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Crafting The Perfect VTuber Reference Sheet: A Guide

Greetings future virtual stars! Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re desperately typing away in DMs, trying to convey every single detail of your ultimate VTuber design, only to receive a bewildering artwork that’s light years away from the vision you had in mind? Oh boy, have I been there too!

But fear not, because it’s high time we level up our VTuber reference sheet game! I’m your trusty guide on all things VTuber, Vishwas, holding down the fort at none other than In this fantastic guide, I’m about to drop some seriously awesome VTuber reference sheet templates and savvy tips to ensure that the next time you go for that commissioned design, things will be way smoother.

Crafting The Perfect VTuber Reference Sheet

My VTuber Description Nightmares 

Oh man, let me take you on a trip down memory lane to the darkest corners of my VTuber commission woes. When I first started seeking VTuber commissions, I naively thought I could just word-vomit a description to the artist, and they’d magically bring it to life. Oh, how wrong I was. 

My DMs were filled with cringe like: “For the hair can you make it like really long and flowy? Like, think romantic beach waves but also kind of messy but still pretty. With some strands in the face kinda covering one eye partially. And for clothes can you do like a cool outfit with white and mint accents? Something cute but also edgy?” 

Let’s just say the artists’ replies of “Sorry can you clarify?” and “Can you provide any visual examples?” were well deserved. My rambling descriptions were the textual equivalent of gobbledygook stick figure art. 

After a few rounds of awkward back-and-forth, leaving everyone more confused, I knew there had to be a better way. And then, lo and behold, I stumbled upon the portal to communication enlightenment — VTuber reference sheets!

With detailed notes, visual aids, and templates, reference sheets create the ideal guide for bringing your character to life just as you imagine.

Keep reading to learn how to craft effective VTuber reference sheets that make the commission process a total breeze!

Anatomy of a VTuber Reference Sheet

So what exactly goes into one of these reference sheets? At its core, the goal is to provide as much visual context as possible so the artist can accurately render your vision without any guesswork.

Here are some key elements to include:

Full Body & Close-Up Shots

Clear shots of the head from various angles, full body snapshots showcasing those oh-so-perfect proportions – these are your golden tickets to an artist’s heart. We’re talking about angles that could make Pythagoras proud!

Colors & Outfit Details

Bring out the palette party! Show off your VTuber’s color scheme in all its glory. From wardrobe choices to accessories that even a diva would envy – it’s all about giving the artist a front-row seat to your character’s fashion show.

Varied Expressions & Poses

Time to put those emotions to the test! Happy, sad, angry, goofy – you name it, we want it. Whip out a range of expressions and poses to make your VTuber as expressive as a shoujo protagonist. Those facial muscles are about to get a serious workout!

Personality & Backstory Traits

What’s your VTuber model’s deal? Does your character drop puns like they’re hot? Have a captivating lore that rivals a fantasy novel? This is where you weave the threads of personality, catchphrases, and backstory into a narrative tapestry.

Having photos of real humans as references for poses and proportions is extremely helpful for nailing down anatomy and perspective. You don’t need professional cosplay shots by any means. But the clearer the photos, the easier it will be for the artist to implement.

Here is a reference sheet example template so you can see how all these elements come together:

As you can see, thorough reference sheets leave little room for doubt about what the end VTuber design should be. Our artist friends will rejoice!

Tips for Creating Your Own VTuber Reference Sheet

Ready to up your reference sheet game for upcoming commissions? Here are my top tips:

Use Pre-Made Templates for Structure

Why start from scratch when the VTuber universe is full of pre-made templates ready to help you structure your masterpiece? All you need is Google.

Pose and Express Yourself

Strike a pose, my friend! When it comes to reference photos, think of yourself as the star model. Get goofy, get dramatic, get funky – embody every emotion and pose you want your VTuber to flaunt. Channel your inner actor and bring those expressions to life!

