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VTuber Statistics 2024: Insights From Our VTuber Survey

Looking for solid data to back your VTuber passion? We’ve conducted a survey to bring you raw, unfiltered VTuber statistics straight from the source (VTubers themselves).

Understanding the VTuber culture on a deeper level requires solid data. And that’s what we have focused on in this post.

Our survey focuses on VTubers’ challenges, favorite streaming platforms and software, collaborations, growth strategies, content and VTuber model preferences, equipment used for content creation, etc., to provide a credible source for those interested in VTuber analytics.

So whether you’re an aspiring VTuber yourself or a blogger looking to back your content with solid VTuber statistics, this article is for you!

We’ll also share the secrets hidden within the data, offering strong insights to enrich your understanding of the VTuber scene. So, read on!

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VTuber Background

Before we move on to a bit more specific VTuber statistics, we’ll share the background of the VTubers we surveyed.

General VTuber statistics
General VTuber Statistics 2024

VTubing Experience

The VTubers we scoped out are total pros in the VTubing scene! Like, 21.7% of them have been VTubing for over two years, while a solid 30.4% have been at it for about 1-2 years. Then we got 34.8% who’ve been in the game for six months to a year, and just 13% are fresh faces with under six months under their belts.

VTubing Experience
VTubing Experience

Preferred Streaming Platform: VTuber Statistics

Despite the fierce streaming platform competition, Twitch is still the VTubers’ top pick, with a whopping 73.9% sticking with it as their main hub.

But that’s likely to change in the near future because YouTube’s rolling out the red carpet for creators, especially with YouTube shorts. They’re basically stepping up to the plate against TikTok and Instagram reels.

With YouTube shorts, VTubers can grow fast as they don’t have to drag viewers from other short video platforms (like Twitch streamers have to do so by posting their clips on TikTok and other social platforms). They can get subs right there on YouTube, with no detours needed.

That’s why YouTube’s climbing up the ladder fast, becoming VTubers’ second go-to platform, with 39.1% of them making it their main stage.

The third most popular platform in the VTubing community is Bilibili, with 4.3% of VTubers choosing it as their primary streaming medium.

VTubers' Preferred Streaming Platforms
VTubers’ Preferred Streaming Platforms

VTuber Software Statistics

VTuber Software Statistics
VTuber Software Statistics

So, let’s talk software—what’s the go-to choice for streaming in our VTuber community? Here’s what they told us:

OBS Studio is the top choice, with 65.2% of VTubers using it as their main streaming software. It’s no surprise, really; OBS Studio’s flexibility and great features make it perfect for many in the VTubing scene.

Streamlabs OBS comes in at 21.7%. With its user-friendly interface and built-in features, it’s a popular choice for a great VTubing experience.

VTuber Studio is a choice for 39.1%of VTubers. Its specialized features are designed specifically for VTubing, which makes it a top pick for many VTubers.

Then, we have Prism Live Studio & CameraFi Live, which account for 4.3% of VTubers. While not as widely used as the others, these software options still offer unique features and functionality for certain niches within the VTuber community.

Content Creation & Streaming Weekly Commitment Stats

For most VTubers, VTubing is more of a side gig or a fun hobby. The majority, like 52.2%, spend less than 10 hours a week streaming or creating content. Then you’ve got 21.7% clocking in 10–20 hours, another 21.7% hustling 20–30 hours, while just 4.3% go all-in, putting in over 30 hours a week.

Content Creation & Streaming Weekly Commitment Stats
Content Creation & Streaming Weekly Commitment Stats

VTuber Models & Equipment Statistics

VTuber Models & Equipment Statistics
VTuber Models & Equipment Statistics

Most Used VTuber Model Types

Most popular VTuber model types among VTubers
Most popular VTuber model types among VTubers

Commissioning a VTuber model is pretty challenging, mainly because VTubers have a tough choice to make between different types of VTuber models. They have to consider their budgets, preferences, style, and what type really goes with their content and audience.

