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Finana Ryugu | Past Life, Face Reveal, & More!

Are you a fan of VTubers with epic avatars and insane personalities? Let me put you onto one of the top dogs: Finana Ryugu. Finana’s content game is next level; she keeps it real and is pretty bold. She’s not just the ocean princess; she’s got the hearts of her fans locked down tight. And let me tell you, her fanbase keeps growing like crazy (535K subscribers on her YouTube channel as of now).

With her chill vibes and mad love for her audience, fans are itching to know who’s really behind the avatar. Is she as stunning IRL as she is in her anime form?

If you’re one of those guys dying to get a sneak peek into Finana’s world, this article is for you. In this piece, we’re going to share the details of Finana’s real life, her backstory, face reveal, and everything in between. So, read on!

Finana Ryugu Face Reveal & More!

Who Is Finana Ryugu?

Finana Ryugu is one of Nijisanji En’s OG crew, debuting with Pomu Rainpuff and Elira Pandora from the start. She loves her tropical mermaid life, chilling with the fish in those coral reef seas. Straight up, Finana’s the princess holding it down in the Atlantis kingdom.

With her smooth voice and laid-back personality, she’s ruling the hearts of her viewers, no doubt!

The story behind the name “Finana Ryugu” runs deep, my friend. It isn’t just any old name she picked out of thin air. There’s a whole saga behind it.

So, check this out: “Finana” shortens to “Fin,” right? And think about it—fin, like the fins on fish. She’s a mermaid, so it’s like a nod to her aquatic roots, swimming with the fish crew.

Introducing Finana Ryugu

Now, let’s discuss her second name, “Ryugu.” That’s like the OG ancestor of mermaid royalty—the forefather of royal mermaids. It’s a tradition in her family to use “Ryugu” as their last name, showing that they’re keeping that dynasty alive and paying respect back to their legendary ancestor.

Even though she’s all about that fishy imagery, she’s actually got some dragon blood running through her veins. Yeah, you heard it right!

Here’s the kicker: Finana’s roots trace back way before fish even hit the scene. She’s like the OG, way back before aquatic life even evolved. So, don’t let her fishy appearance fool you—she’s got a direct line to the dragon family.

Your mind is officially blown, right? Finana’s backstory just got a whole lot more epic!

Her Personality

She is an amalgam of sweetness and pureness with a dash of boldness. Finana is an elegant mermaid with a beautiful heart and a character as calm and peaceful as the ocean. She’s an extremely friendly and hardworking VTuber.

When it comes to the skills of VTuber Finana, she is an all-rounder. With amazing signing and gaming skills, she is also well-versed in forming an interactive community with fans. Finana almost streams daily, and when she’s not streaming, she is found interacting with her fans on other social media platforms like Twitter.

Finana Ryugu has a dual personality. When you get to know her for the first time, she will appear immensely sweet and friendly. But, when you’ve got to know her for some time, you’ll see she is bold about things.

Finana and friends take the personality test.

Finana believes that people assume her to be innocent and soft because that is a common mermaid misconception. Mermaids are initially thought to be nice and sweet, as described in various movies as well. We also have Disney’s villainous version of mermaids.

Now, you must be wondering if it’s true. Whether mermaids have a similar character as depicted in movies or not, they ought to have different personalities. Well, according to Finana, mermaids are somewhere between these two personalities; they are neither extremely merciful nor man-feeding monsters.

Despite falling between these two personalities, her friendly nature outweighs her supposedly evil side, although Finana does not admit it. We cannot disregard her mischievous and outspoken personality. She does get intimate and even naughty in her stories; she starts by saying I should not say that but eventually ends up saying it all.

Her Virtual Appearance 

Finana has both human and fish-like features; she has a half-fish and half-human form, similar to all mermaids. She is always wearing a purple crown to honor her princess title and maintain her royalty. The shade of her hair is light blueish green, resembling underwater grass. Her long cerulean hairs also have a lilac flower called Sea Purpose.

Sea purpose is the first flower cultivated by mermaids underwater; hence, it is of great importance to mermaids. Finana wears it to signify her status as a mermaid.

Fianans’s avatar has blue fins-like ears and light purplish eyes, which enhance her magical features. Her tropical-themed dress is embellished with various sea shells and scales, giving it a sailor-like look. Finana’s character has blue scale markings seen on her neck and ankles.

When she is in her human form, instead of her legs, she has a tail to assist her in swimming underwater. However, her human form has legs and lungs instead of gills. When she is in her human form, she ditches typical mermaid attire and goes for human-like clothes.

For her second outfit, she opts for a purple crop top, a black tech-wear jacket with “Feesh” written on one strap, and high-waist black tights. A purple fish’s skeleton trapped in a water bottle is what she likes to carry with her. In order to match her dress color scheme, her hair is kept a darker shade of green.