Palette and Style Splendor

Colors and styles, oh my! Unleash your inner fashionista by showcasing your VTuber’s color palette and clothing vibe. Accessories? Oh, they’re invited to the party too. The more your artist understands your character’s aesthetic, the closer they’ll get to nail that design.

Proportions and Anatomy 101

Get technical, but don’t worry, it’s not rocket science. Clearly note the height, size, and proportions details to ensure your VTuber comes to life with anatomical precision. Think of it as giving your artist a ruler to measure twice and draw once!

Personality Quirks and Lore Love

Does your VTuber have a signature catchphrase? Got a lore backstory that could rival an epic fantasy saga? Pour all those unique quirks into your reference sheet.

Typos, Clarification, and Proofreading

Proofreading isn’t just for essays – it’s the golden rule of reference sheet crafting too! Comb through your descriptions for typos, and pay special attention to parts that might need extra clarification. You want to avoid the “I didn’t mean that, I meant this” dance later on.

DIY programs like Canva are great for mockup reference sheets. But you can also order affordable custom reference sheets on sites like Fiverr! 

Having a detailed reference makes the entire commission process silky smooth. No more endless clarification texts or sadness upon receiving a final product that seems off.

Turn Your VTuber Reference Sheet into a Complete VTuber Model

Once your stellar reference sheet is ready to go, it’s time to find the perfect artist to bring your vision to virtual life! 

Fiverr can be a great place to hire affordable and fast VTuber model commissions. Here are some artists to consider based on your completed reference sheet:

  • G4streamer: Meet G4streamer, a talented and experienced duo who lives and breathes design. With their artistic prowess, they can take a simple concept and transform it into thousands of extraordinary designs. For a fee of $225, you’ll get a vibrant full-body animated character that will make you stand out in the virtual galaxy.
G4streamer Fiverr
G4streamer does VTuber rigging commission on Fiverr.
  • Nikhil Sapra: With over 100+ actively streaming models on Twitch and YouTube, Nikhil Sapra is a seasoned VTuber model creator using the enchanting magic of Live2D since 2018. Expect unmatched after-sales service and a Full-body Live2D VTuber Model Art & Rigging for $980.
  • Zakimpo: Zakimpo, a multi-talented artist, has honed their skills in drawing, writing, and reading, making them a true creative force. Whether you’re looking for a stunning full-body model at $430 or craving some smooth rigging for $450, Zakimpo’s got you covered. With a professional approach to both writing and drawing, you can expect a touch of brilliance in every aspect of their work.
Zakimpo Fiverr
Zakimpo does VTuber model commission on Fiverr

The key is letting the artist know upfront that you have a detailed reference sheet ready to make the process smooth and accurate. Then sit back and watch the magic happen!

If you’re ready to elevate your VTuber experience to new heights, I invite you to check out our complete guide to VTuber model commissions.

FAQ about VTuber Reference Sheets

Do I need to hire an artist to make my reference sheet?

Not necessarily! You can channel your inner design maestro and use templates to whip up your own sheet, complete with fabulous photos and meticulous notes. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a little artistic assistance, sites like Fiverr have your back with affordable reference sheet commissions.

How many photos/angles should I include? 

The more, the merrier! You’re aiming to leave no stone unturned. Capture your VTuber’s essence from every conceivable angle – multiple shots showcasing poses, emotions, proportions, and intricate details.

What if my character design changes?

Design evolution is totally normal! Simply loop your artist in and provide updates to your reference sheet if anything changes or needs tweaking down the road.

Can I use someone else’s art in my reference sheet?

To avoid copyright issues, it’s best to only use your own photos or public domain images. But you can provide other art as general inspiration.

How detailed should I be on personality, backstory etc?

Lay it all out there! Be the guiding light that your artist needs. The more nuanced nuggets you share about your VTuber’s personality quirks, speech patterns, lore, and interests, the better equipped your artist will be to capture their true essence.

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