Well, we have the data that shows what’s popular among the VTuber community regarding VTuber model types. Here are their top choices:

  • Live2D models take the crown, winning over 34.8% of VTubers with their fluid expressions and seamless moves.
  • Close behind are PNG models, used by 30.4% of VTubers.
  • Then there’s the 3D VTuber model, used by 26.1% of VTubers for that immersive vibe.
  • For 4.3%, it’s a cute combo of PNG models and adorable 2D chibi avatars.
  • Another 4.3% use all three model types.

Favorite Camera For VTubing

Favorite VTuber Camera: VTuber Statistics
Favorite VTuber Camera: VTuber Statistics

For 43.5%, the trusty webcam is their go-to as their VTuber camera. It makes sense as a webcam offers reliability and ease of setup for seamless streaming sessions.

Another 30.4% opt for their iPhone camera. Apple’s tech works exceptionally well for face tracking.

Some creators invest in dedicated high-end cameras, chosen by 17.4% of VTubers. It helps them stream with professional-grade quality and precision.

Meanwhile, 4.3% find the ordinary yet capable camera of their Android smartphone perfect.

Interestingly, for another 4.3%, the question of camera type may not apply, suggesting that they might be using a PNG VTuber model.

VTuber Statistics: Challenges & Coping Mechanisms

Challenges & Coping Mechanisms
Challenges & Coping Mechanisms

Statistics About Common VTuber Challenges

Below are the challenges that VTubers regularly face:

Common Challenges That VTubers Face
Common Challenges That VTubers Face

Technical Issues

When you’re in the heat of a stream, totally in the zone, and suddenly your webcam freezes or your mic cuts out, yeah, it’s the worst feeling.

Technical issues like these can really throw a wrench in your stream and mess with your groove. And 34.8% mentioned this as one of the challenges they face when they’re streaming.

Audience Engagement

A VTuber’s main goal is to keep the chat buzzing, respond to their comments, and make them feel like they’re part of the action.

Keeping up that energy and interaction throughout the stream is a huge challenge that 60.9% of VTubers said they face.


Being a VTuber isn’t just about having fun; it’s about paying the bills, too. Figuring out how to turn your passion into profit—whether it’s through subs, donations, or sponsorships—that’s what 43.5% of the VTubers struggle with.

Content Creation

Brainstorming ideas, scripting content, recording sessions, and then spending hours editing to make it all pop—this is what content creation requires. And that’s why 65.2% of VTubers find it difficult to deal with.

Balancing Personal Life & VTuber Persona

It’s like leading a double life sometimes. You’ve got your real-world responsibilities pulling you one way and your VTuber persona demanding attention the other.

43.5% of VTubers struggle with finding that balance between the two.


8.6% of VTubers struggle with ableism—whether it’s battling accessibility issues or societal barriers. Their journey is a reminder of the power of perseverance.

Living In An Abusive Home & Financial Issues

Streaming can be a refuge for those dealing with tough situations at home or struggling with finances. About 4.3% of VTubers face situations like these.


Editing is where VTubers take raw footage and turn it into something epic (that includes cutting out high engagement clips from VODs, making YT videos funny by adding in memes and Pepe emotes, etc.). It takes up a lot of time that VTubers could be spending streaming. And that’s the reason why 4.3% of VTubers mention it as one of the challenges they face.

Managing Burnout

It’s not easy to keep churning out content, especially when creators hit that wall of burnout or fatigue.

It’s more than just feeling physically tired. Sitting glued to the screen for hours, constantly trying to keep your audience hooked, really messes with your mental health.

As a VTuber, you’ve got to push aside your real-life issues, slip into a character that’s often nothing like the real you, and constantly keep the laughs rolling, which totally drains your emotional energy.

By the time your 8-hour stream ends, you’ve got nothing left in the emotional tank to connect with your family and friends—VTubing and streaming, in general, can be seriously tough in that department.

That’s why, as a VTuber, you have to have some killer strategies to beat that fatigue and avoid burnout. Here are some of the go-to moves VTubers use to keep going strong:

Managing Burnout
Managing Burnout

Taking Breaks

Surveyed VTubers revealed their go-to strategies for overcoming this fatigue. Taking breaks emerges as the top strategy, supported by almost 70% of VTubers.