Her human avatar comes with two different hairstyles, one being a ponytail and the other simply short hair. She has a well-defined chest and a pair of pointed teeth like those of a shark.

Finana Ryugu’s Past Life

In her previous life, Finana was Yui Shirogane, who also happened to be a streamer on Twitch. Is it a coincidence? Maybe not, because we have evidence to prove that Shirogane is Finana Ryugu now. 

Shirogane started her activities on Twitch on August 22, 2018, mainly working in the creative category on Twitch. She streamed Final Fantasy, Ring of Elysium, and Among Us for 108,70 and 11 hours, respectively.

On August 17, 2020, not many activities were happening on Twitter and the YouTube channel of this VTuber. On March 30, 2021, Yui Shirogane tweeted that she would no longer continue her activities and thanked her fans who supported her. The suspicious part is that she ended her tweet by saying she would be lurking around.

Yui Shirogane' graduation tweet
Yui Shirogane’s graduation tweet

Now, these dates are also relevant in the way that Finana debuted in May 2021, and Shirogane ended her career in March 2021. Another tweet that we came across was made on December 4, 2020, which was,” I am preparing for Nijisanji’s audition; I might pass as I have Hololive’s finalist experience. Wish me luck.”.

Yui Shirogane announces her "temporary" hiatus
Yui Shirogane announces her “temporary” hiatus.

The tweet, as mentioned above, clearly shows the connection between Finana and Yuri Shirogane and proves that Shirogane is working as Finana. Despite their interest in similar games like RPG’s Final Fantasy, Minecraft, etc., they also tend to have similar voices and speaking styles.

These clues tell us a lot about Finana’s past life. Based on these pieces of proof, you can see why we’d think Finana was Shirogane Yuri in her past life.

Finana Ryugu‘s Face Revealed

VTubers maintain a mysterious vibe by keeping their real identity and real-life images hidden from fans, but then there are VTubers who like to flex their faces and grab all the attention.

But sometimes, what happens is that VTubers post their pictures in the past, and people get lucky enough to find them out. A similar case happened with Finana Ryugu. She posted her selfies on Twitter in the past when she used to be Yui Shirogane, and now Finana’s face is revealed.

Finana Ryugu real Face
Finana Ryugu’s real Face

She is sweet and beautiful, just like her avatar. Her images display her calm and bold nature. Isn’t she amazing? Not just her face, but her vibe matches her anime avatar.

Finana Ryugu Face IRL
Finana Ryugu Face IRL
Finana Ryugu reveals her face
Finana Ryugu reveals her face

She posted a picture of herself where she is seen smiling, and then there’s this picture with her holding her middle fingers up (classic Fin!).

Finana's Face Reveal
Finana’s Face Reveal
Finana Ryugu VTuber Face Reveal
Finana Ryugu VTuber Face Reveal

Interesting Facts About Her

You have always seen Finana’s avatar smiling; the reason behind this is that her avatar is not capable of showing sad emotions. So, whenever the Vtuber is sad, her character will still have a smile on its face.

In one of her streams, she revealed that squeezing things helps her relieve stress, so she loves to squeeze things as they make her feel better and alleviate her nervousness.

She even disclosed that she gropes her breasts when she is anxious, referring to them as stress balls. She even does it during her streams, mostly when she is watching animated CGs or videos. Now, her audience often uses the term stress ball in chat to talk about her breasts.

Ever wondered what sort of man Fianana would admire? She would fall for the man with a bad-boy personality and a heart of gold. So basically, her favorite type of man is a gangsta with a good heart.

Finana has many interesting nicknames; the most common one is Feesh. She has another nickname, which is Finance; since her name Finana autocorrects to Finance every single time, she is given this nickname.

There are many things that Finana likes. Firstly, her favorite things are custom keyboards, anime, video games, and music. Other than this, she also loves anime ost’s, cosplay, fashion, and Doritos.

Finana hates spiders, creepers, and skeletons in Minecraft Mob, and she absolutely abhors pineapple on pizza. She also hates it when her name is auto-corrected to Finance, but now she is sort of accepting it.

Wrapping Up: Finana Ryugu’s Face Reveal

The VTubing scene is huge, and it is extremely difficult to stand out, but Finana, being a hard worker, managed to reach the tippy-top of success. She made her name in the VTubing industry and gained a substantial amount of followers.

Fans adore her mix of sweetness and sass, plus how she vibes with her audience. She has built a community where she does not stand anyone bullying her people. This has made her even more likable.

Her streams? Pure fun, guaranteed laughs. And her face-revealing photos? Dang, she’s hot! Isn’t she? If you love seeing VTubers revealing their photos, check out this article where we have revealed the faces of 13 famous VTubers!

That’s all, folks!


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