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Shxtou / Shoto | Past Life, Face Reveal, & Some Interesting Facts!

VTubing is blowing up with loads of awesome VTubers rocking their unique avatars and epic streams. Shoto, one such VTuber who’s a rising star in the virtual YouTuber scene, has gained a massive fanbase in no time!

With his adorable puppy-like antics, soothing voice, and mad love for his viewers, Shoto’s become a household name in VTubing. We know you’re one of his guildies and are dying to learn all about him, so don’t fret about it; we’ve got you covered.

In this piece, we’ll be sharing all the details on Shoto. And guess what? We’ve got a special surprise for you—his face reveal! Be ready to read all about his backstory, interests, and more juicy stuff.

Keep those eyes glued to the screen because we’re also going to share who he was before becoming your favorite VTuber!

Shxtou Face Reveal & More!

Who Is Shoto?

Shoto is a talented male Vietnamese-American VTuber who made his debut on the scene back on October 2, 2021. He’s a one-man show, handling all the magic behind his awesome streams solo while his crew at Hanomari takes care of sponsorships and collaborations.

Shoto having fun with Vox Akuma & other friends.

Hailing from the US, Shoto’s English skills are on point, given his American upbringing, though his Vietnamese isn’t as fluent since he’s spent most of his life stateside.

As for his background, Shoto’s a mix of cultures; he was born and raised in the US, where he also finished high school. The details on his higher education? That’s a mystery, as Shoto’s all about keeping his personal life hidden. But we’ll share everything there’s to know about his past life later in the article, so read on!

His real name is also still hidden, but mark your calendars for July 24—that’s when this Leo celebrates his birthday. And in case you were wondering, Shoto’s a catch—currently flying solo after a past relationship—but hey, who knows what the future holds?

His Personality

Shoto is known for his good-boy personality and soothing voice. He often acts like a puppy, imitating its actions and talking sweetly. So he is called “dog boy” or “good boy” at times. His dog-like ears, tail assets, and puppy-like behavior make him adorable. Shoto’s softer side is what makes him stand out among other VTubers.

Despite his sweet nature, Shoto also has a beautiful voice, which is capable of putting people in a tranquil state. His voice is incredibly pleasant and gives off an ASMR-like feeling.

He is so good at utilizing his voice in RPGs,’ and while playing horror games, Shoto has also mastered the art of producing high-pitched screams to make his viewers happy when he gets frightened while playing games. Without a doubt, Shoto is an incredible singer; many of his song covers are available on his YouTube channel.

Shoto’s singing skills.

Shoto is found bantering with Guildies at times. His fans tease and bully him on almost every stream, although it is in good fun. When fans tease him, he responds by calling them bratty or mean. Despite all the banter, Shoto knows how to keep a check on his audience before things get messy. His VTuber model has some expressions to display his disgust towards some things that his fans say to him.

His Virtual Appearance

Shoto has majestic, dark blue eyes and dark purple hair. His avatar wears a purple jacket; the hoods are coffins that have a light yellow-colored outline. Shoto’s attire also consisted of a turtleneck, which he embellished with two gold chains and a necklace.

Shoto's VTuber model
Shoto’s VTuber model

His pants are of grey color and are often rolled up above his ankles. He wears a black garter belt on his right leg, and it holds a knife. We can change into his dog character, which has purple dog-like ears and a tail.

His Virtual Avatar
His Virtual Avatar

For his second outfit, he opts for a black jacket with a blue lining inside. His hair color is still dark purple, and his eyes dark blue. Beneath the jacket, he wears a purple gradient shirt. His pants are light gray with a leather strap to hold a knife on his left leg. This dress code comes with grey and purple sneakers.

His third attire is somewhat different from the other two dresses. For his spring costume, he chose a lighter purple shade for his hair and eyes. He has two dark-colored clips on his hair. This particular avatar wears glasses and an earning of cherry blossom shaped on his left ear. 

His VTuber model torso
His VTuber model torso

His apparel consists of a shirt with purple flowers and a grey V-neck under it. Shoto accessorizes his garb with a silver pendant with a dagger shape. He opts for an oversized brown coat along with grey boots. He also wears a black ring, a gold wreath ring, and a silver bracelet.

