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Ironmouse: Everything You Need To Know About Her

Ironmouse has had great success since her debut in August 2017. In fact, she is one of the most famous VTubers and has now become the face of VTubing. She is one of the VTubers who made VTubing popular among the masses.

The female streamer has inspired millions of her fans and many new VTubers into the industry.

Ironmouse subathon

Everything We Know About Ironmouse

Ironmouse has been pretty secretive about her real identity. Nobody but a few of her close friends knows who she is in real life. But everything we know about her is in this article. So keep reading to learn more about your favorite VTuber!

Who Is Ironmouse?

Ironmouse is one of the most famous VTubers who started her career back in August 2017 on a small streaming platform named YouNow. And before that, she was looking into opera singing as a career choice. The pink and purple hair VTuber hails from Puerto Rico and is a Hispanic person.

Inspired by Kizuna Ai, she started streaming with a pretty simple setup, a $5.99 on-sale Facerig copy bought by her friends, and a free digital avatar from Steam Workshop. She then made her Twitch account on 28 September 2017 and became a Twitch streamer. The female streamer created her YouTube account one day later. Her Twitch streams are really funny and engaging for her fans.

She is famous for her quirky personality, singing, and signature high-pitched voice.

Joining VShojo

Ironmouse started streaming as an Indie VTuber. However, on 24 November, she joined a VTuber agency named VShojo. She still enjoys the perks of being an Indie VTuber as VShojo is known for giving creative freedom to its VTuber talent. She promised to be free in her creative choices by saying:

“Nothing will change. Jack sh** will change. You know why? Because VShojo is talent-first. We’re all f***in’ free to do what ever the f*** we want!”

And so far, I must say that she has kept her promises.

Ironmouse’s Demon Queen Lore

Ironmouse’s official lore on VShojo’s website mentions that she is a demon queen and goes by many names. She has also often been referred to as Satan himself. Her lore also explains how she escaped from her duties in hell and is a fun-loving and friendly demon who just wants to make new friends. New life-related things intrigue her, which is why she is obsessed with the internet, nerdy, lewd, cute things, and music.

The magic bells on her body keep her powers in control for being able to stay in the human world. If the magic bells weren’t there, the whole world would fall down into chaos and anarchy due to her powers. Her proper demon queen form would be revealed if only one of her bells fell.

But we are in luck as she is merely a fun-loving demon who wants to see what the human world has to offer and make new friends.

How She Came Up With Her Lore

In an interview with the Washington Post, she explained how she came up with her lore.

“I think I just started saying, ‘Oh yeah, I’m Satan’ as a joke,” Ironmouse said. “Then more and more people started making the joke with me, and it just became my lore. … So yeah, I’m Satan, and that’s all there is to it.”

So it was her fans who helped her come up with her lore.

The Personality Of Ironmouse

Ironmouse is known for her funny and easygoing streams. She is so fun to watch that you can’t get enough of her, and she will always make you laugh.

The virtual YouTuber wasn’t always this confident, especially in the company of other streamers. She was shy and was only confident when streaming in the company of her close friends or when she was alone.

Ironmouse has chaotic energy in her streams and sometimes leaves her followers and other streamers collaborating with her speechless. She has no filter when she speaks, as everything that comes out of her mouth is from her heart. So, her VTuber character resonates with her personality.

Ironmouse’s Common Variable Immunodeficiency Disorder

Ironmouse suffers from common variable immune deficiency, which leaves her highly susceptible to infections and lung conditions. She couldn’t leave her house or even her bed before the coronavirus. But during the pandemic, she was highly susceptible to the Covid virus, so she couldn’t even think of leaving her house due to her health issues.

In August 2021, she promoted a plasma donation cause named to help people who suffer from the same disease as hers.

She used to struggle with treating her common variable immune deficiency condition due to being tight on the budget. However, now that she is a famous VTuber on both of the big platforms, i.e. Twitch and YouTube, she can afford good care.

Here is what she had to say about her condition in an interview with the Washington Post:

“My health started improving because let’s be honest,” Ironmouse said, “money helps with getting stuff.”

The Subathon

Ironmouse had a Subathon that started on 4 February 2022, where she made a record by becoming the most subscribed female streamer on Twitch. She made around $860,000 during the one month of her Twitch stream.

The Subathon ended on 7 March 2021 and lasted 31 days, during which she was able to break several records. She managed to have 171,690 subscribers by the end of the Subathon.

Ironmouse’s VTuber Models And Who Made Them

Ironmouse has had several VTuber models over the course of her career. Her first model was a free one and was very rudimentary. As she developed as a Youtube and Twitch streamer, so did her character, lore, and with those, her VTuber model. Following are her official VTuber models:

Season 1

Ironmouse’s season 1 2D VTuber model was designed by herself and was modelled by Ketama.

Ironmouse's 2D model from season 1
Ironmouse’s 2D model from season 1

Her first 3D model was revealed in June 2020 and was designed by herself again, while it was modelled by jjinomu.

Ironmouse's 3D model from season 1
Ironmouse’s 3D model from season 1

Season 2

Ironmouse’s second 2D VTuber model was streamed during her second season and drawn by herself. Nia illustrated it, while etctr was the one who modelled it.

Ironmouse's 2D model from season 2
Ironmouse’s 2D model from season 2

Her second 3D model was launched in March 2021. Ironmouse designed the 3D model herself while TheArtGun modelled it.

Ironmouse's 3D model from season 2
Ironmouse’s 3D model from season 2

What The Future Holds In Store For Ironmouse

Ironmouse has had a steep growth curve in terms of viewers and subscribers. She is one of the most subscribed female streamers on Twitch and YouTube. And being in VShojo has enabled her to collaborate with more like-minded streamers and successful VTubers, making her streams more entertaining.

Right now, she seems pretty happy about her long periods of Twitch streams, having fun with her chat and playing games. So she might continue to do so.


Has Ironmouse done a face reveal?

Ironmouse has been pretty mysterious about her real-life identity and hasn’t revealed her face yet. This is a surprise considering that she belongs to VShojo, which is a pretty casual VTuber agency. However, it’s her choice, and we totally support her. But If she does reveal her face any time in the future, the DERE★PROJECT will be the first one to break it to you.

How old is Ironmouse?

Ironmouse, in real life, was born on 11 January 1997, making her 25 years old as of 2022. However, her character is 6,669 years old, according to her lore. She is really self-conscious about her age, so don’t ask her about her age.

What is Ironmouse’s condition?

Ironmouse suffers from Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID) disease. She is bedridden for most of the time due to the illness. However, she has been getting better lately.

Is Ironmouse dying?

Ironmouse is actually suffering from CVID. However, she isn’t dying. On the contrary, she is getting better, according to her latest interview.

Why does Ironmouse talk like that?

Many of Ironmouse’s fans think her voice sounds like it does due to a voice changer. However, her voice is extraordinarily high due to her medical condition. She suffers from CVID, which affects her lungs and, with that, her voice.

Is Ironmouse Hispanic?

Yes, she is Hispanic and hails from Puerto Rico.

Are Connor/CDawgVA and Ironmouse dating?

No, Connor and Ironmouse aren’t dating. At least that’s what Ironmouse said in her live stream. Ironmouse’s medical condition and Connor’s location in Japan make it difficult for them to date anyway.

How tall is Ironmouse?

According to some sources, Ironmouse’s height is anywhere between 4 feet and 10 inches to 5 feet 1 inch.

How much does Ironmouse make?

Ironmouse makes around $700,000 to $1.7 million yearly from Twitch subs. You can check out the comprehensive article we wrote on VTuber’s income. 


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