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Juniper VTuber Face Reveal, Personal Life, & More!

Juniper’s VTubing journey has been a wild ride of self-discovery! At first, she wasn’t sure about the whole VTubing thing, but she totally found her vibe by sticking to what she’s really good at and getting into the amazing art of VTubing.

She jumped into different programs, like Live2D. Eventually, she created her own epic streaming model, unlocking her creative flow to try out all sorts of styles in the VTubing scene.

Despite doubting herself at first, Juniper, a law student with a knack for art, was blown away by the awesome Twitch fam. They totally embraced her unique VTuber persona, proving her worries wrong.

Now, with a huge fanbase cheering her on, everyone’s dying to know more about her and see her IRL.

Guess what? Today’s the day! This article reveals all the details about Juniper. Plus, get ready to catch a glimpse of Juniper’s real face in those face-revealing photos. Keep reading!

Juniper VTuber Face Reveal, Personal Life, & More!

Who Is Juniper?

Juniper Actias burst onto the scene as a rad, solo English Virtual YouTuber, making their debut on the epic day of November 8, 2020. Juniper Actias has been carving out her unique path in the VTubing scene, from gaming adventures to engaging chats since day one.

Juniper’s redebut video.

Her Personality

Juniper Actias might rock a Moth look, but don’t let that fool you—she’s the chill, giggly type who’s also a total gaming ace. Hollow Knight is her jam, and she loves flaunting her skills in both ‘Baby Mode’ and ‘Full Moon Mode.’ Plus, she loves to spread good vibes, often asking for snuggles and keeping the excitement levels sky-high.

But here’s the cool part—she’s not just a gamer; she’s an artist, too! Her signature one-eye style? That’s her way of giving fans a peek into her creative process. And it shows off her personal touch in crafting her model. You’ll catch her live, tinkering away and fine-tuning her avatar on stream.

What makes Juniper truly stand out is her tight-knit community engagement. She loves the chat interaction, constantly checking in and giving shoutouts to her awesome donors. And hey, goofiness is her middle name—she lives for the fun moments with her fans.

And she’s proudly earned the title of ‘Moth Mom/Mommy,’ wearing it like a badge of honor within her growing fanbase.

Juniper Reveals Her Face

Not many VTubers flex their faces on stream (not that there’s anything wrong with the mystery vibe). But Juniper’s built different! Live on stream, she dropped the reveal—and in classic Juni style, it got a bit scuffed. For a solid 20 seconds, she was muted and clueless.

Check out these screenshots of Juniper revealing her face to her fans:

Juniper Face Revealed
Juniper Face Revealed
Juniper face IRL

Whoa, her new model is insanely real, like almost human! Juni’s human avatar could totally pass for her moth self, just wrapped up tight in human skin.

Juniper VTuber Face Reveal
Juniper VTuber Face Reveal

Seriously though, she’s giving off Mori Calliope vibes with a skater-girl twist, and it hits hard. And dang, yet another stunning lady. I’m starting to doubt if VTubers are really just 40-year-old guys with voice mods.

Can’t wait for others to react. Bao and Numi might just catch some feelings over this.

Interesting Facts About Juniper

Juniper, during her debut stream, went really deep into the details of her personal life, the decisions that led to where she is now, her fanbase, and her VTubing experience in general. The following is the crux of it:

Juniper’s debut stream

She Takes Her VTuber Model Very Seriously

Every time she makes a Twitter post like, “Yo! I might do something with my VTuber model in the next couple of weeks,” she ends up doing it the next day. She takes it that seriously.

Juniper just pops off, and hyper-fixates really strongly and kind of wishes that she could exert some of that energy towards her actual real-life responsibilities.

For example, her internship is a bit on the back burner, and that’s why she thinks that she isn’t really the employee of the month.

Juniper’s Favorite Part About Being A VTuber

Juniper is just a girl who’s into VTuber models. She really loves to learn new programs—she learned to use Live2D first and then decided to make her own streaming model.

That’s when she made her first cursed orca, which she doesn’t really like to talk about. Plus, not to sound corny, she considers the best part of VTubing is YOU—her fam! Now that really is wholesome!

Juniper’s Biggest Fear When She Started VTubing

The thing she feared the most before becoming a full-fledged streamer was the thought that people would be mean on Twitch. That’s because streamers, in general, tweet a lot about their community being rude in their stream, etc.

Juniper's VTuber model
Juniper’s VTuber model

But in reality, she has experienced none of it, and everybody has been super nice to her.

She thinks that she doesn’t have a typical anime-like voice or persona as she’s a 23-year-old law student who likes to mess around with art and stuff.

So she expected people to be like, “Yo! You don’t act, look, or sound like an anime girl! What are you doing with an anime girl model?”

But she’s relieved that everyone has been really nice to her, and she appreciates it.

Juniper considers YouTube to be a bit more toxic than Twitch, though. And that’s what stopped her going on that platform.

Her Opinion On Butts, Boobs, & Thighs

Juniper has always been a butt gal, and she thinks that she still is. But lately, she has been more appreciative of the badonkas, you know?

That change in her preferences happened because of her designing and redesigning Juniper, who’s always been like one of her busty characters.

So now she likes the badonkas, the honkaladoos, the boobadonkas, or whatever you want to call them! Now Juniper likes them because they are nice—soft, to be more particular. Also, in case you are wondering, she’s pretty blessed in her chest department in real life, too.

Her Inspiration To Get Into VTubing

Mori Calliope inspired her to start VTubing. She really liked Mori’s design, her voice, and her personality. You see, Juniper thinks she has a tomboyish personality.

And she had a preconception that all VTubers are very high-pitched, cutesy, anime-girl voices (not that anything’s wrong with that. She just doesn’t think that she has an “UwU” personality.

She usually tells people that she wouldn’t be able to pull off like a pastel blue bunny girl like some people would be able to do.

So, when she started watching Mori, it changed her perspective a little. So she thought that if Mori was popular and people really liked her, there was no reason that she couldn’t do it herself.

Why Moth Girl?

That’s kind of complicated. Most of her fans, who have stuck around for long know that Juniper started as just an original character. But she kind of had a status among her other characters—she was on her profile picture and her banner all the time. Plus, she was the one that got the most clicks and likes.

So she thinks like she kind of had to choose Juniper as her persona. Although she started as an orca because that would fit her tomboyish personality a lot better, but then one night, she had an existential crisis. Juniper sat up in bed and thought she had to be the moth, or else everything would be for nothing.

So, the following morning, she started working on her Juniper model, which she ended up debuting with.

Wrapping Up: Juniper IRL

There it is! You’ve seen Juniper in the flesh. We also shared her VTuber model backstory, her pre-VTubing fears, and loads more juicy tidbits.

I hope you enjoyed it! If you did, swing by our post, where we’ve got the details on other big-time VTubers who’ve revealed their faces.

That’s a wrap, folks!


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