Shoto’s Past Life

Shoxto was previously Seto (Justin), who also happened to be an active singer. He created his Twitter account in April 2015; Shoto was using his original Twitter account, which changed midway from @kohakselo to @shoxto.

Even the oldest video posted on his YouTube was from July 30, 2016, and it has now been removed. It was a debut in collaboration with Hikaru; it was called (Brother-Sister Act) Ver Hikaru x Seto.

Seto started his activities as a streamer on Twitch for the first time on December 7, 2019, by posting a test strum. He also streamed League of Legends that day for about 4-5 hours, and around nine people watched it.

He continued streaming, and the number of viewers increased to about 100 a year later, in December 2020. Later, in October 2021, when he started working as a VTuber, the number of viewers rose to 1,000. When his collaboration with Nijisanji began, this number exceeded 5000; on other days, it was 10,000.

Since both Seto and Shoto have incredible voices and are amazing singers, we can conclude that both are the same person. Another reason we believe Seto is Shoto now is because the Twitter account Shoto is using was previously named “kohakuseto.” and was used by Seto.

Based on the above references and proof. We come to the conclusion that Shoto was, in fact, Justin / Seto in his past life. Shoto’s age was revealed on his Twitter account; he is 24 years old and was born on July 4, 1999.

Shoto’s past life & Age proof

Shoto VTuber Face Reveal

Shoto is a very private person, and a limited amount of information is available about him. Like all other VTubers, he hides his real face behind an animated character.

But in his previous life, Shoto (Justin) used to post his selfies on his Twitter account, which people found out.

He was not active as a VTuber at that time, so he posted a video of himself on Twitter with his favorite Snapchat filter on. This happened on December 12, 2017. Shoto can be seen wearing a navy blue T-shirt and a pink heart filter in his image. He does look very cute in real life.

Shoto's IRL photo
Shoto’s IRL photo

He posted another picture on September 30, 2017, asking people if he looked stupid when he seemed charming instead. 

Shoto reveals his face
Shoto reveals his face.

Several other pictures were also found on Twitter, where he can be seen with a dog filter on his face, exhibiting Shoto’s style.

Shoto's real face with dog filter on
Shoto’s real face with dog filter on
Shoto VTuber Face Reveal
Shoto VTuber Face Reveal

Hmm… Well, Shottom is actually pretty cute!!!

Shoto having fun with his friend IRL
Shoto having fun with his friend, IRL

Interesting Facts About Him

His favorite color is cerulean blue, even though his character is designed in shades of purple. He had a life goal of crushing watermelon with his thighs, and he was able to fulfill it. Well, that’s impressive. Shoto’s favorite flower is Hydrangea; he even has a garden in his house.

Shoto has many friends, but Bao is her close friend and sister figure. Shoto’s height is 5’9, and he weighs 70kg. He has a lewd personality and a softer side, too. He has a fantastic ASMR-like, calming voice. Another fun fact about him is that he works out daily and is an active gym member.

He loves to watch anime and play horror games. Now let us find out about his favorite kind of food. He is fond of tacos, sushi, pancakes, and donuts. Among various alcoholic drinks, he prefers lychee or cherry-flavored Soju.

Shoto is bisexual and even told his parents about it; they supported him. He has a large number of followers from the LGBTQ community and is quite famous among them.

Shoto has adopted a dog’s behavior and personality, but is it his favorite animal, too? Let’s find out. Besides his love for cats and dogs, Shoto loves rodents, mainly rats. He likes his feet as well; it’s absurd but true.

Shoto has the honor of being one of the first VTubers to sign with the world’s largest talent agency, United Talent. Shoto’s fans are known as Guildies because they are part of Adventure’s Guild.

Wrapping Up

Shoto is an extremely adorable VTuber with admirable characteristics; he cares for his fans and engages them in his fun-loving streams. His melodious voice has helped him make a special place in the audience’s hearts.

Shoto did not reveal his face on his live streams; his old pictures were found on his previous Twitter account, and we got a glimpse of his real-life face and even explored his past life. If you want to know more about Shoto, hop on to this article

That’s all, folks!


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