After hours of engaging with chat, gaming, or creating content, stepping back from the screen really does feel great.

Changing The Content Style

But what happens when the grind becomes too routine? That’s where changing the content style helps. That provides a fresh perspective and remotivates the VTuber.

Think about it: when a VTuber switches from RPGs to FPS games, it’s a whole new world of excitement and challenges for them, and the audience gets to see them in different scenarios and face those challenges.

So, the content isn’t repetitive for the audience, which means the audience stays engaged.

That’s why changing the content style is the chosen strategy of 30.4% of VTubers.


One of the most potent remedies for burnout lies in collaboration, a strategy used by 34.8% of streamers.

Together, they strategize, brainstorm, and lift each other up, changing what could be a solo and lonely journey into a shared experience.

Audience’s Input For New Ideas

In my opinion, there’s nothing better than a VTuber asking the audience what they want them to try next. The audience of a VTuber is their most trusted ally. Asking them for new ideas is a tactic used by 39.1% of streamers.

Dealing With The Negativity: VTuber Stats

Dealing With The Negativity: VTuber Stats
Coping With The Negativity: VTuber Stats

Dealing with negativity is part and parcel of being a VTuber. From our survey data, it’s clear that VTubers have some tricks up their sleeves to deal with such nonsense.

Most of the VTubers—56.5%—just brush off negative comments and don’t pay much attention to them at all. Addressing them calmly is another way of dealing with such situations, endorsed by 47.8% of VTubers. They just keep cool in the heat of the moment—a pretty hard thing to do, especially considering how mean some people can be on the internet.

Then there’s setting the tone with chat rules and moderation, a tactic used by 52.2% of VTubers. VTubers’ mods usually make sure everyone plays nice.

As for laughing at negative comments, only 4.3% of VTubers do it.

Audience Engagement & Content Creation

VTuber Audience Engagement & Content Creation Statistics
VTuber Audience Engagement & Content Creation Statistics

Engagement Tactics: Audience Interaction During Streams

VTuber Audience Engagement Statistics
VTuber Audience Engagement Statistics

According to our survey, chat interaction takes the crown as the primary method for audience engagement for 78.3% of VTubers. There’s nothing like having a lively conversation with fans, where everyone’s voice matters and contributes to the fun.

Some VTubers spice things up by throwing in polls and Q&A sessions, a strategy adopted by 13% of them. Everyone is invited to participate in the decision-making process. That makes the stream feel more collaborative.

Meanwhile, 17.4% of VTubers amp up the excitement with mini-games and challenges. This turns the stream into sort of a carnival where everyone can join in on the fun.

For those who haven’t jumped into audience interaction yet, 21.7% admit they don’t interact with their audience, but 4.3% are eyeing the future with plans to engage.

Content That Connects: Understanding Audience Preferences

VTuber Audience Preference Statistics
VTuber Audience Preference Statistics

Understanding what resonates best with the audience is essential for keeping them hyped and connected. According to our data, gameplay streams resonate most with the audience. It pulls in viewers for a whopping 82.6% of VTubers.

Q&A sessions and art creation/live drawing are strategies for 34.8% of VTubers (17.4% each) that work for them to engage their viewers. They basically let their audience peek behind the curtain of their creative process.

Music performances strike a chord with 30.4% of VTubers’ audiences.

Free talk, just chatting, and video editing may not be the main strategy for most VTubers, with only 4.3% (for each tactic) of them finding them successful in audience engagement. Still, they offer cool opportunities for connection and creativity.

4.3% were unsure of what clicks best. Exploring different content avenues can be a great way for such creators to vibe better with their audience’s groove.

VTuber Content Innovation Strategies

Staying creative and Innovative

Staying competitive and relevant in the VTubing scene requires a mix of innovation and creativity. Here’s what VTubers do to stay creative in content creation:

43.5% of VTubers push boundaries by experimenting with fresh formats, like trying out new game genres or storytelling techniques.

