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Trickywi VTuber Face Reveal + Interesting Facts, & More

VTubers usually don’t reveal their faces. I mean, that’s the whole point of VTubing, right?—hiding your real identity behind a digital avatar and bringing chaos into this realm.

But what if I told you that there’s a VTuber who has revealed their face not once, not twice, but on multiple occasions? And not just by accident; they revealed their face willingly and full-heartedly.

That’s right, meet Trickywi, who is really positive about her looks and embraces them in front of the whole world. And why would she not? She’s hot! (You’ll see that later in this article, so read on!)

So, without any further ado, let’s see how Tricky looks in real life!

Who Is Trickywi?

Meet Nephasis, also known by her online persona, Trickywi. As a female English VTuber, she’s been making waves on Twitch since July 31, 2017. However, it wasn’t until July 23, 2021, that she made her debut with her 2D model.

As an Egyptian Harpy Dragon, Trickywi is known for her meme, gaming, and horror video reactions, which have gained her quite the following.

While she previously focused on Pokemon content as a YouTuber, Trickywi has since transitioned to being a full-time variety streamer.

Keep an eye on this rising star in the VTuber community!


Tricky’s present condition is a result of her past, where she possessed enough power to cause massive destruction and even alter the flow of time.

Despite being a harpy dragon, Tricky was born without an innate element. That caused her family and peers to shun and exclude her.

Over time, this rejection led to a growing bitterness and desperation within Tricky, eventually driving her to search for her own elements.

Tricky was later deceived by a band of bandits, who convinced her to help them steal a cursed relic. Once Tricky had the relic in her possession, she gained immense power that she could not control.

Her debut video

As a result, this power began to erode her mind. And, combined with the continued rejection of those around her, drove her to madness.

With her powers spiraling out of control, a battle broke out, resulting in Tricky’s defeat and apparent death.

However, her adoptive grandmother intervened and faked her death, placing her in a deep sleep that lasted for many centuries.

When Tricky finally woke up, she had no memory of her past. But she still felt a strong pull towards a life of crime and piracy, much to the dismay of her adoptive grandmother.

However, after her grandmother’s passing, Tricky wanted to turn her life around.

She returned to Egypt with the goal of regaining her lost powers and seeking out meaningful relationships.

Trickywi’s Personality

Nephasis, also known as Tricky, is a mischievous harpy dragon who has a penchant for pranks. She is highly competitive and will not rest until she is fully content with her performance on any given task. This drive for excellence is a defining trait of Tricky’s personality.

Despite claiming to be pure and innocent (seiso) when threatened, Tricky has been known to enjoy lewd content and jokes. Her appreciation for such content often catches others off guard, highlighting her personality’s playful and somewhat mischievous side.

Due to losing the immense power she once held in the past, Tricky is now plagued by self-consciousness, including her current weaker beast form, which resembles a small house pet rather than a mighty harpy dragon. However, as a fellow Egyptian with a penchant for ghost-wielding, Tricky deeply admires Thief King Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh.

Her VTuber Model

Tricky’s got striking pink hair that falls to her shoulders and orange-yellow eyes that grab your attention.

Twin hearts adorn her right and left eyes, while a curling line resembling the Eye of Horus sits beneath them. Black, feathered harpy ears and matching wings complete her unique look.

Her VTuber model
Her VTuber model

Oh, and let’s not forget her impressive black dragon tail, covered in a mix of scales and feathers. Her black fingernails add an extra touch of edginess to her already bold style.

Tricky also sports bandages that drape across her body, covering her chest and pelvis and trailing down her leg to her ankle.

Tricky VTuber model
Tricky VTuber model

But her other leg and one of her arms are adorned with rainbow-colored tattoos with a textured, crystalline look.

Around her neck, she wears a choker with an Ankh pendant, and another Ankh hangs from a piercing in her belly button. These elements combine to create a truly eye-catching and unforgettable look in her VTuber model.

She can transform into a more draconic form, which causes scales to grow on her forehead and shoulders, horns on her head, and other changes. It’s just another facet of her uniquely captivating persona.

