Passionate VTuber

Pippa is a pretty hardcore streamer with a unique take on VTubing. Her streams and videos tackle all sorts of stuff in the community, dropping knowledge bombs and tips for new VTubers. She’s all about that VTuber life, but she’s also real about its issues and where it falls short.

She Has No Filters

Pippa is usually chill, but her talk isn’t always PG. When she’s hyped or mad, brace yourself for some colorful language—she gets loud and passionate, and there is no holding back.

She is the headache of Sakana, stirring up mayhem with her subversive content, wandering into the internet’s darker corners. She’s basically a rebel, always pushing management’s limits, reveling in trolling and messing with everyone—yet they dish it right back.

Her Beliefs

Besides VTubing, Pippa has some wild beliefs. She’s into conspiracy theories, thinking some mass shootings are cooked up by the US government to mess with the Second Amendment. Also, she’s not about that city vibe; she’s more into the peaceful rural life.

Beyond The Edge

Surprisingly, Pippa is more than her edgy persona. Off-screen, she’s intelligent, empathetic, and contemplative. She roasts everyone yet genuinely supports them behind the scenes.

Her rants wander into deep waters—philosophy, psychology, you name it. Her original song spilled her past desire to be awesome, admitting fate’s twist. But Vtubing? That’s where she found her home, expressing herself freely. Sure, she’s a cynic, but she clawed out of it. Now, she’s assertive, confident, and friendly, using her journey to uplift others.

Pippa’s Career Highlights

Pippa kicked off her YouTube journey on July 20, 2021, instantly catching the eyes of many and paving her way to where she stands now—at the peak of her popularity. And by the looks of it, her fame is only going to grow. Here are some of the highlights of her career so far:

Her debut stream

2021: Hitting Milestones

By August 14, she had reached an exciting milestone, gaining 10,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

2022: Steady Growth & More Milestones

January 13 saw Pippa hitting 20,000 subscribers, and the celebration followed the next day, marking a significant achievement. The momentum continued as she reached 30,000 subscribers on April 8, and just a few months later, on July 16, she soared to 40,000 subscribers.

2022: Creative Ventures

On July 19, Pippa showed her musical talent by releasing her debut original song, “Pippa the Ripper.” Her channel continued its upward trajectory, hitting the 50,000 subscriber mark on August 27.

2022: Reaching The Summit

December 11 marked a huge milestone as Pippa’s YouTube channel crossed the monumental threshold of 100,000 subscribers. That secured her place as the first Phase-Connect member to achieve this accomplishment.

2023: Zooming Success

The year 2023 started off with an explosion of support as Pippa’s channel hit an impressive milestone of 200,000 subscribers on March 29.

2023: More Social Media Fans

September 12 marked another achievement as Pippa’s Twitter account gained more popularity and reached 100,000 followers.

2023: Revealed Her New Outfit

April 9 brought a delightful surprise as Pippa revealed her first alternative outfit: a unique dress with suspenders, color swaps, and a tomboyish hairdo.


In March 2022, the OffKai Expo announced Pippa and other VTubers as guests for their event from April 29 to May 1, creating a buzz among her fans.

Later, in August 2022, Series Ai revealed Pippa’s participation in “AiMatsuri III,” scheduled for September 24–25, signaling her growing presence in live performances and events.

Pippa performing in AiMatsuri III

Pippa’s Likes

Pippa’s living that gamer life to the fullest! Check out her absolute faves:

  • Tabletop RPGs: Beyond dice rolls, it’s more about crafting epic worlds and getting into mind-blowing adventures with her audience. Collaborative storytelling gets her hyped, and the unexpected twists? It’s a total thrill ride!
  • Power cords: These unsung MVPs keep her setup flawless for uninterrupted, top-tier entertainment. Finding the raddest or even tastiest power cords? Yep, it’s a thing she jokes about.
  • Video Games: Pippa’s gaming library is insane—from the freshest releases to OG classics. She lives for the rush of exploring new realms and owning challenges, all while pulling her viewers into the action!
  • Chips: Crunching through intense moments or riding the flavor wave—chips are her ultimate stream-side snack.
  • Chicken Pizza: A regular flavor-packed pizza; it’s basically a ritual at this point. Chilling with a slice, chatting with her stream, and swapping epic gaming tales—that’s her thing.

Pippa’s Dislikes

Pippa has some major pet peeves that really get under her skin:

  • Technical difficulties: The bane of every streamer’s existence! These pesky problems mess with her plans and totally wreck the flow of her content. Pippa’s a pro at fixing them, but they’re definitely not her idea of a good time.
  • Lag: That split-second delay? It’s a gamer’s nightmare! Pippa can’t stand the idea of lag ruining her gameplay and throwing off the vibe for her audience.
  • Buffering: It’s a total streamer’s horror story. Pippa lives for smooth streaming. And buffering? Ugh! It interrupts the action and totally breaks the immersion for both her and her viewers.
  • Crowds: As much as she loves her community, Pippa wants an intimate vibe during her streams. Big crowds can be distracting, making it tough to connect with everyone more personally.

Some Interesting Facts About Pippa

Here are some facts that only her loyal fanbase knows (use these to catch up if you are her new fan and want to participate in her chat like an OG):

  • Tastiest Power Cord Quest: Pippa’s on a mission for the most mouthwatering power cord around! She cracks jokes about it during streams, sparking debates about the most stylish or strangely flavored cords.
  • Rabbit Rebellion: Pippa’s all for free-roaming bunnies without collars! She’s even hinted at hosting charity streams to support rabbit sanctuaries—championing furry freedom!
  • Bird Hostage Situation: There’s a feathered scene-stealer in her streams! This little buddy often crashes the show, becoming a stream mascot in the background.
  • Artistic Ties: Her character’s illustrator is in the same league as icons like Aoi Moi, Witch Dali Sweet, Iria Lua Dragnia, and Neo Sparkles.
  • Alias Revelation: Back in the day, she went exclusively by Phillippa Pipkin. It’s a piece of her streaming past that occasionally resurfaces, sparking nostalgia during chats or throwback streams.
  • Signature Phrase: “I like a to eat da chicken pizza! It’s a very good!” This catchphrase of hers sets the vibe during streams, stirring up memes and inside jokes in her community.

Wrapping Up

The whole Pippa Pipkin situation is like a wild rollercoaster ride, showing how tricky things get with online personas and privacy and what happens when someone gets misidentified. Biggest takeaway? Show mad respect for content creators’ privacy, especially if they’re keeping things low-key.

Don’t go digging or trying to out their true identity against their wishes.
This mess also puts a spotlight on the struggles VTubers deal with. It’s a tightrope walk between keeping it real online and dealing with the fallout from accidental exposure or false rumors.

We hope that you liked this post. If you enjoyed this one, you’d love the following: 13 VTubers who revealed their faces!

That’s all, folks!


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