Drawing inspiration from fellow creators is the go for 52.2%. They basically see what’s trending, and that inspires their own creativity. is a

56.5% of VTubers take audience suggestions and turn viewer input into content gold.

Meanwhile, for another 43.5%, data analysis and research are the secrets to keeping their content innovative.

VTuber Collaborations

VTuber Collaborations Stats
VTuber Collaborations Stats

Teaming up with fellow VTubers builds excitement and creativity in the VTubing scene. Our data shows that 87% of VTubers have collaborated with other VTubers at some point in their career. It’s understandable why such a large number of VTubers have collaborated in the past.

VTuber collaboration brings fresh vibes, shared laughs, and new ideas to the stream and makes content more epic and the community stronger while growing the audience.

13% haven’t jumped into the collab just yet. But there’s always a chance to explore new partnerships and co-create legendary content together. Because collaboration often leads to unforgettable moments that keep the audience coming back for more.

VTuber Growth Tactics

So, what’s the secret sauce for VTubers looking to make it big in the scene? We asked a bunch of them about their growth strategies, and here’s what they told us:

VTuber Growth Strategy Stats
VTuber Growth Strategy Stats
  • Collaborations: Teaming up with fellow VTubers is the name of the game for growing a VTuber channel. At least, that’s what most VTubers believe works the best, with 56.5% swearing by collaborations to boost their channel visibility.
  • Social Media Promotion: 52.2% of VTubers rely heavily on social media platforms to spread the word about their content.
  • Consistent Streaming Schedule: 43.5% of VTubers believe that consistency is key. Keeping a regular streaming schedule helps them maintain viewer engagement and loyalty.
  • Unique/Different Content: Standing out from the crowd is a great strategy to build any brand or channel. And 26.1% of VTubers find delivering content that’s fresh, different, and totally unique is the way to go when looking to grow a channel or brand.
  • Showing Unique Personality: Only 4.3% of VTubers find that showing their unique personalities to attract and retain audiences is a good growth strategy.
  • Just Posting the Schedule: Sometimes, simplicity is key. 4.3% of VTubers find that just posting their streaming schedule is enough to grow their audience.

Monetization & Revenue

VTuber Monetization & Revenue Stats
VTuber Monetization & Revenue Stats

Monetization Methods For VTubers On YouTube

Monetization methods that VTubers use on YouTube
Methods that VTubers use on YouTube to monetize their content

Let’s talk about the money side of YouTube for VTubers. We asked how VTubers are making ends meet with their YouTube activities, and here’s what we found:

  • Donations & Tips: A good chunk, 39.1% to be exact, are getting support from generous viewers through donations and tips.
  • Subs & Memberships: About 26.1% are monetizing their channels through subscriptions and memberships. They basically give their loyal fans some extra perks for subscribing or being a member.
  • Sponsorships: Sponsorship deals are on the table for 21.7% of creators. This helps them bring in some extra cash through brand partnerships.
  • Merchandise Sales: Some creators, roughly 17.4%, are expanding their revenue streams with merchandise sales, offering fans a chance to support them in style.
  • No monetization yet: On the flip side, 43.5% of creators aren’t monetizing their content just yet, taking things at their own pace. Some of the respondents just don’t upload their content on YouTube, and some aren’t that big on the platform right now.

VTuber Statistics: Annual Earnings Of VTubers

VTuber Statistics: How much money do VTubers make?
VTuber Statistics: How much money do VTubers make?

Ahh! The age-old question: How much money do VTubers make? Well, it’s finally been answered. We asked the VTubers themselves about annual earnings, and here’s what they told us:

  • Less than $100 a Year: Almost half of VTubers, 47.6% to be precise, are earning less than $100 annually from their VTubing hustle. It goes to show that it isn’t as glamorous a life as many think, watching the top VTubers. If you are jumping into the VTubing scene just because you think you’ll be a millionaire in a few days, you better be prepared for a struggling period.
  • $100 – $1000 a Year: About 38.1% are making some decent pocket change, falling in the range of $100 to $1000 per year.
  • $1000-$10,000 a Year: A smaller group, 14.3%, is pulling in a solid chunk of change, ranging from $1000 to $10,000 per year.