Trickywi VTuber Face Reveal

Tricky has shown her real face and body multiple times on her Twitter profile. The following are some of the instances in which Tricky revealed her face:

Tricky face reveal
Tricky face reveal

She looks smoking hot in that outfit! I wish I was the joker to her Harlequin. Enough of me drooling in my dreams; let’s move on to the next photo of Tricky’s real face.

Her human disguise is pretty good! Her skin tone matches her VTuber model. In fact, she looks exactly like her VTuber avatar!

Tricky VTuber face reveal
Tricky VTuber face reveal

I don’t know about you guys, but this photo of her has converted me from a casual fan to a cult follower! I’d literally follow her to wherever she’d take me! And no! I’m not a simp! Okay, I might be a bit of a simp. BUT I’M PROUD OF IT!

Mascot & Fans

Tricky is accompanied by six ghost familiars: Cupid, Xiboo, Chillaboo, Spoodle, Diaboo, and Booba, each with their own unique personality.

Unfortunately, Diaboo is quite shy and has yet to make an appearance, while Booba prefers to stay hidden within Tricky’s shirt, which seems like a fitting nickname for such a little ghost.

Also, fans of Tricky are commonly known as “Tricksters”.

Some Well-Known Facts About Tricky

Here are some facts you need to know about Tricky:

  • Tricky has a particular fondness for Sylveon, which happens to be her favorite Pokémon. On the other hand, she isn’t a fan of Jigglypuff. In fact, Sylveon served as her YouTube mascot for an extended period of time.
  • Tricky is entirely self-taught when it comes to playing the piano.
  • Her signature screeching is a trait inherited from her Harpy Dragon lineage.
  • She has the Eye of Horus tattooed on her left eye, as it symbolizes Thoth’s eye in Egyptian mythology, representing healing, protection, feminine energy, emotions, magic, and sexual energy.
  • Tricky owns a cat named Karma, who enjoys entering and exiting her room as her favorite pastime.

The Rise Of Tricky VTuber

Tricky created her YouTube channel on June 14, 2012, and initially focused on Pokemon-related content, including music, discussion videos, and top 10 lists.

She later added game playthroughs to her repertoire. On July 31, 2017, she expanded her content to include live streaming on Twitch, offering similar content to her YouTube channel.

As time passed, Tricky grew tired of her existing content and identity, leading her to explore Vtubing to reinvigorate her passion.

She made her debut as a Vtuber on July 23, 2021, live-streaming on Twitch and subsequently posting the archive of this stream to her original YouTube channel.

Tricky released “Perish Song”, her first original song as a Vtuber, on August 3. The lyrics and vocals were provided by Tricky, with production handled by YZYX.

Tricky released “Perish Song”

A self-produced piano version of the song was later released on August 20, 2021.

On September 4, Tricky announced the launch of a new YouTube channel dedicated solely to clips taken from her Twitch channel. The channel will be managed and edited by Vetro.

Tricky debuted her new mummy model on July 23.

mummy VTuber model
Tricky’s mummy VTuber model reveal

On August 13, she started a subathon that included various events throughout its duration. These events included a 12-hour birthday special and a situation where a water heater explosion flooded her house.

Fast forward to today, she has 478K subscribers on her YouTube channel, while her Twitter has reached 143.1K followers. Looking at these numbers, we can safely say that she has reached the pinnacle of her success.

And knowing her, she’ll continue to grow and will be one of the most successful VTubers in the industry.

But the numbers don’t matter to us VTuber fans! Even if she didn’t have these big numbers under her belt, she’d still be what she is now, our favorite Egyptian Harpy Dragon.

We love her personality, content, and now (looking at her photos), how she looks in real life. She’s a beacon of positivity in our lives!

Wrapping Up: Tricky VTuber Real Face

There you have it! All the instances when Trickywi revealed her real face! We also shared some known and less-known facts about her. We hope you enjoyed it.

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That’s all, folks!


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