Networking & Audience Targeting

Networking & Audience Targeting Statistics
Networking & Audience Targeting Statistics

VTuber Statistics: The Significance Of Networking For YouTubers

The Significance Of Networking For YouTubers
The Significance Of Networking For YouTubers

Here’s what VTubers had to say about the importance of networking for YouTubers

  • 1: 0% – Nobody thought networking was of the lowest importance.
  • 2: 13% – A small portion rated networking as somewhat unimportant.
  • 3: 21.7% – A decent chunk recognized networking as moderately important.
  • 4: 30.4% – Even more VTubers acknowledged that networking is quite important.
  • 5: 34.7% – The majority considered networking as extremely important, giving it the highest rating.

So, a big chunk of YouTubers consider making those connections and building their network really important and see it as a key part of their YouTube journey.

VTuber Content Focus

VTuber Content Focus: Defining Their Target Audience
VTuber Content Focus

So, about 56.5% of VTubers have a niche in mind—they’re targeting a specific demographic, you know? They’re dialed in, creating content that speaks directly to the preferences and interests of a particular group of viewers.

On the other hand, 43.5% of VTubers prefer aiming for a broad audience rather than narrowing down their focus. They’re casting their nets wide, trying to capture the hearts of all kinds of viewers from all walks of life.

Storytelling & Character Development

VTuber Storytelling & Character Development Statistics
VTuber Storytelling & Character Development Statistics

For about a quarter of VTubers (26.1%), it’s all about those pre-planned story arcs. They’ve got the storyline mapped out.

Then, there’s another quarter (26.1%) who are into collaborative storytelling. They let the audience join in, shaping the story as it unfolds.

About 30.4% of VTubers prefer to keep things spontaneous. They improvise during streams and keep it real and fresh.

But 43.5% aren’t really into character development. They focus on other aspects of their content instead.

A small group (4.3%) mixes lore with authenticity.

Motivation & Support: VTuber Stats

Motivation & Support: VTuber Stats Infographics
Motivation & Support: VTuber Stats Infographics

VTuber Drive: What Motivates A VTuber?

VTuber Drive
VTuber Drive

For 82.6% of VTubers, that burning passion for content creation keeps them going. They’re in it for the love of the VTubing and pour their hearts into every upload.

See, this passion is what makes a VTuber successful. If a VTuber is in it just for the money, they’ll likely quit after just a few months of struggling to make a single dollar.

A solid 73.9% of VTubers are motivated by hitting their personal goals and targets. They’re driven by their own aspirations, which push them to be more successful as VTubers.

Positive feedback also plays a role for 30.4% of VTubers. They thrive on that feedback from their audience and use it to fuel their creativity.

39.1% are motivated by money. Making money from their content is a big part of why they keep grinding.

But there’s a small percentage—just 4.3%—who are out to prove their haters wrong. They’re turning that negativity into fuel for their fire. They want to show the world what they’re made of.

Support System Statistics

Support System Statistics
Support System Statistics

78.3% of VTubers are working solo. They self-manage their VTuber activities and handle everything from content creation to community management.

Then, there’s a quarter of VTubers (26.1%) who are getting a little help from their friends or family. They’ve got a support system in place, with loved ones lending a hand when needed.

Another 30.4% are leaning on their fellow VTubers for support. They’ve built a community where they can share tips, collaborate, and cheer each other on.

Now, a smaller group (13%) is getting professional support. They’ve got managers and agents in their corner who help them with things like sponsorships, streaming schedules, VTuber assets, etc.

4.3% of VTubers are going at it alone. They don’t have any support system, but they’re still holding it down and making things happen on their own terms.

Favorite Aspect Of VTubing

VTubers' Favorite Aspect Of VTubing
VTubers’ Favorite Aspect Of VTubing

Being a VTuber is a journey filled with excitement and fulfillment. But what really makes a VTuber tick? We asked the VTubers themselves, and here’s what the data from the survey says:

For 60.9%, the ultimate thrill lies in the interaction with the audience. Creative freedom is the heartbeat of VTubing for 73.9%. Community building is cherished by 87% of VTubers. Probably because that’s where friendships blossom, support flows, and memories are made. While some enjoy having their own world (4.3%), others find solace in simply having something to do (4.3%).

Events & Feedback

Events & Feedback Statistics
Events & Feedback Statistics

VTuber Event Attendance Experience

VTuber Event Attendance Experience Statistics
VTuber Event Attendance Experience Statistics

About 30.4% of VTubers have attended in-person events in the past. They’ve met with fellow VTubers and fans and enjoyed the vibes of the live scene.

Then, around 21.7% of VTubers have hit up online events. They’ve connected with the VTuber community from the comfort of their own setup.

Most VTubers, a solid 60.9%, haven’t attended any VTubing-related events or conventions.

Viewer Feedback Influence: Shaping VTuber Content

VTuber Stats: Viewer Feedback Influence

Viewer feedback holds major sway for a small group, around 8.7% of VTubers. They’re heavily influenced by what their audience has to say, and shape their content based on those suggestions.

Then, there’s a more significant chunk, about 56.5%, who consider viewer feedback to have some influence. They’re open to suggestions and consider them when creating content, but they also maintain their creative vision.

For approximately 21.7% of VTubers, viewer feedback plays a minimal role. While they may consider some suggestions, they primarily stick to their own creative direction.

Viewer feedback doesn’t hold much weight for 13% of VTubers. They create content based on their own vision without much consideration for outside input.

VTuber Business Management & Goals Statistics

VTuber Business Management & Goals Statistics
VTuber Business Management & Goals Statistics

Managing The Business Side Of VTubing

Managing The Business Side Of VTubing
Managing The Business Side Of VTubing

65.2% of VTubers handle the business side independently. They manage sponsorships, brand deals, etc., on their own. Basically, they hustle to secure those opportunities and make them happen without any third-party help.

Approximately 30.4% of VTubers seek professional advice for their business management. They work with experts or consultants to help them with the business side of VTubing so that they can make informed decisions.

8.7% collaborate with agencies or managers. These VTubers have professionals helping them negotiate deals and manage their business affairs.

However, 17.2% of VTubers don’t have much experience in the business side of VTubing. They’re still struggling in this aspect of the game, learning as they go.

Future VTuber Aspirations

Future VTuber Aspirations
Future VTuber Aspirations

87% of VTubers’s main goal is to grow their audience. They’re focused on expanding their reach, and connecting with more viewers.

56.5% are looking to diversify their content offerings. They want to keep things fresh and exciting for their audience.

About 60.9% are aiming to establish partnerships and endorsements. They see collaboration as a key avenue for growth, whether teaming up with brands or fellow creators.

For 4.3%, the goal is to make VTubing a viable and stable source of income. They’re looking to turn their passion into a sustainable career.

4.3% are eyeing up streaming equipment. They’re looking to improve their setup, investing in gear that will help them deliver higher-quality content to their audience.

Special Thanks To The Participants

Thank you to all the wonderful VTubers who participated in our survey! Your insights and contributions are precious to us. 

Wrapping It Up

There you have it! We’ve provided insights on all the facts and statistics about VTubers you need. And every piece of data we covered in this article comes straight from the source—VTubers themselves.

If you want to read more about VTubers in general or a specific favorite VTuber of yours, be sure to check out our VTuber blog, where we’ve covered everything VTuber related, from face reveals to VTuber guides, you’ll find it all.

Looking for more information on VTubers? Don’t forget to hit up our VTuber blog! We’ve got the scoop on all things VTuber, from epic VTuber face reveals to must-have VTuber guides. It’s all there, waiting for you!

That’s all, folks!


Beyond my knack for writing great content, I'm also a massive VTuber fan! There's something about the virtual world that has me hooked—watching VTubers stream games, getting entertained by their shenanigans, and connecting with their audience is awesome. When I'm not busy spending hours going over a single paragraph to find the right sentence that just ties the whole thing together (if you are a writer, you'd know the struggle is real), you'll likely catch me chilling out, watching my favorite VTubers do their thing.

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